Camp Girl Meets Boy by Caroline B Cooney 80’s Summer Camp Counselors

Camp Girl meets Boy - Caroline B Cooney

Title – Camp Girl-Meets-Boy by Caroline B Cooney

Publishing Date – 1988

Alternate title ( my idea )- Camp Men

page count  – 181

The Agenda – Okay, this is a hard one as in earlier Cooney books there is no real agenda no hammering plot to drive home. Mainly they’re just brilliant characters orbiting an event or idea. The event here is camp, Camp Menunkechogue otherwise known – thank goodness – as Camp Men.

Plot – There’s no real plot to Camp Girl-Meets-Boy. As a reader you just have to go with the flow. Cooney sets herself apart from the usual Camp books from the get-go. This doesn’t start as some plan – wouldn’t I like to be a counselor or wouldn’t I love to go to camp or yikes I’m being shipped off to camp.  The world is already set. Camp Men is already in session, and the counselors already have impressions of each other. Violet is the pretty, saucy and beloved counselor who has to deal with the cribbies ( major anti-swimmers ), a bed wetter, and Janey who gets up early every morning to beat the Camp director Charles to play reveille ( or rather try to ) on her trumpet. Then there is Marissa, strong, down-to-earth, hoping for a great romance though worried about Vi’s competition. There’s also nurse Alicia whose dainty and doll-like to look at but underneath solid and sensible. As for the boys there’s suave, golden boy Sin, the teddy bearish, woodsy  Jamie, and Dark the mysterious hunk. There is also the camp director Charles battling frequently with Violet whom he thinks is a ditzy flake and dubs her a ding-a-ling mascara tube. No matter, Violet is a hit with her cabin, scaring the girls with continuous episodes of The Green-Eyed Maniac. Just as Marissa is debating her boy options and Charles is leading an overnight trip with Violet and her cabin, a new girl arrives to become the catalyst disturbing an otherwise peaceful summer. She’s Cathy described as a centerfold with a pulse and has most of the guys panting after her. She takes great delight in calling Marissa – Melissa and being condescending and downright mean to the campers. Only she knows Dark’s secret and holds it over him. But now that Cathy has come, Vi doesn’t look so threatening or silly and suddenly Marissa and her become friends. Though will they ever find love at Camp-Boy-Meets-Girl? 

Unintentionally funny – Nothing – Caroline B. Cooney is too clever a writer. If it’s funny it’s intentional.

Funny – Ah, too many to count. But the overnight trip with camp director Charles is hilarious. I won’t spoil it for anyone who decides to order the book.  But I will note a scene in which the counselors are made to imitate horses in a field day event and Cathy refuses to join in stomping her foot and declaring, “I won’t make an ass of myself.” To which Alicia says very softly, “Of course, if anybody here does make a good horse’s ass, it is Cathy.” – lol.
That’s whacked – the amount of detail, words, thoughts, all strung together. This feels like the real camp deal. It’s crazy good!

Best Comment – Omigosh, too many to count. Here’s one of Vi’s zingers –
    “Violet likes eye shadow,” explained Sin to a wondering Cathy, “And mascara, and rouge and perfume.”
    Cathy smiled sweetly at Violet. “Some girls do need a lot,” she said kindly. Then she cooed.
    “I’m beginning to think in terms of human sacrifice.” Violet said to Marissa.
    “Join the club.” Marissa muttered.

Bullwer Little would be proud or Sentences worth noting – ‘And that night the sun set fiercely, as if raging against the end of summer. Hot orange and purple streaks savaged the sky, and torn clouds chased themselves. Wind ruffled the waters of the lake. There was no mirrorlike reflection of that vivid sky: just volcanic colors on the waves.’ – pg 162. I love this!

Cover Art – It’s a nice cover. And because it’s Bantam Starfire it’s drawn. I’m not sure it’s quite captured Violet and her cribbies considering none of them liked going near the water perhaps the opening scene of them all piling into a hammock might’ve been more appropriate but it’s nice. The girls however look too young. Violet actually had twelve year old campers – most noteworthy is Claudia whose battling the hate she feels at her parents for divorcing and both remarrying other people with upcoming weddings.

Summary / Opinion  – I’m gonna get gushy. Caroline B Cooney is one of my favorite authors hands down. Her style is patchwork. It reminds me of those 80’s denim jackets in which the buttons were rhinestones, the yokes had tassel trim, there were embroidered all over with rainbows and sequins, and studs. Everything glitters. It makes a statement. And her writing is like that it takes a chance. It tells, it shows, there are short abrupt sentences, and kooky metaphors, and incisive thoughts. A girl doesn’t just drive slow she puddles along ( love it! ) I can’t properly describe her stories hoping you’ll understand the author.  Take Camp Girl-Meets-Boy really, I’ve read dozens of Camp stories and not many stand out, in fact quite a few dip into the cliche bucket, not Cooney. Her stories are all about the characters and how she presents them. And best of all there’s something upbeat and breezy about them.

80’s comparison – There’s nothing specifically 80’s about this – I could rattle off 80’s Camp movies in which most of the characters wind up sliced and diced or mention the 1990 t.v. movie hit Camp Cucamonga but I think I’ll save that one for some series books in which they match cliche for cliche.

But if you’re in the mood to watch some 80’s counselors romance – check out Poison Ivy – Nancy McKeon and Michael J. Fox



The Things I did For Love - Ellen Conford

Title –  The things I did for Love – Ellen Conford
Date – 1987
Alternate title – ‘Height doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got the right hunk!’ quote from pg 80
Page count – 137
The Agenda  – Sixteen year old Stephanie Kasden, a tall klutz, wonders about all the love stuff she seems to be missing out on and decides it would make a great psych project. Why do fools fall in love? She’s got prime inspiration from her best friend Amy who latest find is Farley Malone a mohawked, motorcycle riding thug who belongs to a tame biker gang. While Stephanie interviews her classmates she just might get a shot to do her own research when Amy offers up Farley’s friend Bash. Although, Stephanie emphatically insists, she will not date a boy named Bash the thought of clinging to a boy wearing a black leather jacket on the back of a motorbike softens her defenses.
Plot – As Stephanie sets out to crack the code on love she winds up getting several boys interested in her at once. There’s hunky, moody Bash who may not be taller than her but he sure can kiss. And then there’s golden boy Trevor who mistakenly believes Stephanie’s psych project is covering her crush on him which gets him interested. He’s definitely worth a date after all he drives a Porsche, he’s rich, a little arrogant, and brings her out-of-season tulips. Then there is boring dependable Jon, her best friend, whose jealousy sparks whenever Bash is around or rather whenever Amy and Farley are around ( yup, he’s got a thing for Amy. ) But even when Stephanie decides that Bash is the thug for her, she still has to wonder what exactly do they have in common other than making out.
Unintentionally funny – ? I doubt it – the book is a funny romance ( this is Ellen Conford )  so everything is intentional.
Funny – Everything. This book is funny. It’s sharp witted, droll but it’s Conford and no one does funny quite like Conford. One dreamy cheerleader describes love as having a boyfriend who can pick her up with one arm making Stephanie quip if that’s true I better start hanging out with body builders.
That’s whacked – I have to admit though I love Conford sometimes I feel like I want something more from her novels. In this 134 page book, which is not even as beefy as some Sweet Valley High editions – even #46 Decisions clocks out at 167 pages, the date with Bash doesn’t appear until page 48. And only 45 pages are dedicated to interactions with Bash because there are only five of them from meeting, first date, a rocky moment, to break up to make up. I think the mc spends more time with best friend Jon. But this isn’t just a romance so I’ll forgive her, it’s more a satire about love with some believable complications. 
Best Comment – Stephanie! Love is not just making out! – pg 93
Bullwer Little would be proud – I can’t think of anything cheesy so I’m give another lol quote.
    “I think your folks liked me,” Trevor said, as he helped me squirm into his car.
    “Liked you? If we don’t get along together, my mother has dibs on you.” pg101.
Cover Art – Don’t know if the book was released with another cover but I have the Bantam Starfire
edition which features Steffie drawn as a very pretty redhead while Bash’s eyes are a little off. Though I have to admit, his lips look fairly luscious and he’s been given that late 80’s punky Spandeau Ballet hair.

Summary / Opinion – I love Conford. She’s sharp, funny and effortless. She draws a reader in with her breezy efficiency and she totally nails believable dialogue. If you’ve never read Ellen Conford this or Anything for a Friend is a good place to start. This like a total Goldilocks dating scenario as she’s got the three examples of love possibilities in the same venue as when the old B&E babe tested out chairs or porridge. She has a lot of vehicle issues – Bash’s motorcycle makes her feel homogenized, Trevor’s Porsche nearly gives her a concussion ( giant klutz exiting wee vehicle ) only Jon’s car feels just right. Also the dating scenario is fraught with Goldilocks/Steph trying to find the right fit – only to learn it’s not quite so easy to categorize what makes someone right, you just feel it.
80’s comparison – No doubt about the timing – 1987, the biker as bad boy boyfriend can only bring to mind what was playing out on televisions everywhere – Mallory Keaton falling for Nick in Family Ties.  And the comparison is really brought home by the introductions –
    ““I’d like you to meet my friend Bash Bernstein. Bash, this is Stephanie Kasden.”
    “Yo,” Bash said.
    “Yo,” I replied. “This is Jon Hecht.”
    I just stood there as the yos flew thick and fast, staring at Bash.” – pg 30.
    Remember Nick saying Yo Mallory! And here’s a peek at the actor. He even looks a little like Bash or vice versa.

Scott Valentine best

RECOMMEND OR PASS? – recommend! – out of 5 star – ****


The Fabulous Five #13

‘Tis the season for the Christmas special. Its Melanie’s turn and she’ll just die – she’s so melodramatic it’s kinda cute – if she doesn’t get a puppy for Christmas. I can sympathize one year I shocked my parents by wanting/demanding a pet rat. Fortunately, I have pet liberal parents – I got my rat ( he was a wonderful pet! I called him Tucker after the mouse in Tucker’s Countryside. ) He was very cute, dark-gray fur, eyes like little black sequins and he was pretty clever. I taught him several tricks one of which was to jump from a table onto my chest.

    Okay, back to the fab five. They’re sitting at Bumpers mulling Melanie’s problem – how to convince her parents. Beth is wearing miniature Christmas tree earrings. Did anyone out there wear tacky holiday jewelry? I remember wearing little fuzzy bear pins, and a brass wreath pin, and one of those Avon Snowman pins with the cream perfume in the back it was the height of fashion on a puffy ski coat!

Wee Willie Avon's 1974 Snowman pin

80's fuzzy bear pins

Hallmark chickadee in earmuffs pin

80's christmas tree pin

Dancing leg Santa pins

Holiday Happy pins

80's Hallmark snowman pin


    I’ll try and hold back the interruptions – The girls suggest Melanie talk to Mona who frequents an animal shelter to play with the animals. Cause after all – good ole’ fashioned guilt doesn’t hurt as in who wouldn’t want to help a poor, little homeless animal.

    With Mona leading the way they go to the animal shelter and are shocked to learn that the sweet, older animals will be put to sleep on Christmas Eve. Melanie is so over come she pulls a Stephanie ( from the Sleepover Friends ) speaking for everyone she insists they’ll find a way to keep the animals from being destroyed. The others though admiring her conviction think it’s impossible. They’ll have to raise $375 in ten days. Melanie suggests they ask the boys to help out, Katie wryly points out what about their friends who are girls. Melanie being Melanie says – she just thought of people who’d be the most fun!

    I’m always amazed at how kids in fiction can get so organized with no adult making suggestions. I was never this organized, neither were my friends, those animals wouldn’t have stood a chance with us. Melanie tries talking to her mother about going to the animal shelter but her mother is firm about the no-dog issue. Meanwhile, her neighbor’s dog has gone missing.

    The next day at school the girls set up a donation table to nab some change from the kids and wouldn’t you know it, even the Fantastic Four can sympathize and drop in some change – a true Christmas miracle! Their first haul is $40.31. Not bad but they figure they still won’t have time to make up the total. Then Melanie reminds them that they don’t need to count on the students, the article will be in the paper and she’s sure donations will pour in. Well, actually she’s not so sure, because she suggests instead of buying each other presents they donate the money to the cause. The others think that’s a wonderful idea. But they’re still stalling out on what to do with all these dogs and cats when they save them – 15 all in need of homes before Christmas.

    To drive home that they have a person in need of a dog, is Melanie’s neighbor Mrs. Miller whose dog Duchess is still missing. The kids, boys too, form a puppy posse to find him but no luck. Love this foreshadowing, it’s non-to-subtle.

    Melanie is confronted by her parents about the article in the paper stating the donations are to be sent to their house. She tries to hold back her tears waiting their decision – meanwhile I like Jeffy ( her littler brother’s attitude ) he shouts – “We’ll take one each!” ( Cat and dog. )  Even Melanie even has to admire his gumption. The parents cave allowing her to continue so long as she finds all the cats and dogs a good home. And her father even donates ten bucks. Old softie.

       There’s the occasional mention of snowflakes to remind us this is a wintery tale but Christmas seems to have been hijacked. Where’s the Christmas caroling? Decorating the school? Christmas concerts? Candy grams? Even complaints about soggy mittens. But their minds are clearly focused on the task at hand. Notice that every Melanie book has her worried about something? From flirting tips to mono to adoption to what her friends will think about her mom’s teen taxi – in this one, she’s worried that even if they raise the money can they still find homes for all the animals. Thankfully, they’re planning is up to par or better than most grown ups, Garrett takes pictures of the animals – which definitely works. Melanie’s fallen head over heels, it must be true love for rather than being fickle and playing between three dogs, it’s just one. Rainbow. Don’t you just love that name? I love Betsy Haynes for her ability to be unusual in the face of familiar.

       Just as everything seems to go smooth, a little bump comes along. This bump happens to be that  a grown up must sign for each animal. She tries to talk Shane into taking them – but he needs to confer with Igor – his lizard. Seriously. After getting off the phone to ‘talk’ with Igor, he finally agrees to allow some cats if his parents are okay with it. Then she tries to talk with her parents who are wrapping presents – 58 pages in and some Christmas activity!, but balks and asks for a sleep-over instead. Oh, how I loved Christmas vacation sleep-overs! Snowfights, sledding, hot chocolate.

    Melanie is devious! The friends are smuggling old rags and blankets because Melanie has decided to keep the dogs in her father’s old workshop.

    At school the kids rally for more donations but most kids are tapped out. And then Katie conveniently mentions she’s going to the mall to buy sneakers – 4 days before Christmas? Sneakers in Winter – new mitts I could see, or even Christmas shopping but this seemed so weird. It’s one of those moments when it’s the set up for Melanie to say Gosh, the mall why didn’t I think of that. But I thought it could’ve been better handled. Maybe, it’s all this personal writing I’ve been doing. It’s bringing out the sharp critique in me. But at the mall they realize that they’re soliciting which is a no-no and are stopped by a security guard. To make matters worse, Mrs. Miller gets a call that Duchess is a few blocks away, dead. Mr. Edwards and Melanie collect her and they bury the little dog. Melanie feels the pressure of the situation and knows an ad in the paper isn’t enough, she needs better contacts like television.

Calling Jon Smith.
His mother agrees to do a segment for the news. And they are a hit. So much so that Melanie’s mom thinks that Mrs. Miller could use a new dog to take her mind off the loss of Duchess.
As the family goes to the shelter to look for a dog for Mrs. Miller, Melanie can’t help whipping out a Christmas bow, tying it around Rainbow to show her off. Very subtle Melanie!

But as the parents agree to adopt Rainbow, the woman who runs the shelter says Rainbow is getting a good home with someone else!

    But they’ve found a nice little white dog for Mrs. Miller, Jo-Jo and the next day the family takes him over to her. Haynes creates a nice, sweet scene of Mrs. Miller getting her present and for a moment Melanie doesn’t feel so bad about Rainbow. The nurse that’s taking care of Mrs. Miller ( after she twisted her ankle ) mentions that old people would benefit from pets, and Melanie quickly asks if she knows about thirteen people who could use a pet.
Not only does the nurse come through, but her and her nurse friends make the final donation.

And the good news just keeps coming…
The family that was going to adopt Rainbow backed out because she was pregnant. Mrs. Edward sighs knowing having agreed to adopt her before can’t back out now – as Melanie says when she needs us the most.

    They deliver the pets to the grateful old folks, Christmas eye comes and presents are unwrapped – are you a Christmas eve unwrapper? I was only allowed to unwrap socks on Christmas eve. I had to wait till Christmas Day. And there was a lot of – It’s six can we open them now? No! It’s six-thirty..Go to bed. It’s seven, now can we open them?

    Of course Rainbow had her puppies. But the biggest surprise is when Mrs. Edwards snuggles one and declares she wouldn’t dream of giving them away!

    Cute but unusual entry for Christmas fare. I mean it’s basically like a prisoner’s countdown to an execution, there’s no time for wrapping presents or any of the usual ho-ho-holiday stuff. But I guess it beats yet another  commercialized Santa Claus movie.

* Love the cover but I doubt Melanie would be caught dead in that outfit. I like Beth’s cool fuchsia cardigan and Jana looks rather foxy in her oversized sweater, mini skirt and leggings!


Love, Peach

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* The Call and other Stories
* Old Man and a Horse
* A Walk on the Wild Side
* Echoes of War
* Urn Burial
* If Cats could Fly
* The Kingdom by the Sea
* The Promise
* Stormsearch
* The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral
* Yaxley’s Cat
* Fearful Lovers

* No Way Ballet Series
* Makeover Club Series
* Baker’s Dozen Series


Life without Friends - Ellen Emerson White 
* Life without Friends

Romance is a wonderful Thing - Ellen Emerson White 
* Romance is a Wonderful Thing

Friends for Life - Ellen Emerson White 
* Friends for Life
* The President’s Daughter

* Lion’s Paw
* Firestorm
* Frogman

The Survivor - Robb White
* The Survivor
* Deathwatch
* No Man’s Land


Into the Dark Nicholas Wilde
* Into the Dark
* Down came A Blackbird
* Death Knell

* The Mantlemass Series – The Lark and the Laurel, The Sprig of Bloom, A Cold
    Wind Blowing, The Eldest Son, The Iron Lily, A Flight of Swans, Harrow
    and Harvest, The Miller’s Boy, The Keys of Mantlemass
* The Gardener’s Grandchildren
* Summer Season


The Highest Hit - Nancy Willard

* The Highest Hit


The Very Last Virgin at Hobeck High - Grace Williams
* The Very Last Virgin at Hobek High
* Charli Toledo Hopeless


Danny Dunn and the Anti Gravity Planet - Jay Williams
* Danny Dunn series

* Tom Austen mystery series

* Waiting for the Sky to Fall
* This Girl
* The Leftouts
* Amber
* The Other Side
* Falling Apart

Deep Blue - Jacqueline Wilson
* Deep Blue

Nobody's Perfect - Jacqueline Wilson
* Nobody’s Perfect


Oh Brother - Johnneice Marshall Wilson 
* Oh Brother
* Robin on his Own
* Poor Girl Rich Girl

* The leaving
* Mystery Lights At Blue Harbor
* Thirteen Never Changes
* Worst Christmas Present Ever


The Hero - Patricia Windsor

* The Hero


Marathon Miranda - Elizabeth Winthrop  
* Marathon Miranda

Miranda in the Middle - Elizabeth Winthrop 
* Miranda in the Middle

*The Castle in the Attic
* In my Mother’s House

Knock Knock who's there - Elizabeth Winthrop

* Knock Knock who’s there


Starluck - Donald Wismer
* Starluck
* Planet of the Dead

* Introducing Shirley Braverman
* Out of Love
* Toby Lived Here


Sleepwalking - Meg Wolitzer
* Sleepwalking

Operation Save the Teacher - Meg Wolitzer 
* Operation Save the Teacher series – 3 books?
* The Dream Book
* Sleepwalking

* Ace hits the big Time
* Ace Hits Rock Bottom
* In a Pig’s Eye

Wally - Judie Wolkoff 
* Wally

Happily Ever After Almost - Judie Wolkoff 
* Happily Ever after Almost

A Stranger in the Family - Judie Wolkoff
* A Stranger in the Family
* Where the Elf King sings

* Pass me a Pine cone

Song of the Shaggy Canary - Phyllis Anderson Wood 
* Song of the Shaggy Canary

I've Missed a Sunset or three - Phyllis Anderson Wood 
* I’ve Missed a Sunset or Three
* A Five color Buick and a Blue eye’d cat
* This Time Count me In
* Get a Little Lost Tia
* I think this is where we came in
* The Revolving Door Stopped here
* Your Bird is Here

Then I'll Be Home Free - Phyllis Anderson Wood

* Then I’ll be Home Free


The Princess Routine - Tonya Wood
* Princess Routine

* Detour to Danger
* Save Alice
* Code-Polonaise
* To Fight in Silence


The Dollhouse Murders - Betty Ren Wright
* The Doll House Murders

Getting Rid of Marjorie - Betty Ren Wright
* Getting Rid of Marjorie

Ghosts Beneath our Feet - Betty Ren Wright 
* Ghosts Beneath our Feet
* The Secret Window

Christina's Ghost - Betty Ren Wright
* Christina’s Ghost

A Ghost in the Window - Betty Ren Wright
* A Ghost in the Window

The Summer of Mrs
* The Summer of Mrs. MacGregor

The Pike River Phantom - Betty Ren Wright

* The Pike River Phantom


Kim's Winter - Molly Wyatt
* Kim’s Winter

* A Sweet Dreams romance
* Pen Pals Series


* Child of an Owl
* The Serpent’s Children
* Mountain Light
* Dragon’s Gate
*Sea Glass
* The Mark Twain Murders
* Sweetwater

Monster Maker's Inc - Laurence Yep
* Monster Makers Inc.
* Dragon of the Lost Sea
* Dragonwings

Kind Hearts and Gentle Monsters - Laurence Yep

* Kind Hearts and Gentle Monsters


The Girl in the Window - Wilma Yeo
* The Girl in the Window
* Gypsy Summer
* The Stranger at Winfield’s House


Remember me when I am Dead - Carol Beach York 
* Remember Me When I’m Dead

Takers and Returns - Carol Beach York
* Takers and Returners

When Midnight Comes - Carol Beach York
* When Midnight Comes
* Revenge of the Dolls

Please Write I need Your Help - Carol Beach York 
* Please Write I need Your Help
* Once upon a Dark November

Secrets in the Attic - Carol Beach York
* Secrets in the Attic
* Little Miss Know-it-All series

Nights in Ghostland - Carol Beach York 
* Nights in Ghostland
* On that Dark Night
* Two Heart to Heart romances

The Ghosts of Isherwood - Carol Beach York 
* The Ghost of Isherwoods
* A Windswept romance

Mystery at Dark Wood - Carol Beach York
* Mystery at Dark Wood
* A Heavenly Romance
* I will make you disappear
* Dead Man’s Cat
* Witch Lady Mystery
* The Tree House Mystery
* Doll in the Cakeshop

The Christmas Dolls - Carol Beach York 
* The Christmas Dolls

Beware of this Shop - Carol Beach York

* Beware of this Shop

Stray Dog - Carol Beach York

* Stray Dog


Dead Wrong - Alida Young

I Never got to Say Goodbye - Alida Young

What's Wrong with Daddy - Alida Young

I'll be Seeing You - Alida Young

Never look Back - Alida Young

Why am I too Young - Alida Young
* Willowisp press books – Too Young to Die, What’s Wrong with Daddy , Summer Wishes , I’ll be Seeing You , I Never Got to Say Goodbye , Megan the Klutz series , Summer Cruise Summer Love , Is My Sister Dying , Dead Wrong
* Terror and the tomb of Death


An Almost Perfect Summer - Rona S Zable 
* An Almost Perfect Summer
* Love at the Laundrymat
* Love Cycle
* Landing on Marvin Gardens
* Don’t Get Mad Get Even

* Growing up at Gold Creek


Fifteen Love - Helane Zeiger
* Fifteen Love

* Here’s Looking At you Kid
* Maybe it will Rain Tomorrow
* Water from the Moon


The Stars will Speak - George Zebrowski
* The Stars will Speak


A Star for the Late Comer - Paul and Bonnie Zindel
* A Star for the Latecomer

Hollywood Dream Machine - Bonnie Zindel
* Hollywood Dream Machine

* The Pigman
* My Darling, My Hamburger
* Pardon Me, You’re stepping on my Eyeball
* Confessions of a Teenage Baboon
* The Pigman’s Legacy
* I Never Loved Your Mind
* I love My Mother
* The Undertaker’s Gone Bananas
* A Star for the Latecomer ( with Bonnie Zindel )
* The Girl who Wanted A Boy
* To Take A Dare
* Harry and Hortense at Hormone High
* The Amazing Death Defying Diary of Eugene Dingman
* A Begonia for Miss Applebaum
* The Pigman and Me
* Attack of the Killer Fishsticks
* Fifth Grade Safari
* Fright Party
*David and Della
* One Hundred Percent Laugh Riot
* Loch


Tiger Kittens - Albert Zuckerman
* Tiger Kittens

Cliquey pizza 3 – 80’s Young Adult authors – A-Z Guide – S Authors – Marjorie Sharmat , R.L. Stine , Marilyn Sachs , Dick King-Smith , Mary Stolz , William Sleator and many more!

* Sideways stories from Wayside school series

Johnny's in the basement - Louis Sachar
* Johnny’s in the Basement

Someday Angeline - Louis Sachar 
* Someday Angeline

Sixth Grade Secrets - Louis Sachar
* Sixth Grade Secrets

There's a Boy in the Girl's Washroom - Louis Sachar
* There’s a Boy in the Girls Washroom
* The Boy who lost his face

* The Bears House

Fourteen - Marilyn Sachs
* Fourteen

Hello Wrong Number - Marilyn Sachs
* Hello , Wrong Number
* Underdog
* Amy and Laura
* Veronica Ganz

A Secret  Friend - Marilyn Sachs
* A Secret Friend

Baby Sister - Marilyn Sachs 
* Baby Sister

Almost Fifteen - Marilyn Sachs
* Almost Fifteen

Class Pictures - Marilyn Sachs 
* Class Pictures
* First Impressions

Peter and Veronica - Marilyn Sachs
* Peter and Veronica

The Truth about Mary Rose - Marilyn Sachs
* The Truth about Mary Rose
* The Fat Girl

Beach Towels - Marilyn Sachs
* Beach Towels
* Another Day
* Call Me Ruth
* Ghosts in the Family
* At the sound of the Beep

Just Like a Friend - Marilyn Sachs
* Just like a Friend
* A Summer’s Lease
* Circles

Laura's Luck - Marilyn Sachs_edited-1 
* Amy’s Luck

Amy Moves in - Marilyn Sachs
* Amy moves In

* Red Hair
* Red Hair 2
* Red Hair 3

* Finding You

* Showdown 

* Haunted
* Mystery at St. Martins
* Call me Margo
* Do you See What I see
* In the Shadow of the Bear
* What’s Happening to my Junior Year


The Mystery of Gingerbread House - Wylly St John
* The Mystery of the Gingerbread House

The Ghost Next Door - Wylly St John 
* The Ghost Next Door                                                                         
* Uncle Robert’s Secret
* The Christmas Tree Mystery

The Secrets of the Pirates Inn - Wylly Folk St John 
* The Secrets of the Pirate Inn
* The Secrets of Hidden Creek

The Mystery of the Other Girl - Wylly Folk St John
* The Mystery of the Other Girl
* The Secret of the Seven crows


Beansprouts - Rosemarie Santini
* Beansprouts


* a pile of Cheerleader books
* a Windswept , and a Wildfire

* Secret Lies

Lure of the Dark - Sarah Sargent 
* Lure of the Dark
* Weird Henry Berg
* Seeds of Change

* the fabulous – Sleepover Friends series
* several- Choose Your Own Adventure series
* Lucky Lady
* Mystery Cat
* several of the Fifth Grade Stars books
* Forever Friends series
* Willowisp books – The Popularity Secret , Project: Makeover, Just Between Friends ,
The Great Boyfriend Disaster , New Friend Blues

The Buzzard's Treasure - Cindy Savage
* The Buzzards Treasure
* Cave of the Living Skeletons

My Sister the Pig and Me - Cindy Savage 
* My Sister , The Pig and me

The Curse of the Blood Swamp - Cindy Savage

* The Curse of The Blood Swamp 


Wait Until Tomorrow - Harriet May Savitz
* Wait until Tomorrow

On the Move - Harriet May Savitz
* On the Move
* If you Can’t be the Sun be a star

The Cats that Nobody Wanted - Harriet May Savitz
* The Cats Nobody Wanted


Kidnapping Mr Tubbs - Don Schellie
* Kidnaping Mr. Tubbs
* Maybe Next Summer
* Shadow and the Gunner


Strictly Personal - Phyllis Schieber
* Strictly Personal

         TIM SCHOCH

Creeps - Tom Schoch
* Creeps

Summer Camp Creeps - Tom Schoch
* Summer Camp Creeps
* Cat Attack
* Flash Fry Private Eye

* The Practically Popular Crowd series
* Help I can’t think of a thing to say

Dressing Slim Tall and Curvy - Meg Schneider 
* Dressing Slim Tall and curvy ( non-fiction for teens )

The Ghost in the Picture - Meg Schnieder 
* The Ghost in the Picture
* Two in a crowd – How to find romance without losing your friends
*a Windswept
* The Girl within
* Tracy Harmon Love Specialist
* Make Believe Boyfriend
* Going Hollywood
* Who Needs Glamour Anyway


A Different Kind of Friend - Vivian Schurfranz
* A Different Kind of Friend
* about 10 Sunfire series books
* a Cheerleaders series book
* A Windswept book

* A Wildfire
* Growing Up Guilty

* The Late Great Me

Long Time Between Kisses - Sandra Scoppettone
* Long Time Between Kisses

Playing Murder - Sandra Scoppettone 
* Playing Murder
* Happy Endings are All Alike
* Trying Hard to Hear You

* Kentucky Daughter


Belonging - Virginia M Scott
* Belonging

Balancing Act - Virginia m Scott 
* Balancing Act


Words by Heart - Ouida Sebesyten

* Words By Heart

The Girl in the Box - Ouida Sebestyn 
* The Girl in the Box

IOU's - Ouida Sebestyen 
* I.O.U’s
* Far From Home
* Out of Nowhere

On Fire - Ouida Sebestyen
* On Fire


Firebrats series - The Burning Land - Barbara Siegel  Scott Siegel 
* Firebrats series
* Several Which way books

Ghost World Series - Dark Fire - Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel 
* Ghost world series
* contributed to the Dragon Lance series


Hello Me - Bernice Selden
* Hello Me

* Tucker’s Countryside

Harry Cat's Pet Puppy - George Selden 

* Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy
* Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse

The Cricket in Times Square - George Selden
* The Cricket in Times Square
* Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride

Irma and Jerry - George Selden
* Irma and Jerry

Oscar Lobster's Fair Exchange - George Selden
* Oscar Lobster’s Fair exchange

Chester Cricket's New Home - George Selden

* Chester Cricket Finds a New Home 

* One Twilight book
* a Wildfire book


When the Night Wind Howls - Pamela F Service
* When the Night Wind Howls
* Winter of Magic’s Return

Vision Quest - Pamela F Service
* Vision Quest
* Stinker from Space
* The Reluctant God
* Storm at the Edge of Time


There's Something in There - Sherry Shahan
* There’s Something in There
* Treetop Tales – Fifth Grade Crush , The Babysitting Crack up , One Sister too Many
, Operation Dump the Boyfriend


Faking it - Jacqueline Shannon
* Faking it

Why Would anyone Have a Crush on Horace Beemis - Jacqueline Shannon
* Why would anyone have a Crush on Horace Beemis?

Too Much T J - Jacqueline Shannon 
* Too much T.J.

Big Man Little Women - Jacqueline Shannon 
* Big Guy , Little Woman

I Hate my Hero - Jacqueline Shannon 
* I hate my Hero
* Upstaged


Two guys Noticed me and Other Miracles - Marjorie Sharmat
* Two Guys noticed me and other miracles – sequel to He Noticed I’m Alive and Other miracles

I Saw Him First - Marjorie Sharmat 
* I Saw Him First

Vacation Fever - Marjorie Sharmat 
* Vacation Fever

Burton and Dudley - Marjorie Weiman Sharmat

* Burton and Dudley
* Square Pegs ( t.v. tie in )
* Get Rich Mitch

Rich Mitch - Marjorie Sharmat 
* Rich Mitch

How to Meet A Gorgeous Guy - Marjorie Sharmat
* How to meet a Gorgeous Guy

Fighting over Me - Marjorie Sharmat 
* Fighting over Me
* The Lancelot closes at Five
* Sorority Sisters series
* Nate the Great series – 25 books starting in 1972 – 2006
* Olivia Sharp series – 4 books

A Visit with Rosalind - Marjorie Sharmat 

* A Visit with Rosalind


The Rescuers - Margery Sharp

* The Rescuers
* Bernard into Battle
* Miss Bianca in the Orient
* The Turret
* Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines
* Miss Bianca
* Bernard the Brave
* The Rescuers Down Under
* Miss Bianca in the Antarctic
* Miss Bianca and the Bridesmaid
* The Magical Cockatoo ( a non-Rescuers book )
* Melisande ( a non Rescuers book )


The Bad Dreams of a Good Girl - Susan Shreve 
* Bad dreams of a Good Girl

The Masquerade - Susan Shreve
*The Masquerade

The Gift of the Girl who Couldn't Hear - Susan Shreve
* The Gift of the Girl who Couldn’t hear

The Revolution of Mary Leary - Susan Shreve
* Revolution of Mary Leary
* Family Secrets
* The Flunking of Joshua T Bates
* Lucy Forever , Miss Rosetree and the Stolen baby


Some Kind of Friend - Mary Francis Shura 
* Some Kind of Friend
* Winter Dreams , Christmas Love
* Gentle Annie

Kate's Book - Mary Francis Shura 
* Kate’s Book 
* The Mystery at Wolf River

The Sunday Doll - Mary Francis Shura 
* The Sunday Doll

The Josie Gambit - Mary Francis Shura 
* The Josie Gambit

Don't call Me Toad - Mary Francis Shura 
* Don’t Call Me Toad

Mister Wolf and Me - Mary Francis Shura
* Mister Wolf and Me

The Search for Grissi - Mary Francis Shura
* The Search for Grissi
* 5 Sunfire series books

The Riddle of Raven Hollow - Mary Francis Shura
* Riddle of Raven Hollow
* The Barkley Street Six Pack ( a.k.a. My Friend Natalie )
* Polly Panic

The Shop on Threnody Street - Mary Francis Shura 
* The Shop on Threnody Street

Our Teacher is Missing - Mary Francis Shura 2
* Our Teacher is Missing
* Happles and Cinnamunger
* The Riddle of Raven’s Gulch
* Chester the Great


Welcome Home Jellybean - Marlene Fanta Shyer
* Welcome Home , Jellybean
* My Brother the Thief

Adorable Sunday - Marlene Fanta Shyer
* Adorable Sunday
* Blood in the Snow


 Mad Mad Monday - Herma Silverstein 
* Mad Mad Monday


Best Friend - Shirley Simon
* Best Friend

    A.L. SINGER 
( movie tie in author )
* The Babysitters Club – movie book
* License to Drive
* Little Monsters
* Sing

* Horsemaster

Tarantuas on the brain - Marilyn Singer 
* Tarantula’s on the Brain
* Sam and Dave mysteries – A Hoax on you , Leroy is Missing , the Case of the Fixed Election ,
The Case of the Cackling Car , A Clue In Code , The Case of the Sabotaged School Play
* The Course of true love never did run smooth
* Charmed
* Ghost Host

No Applause Please - Marilyn SInger
* No Applause Please

Storm Rising - Marilyn Singer
* Storm Rising
* Several Kinds of Silence
* The First Few Friends

Twenty Ways to Lose your Best Friend - Marilyn SInger 
* Twenty Ways to Lose your Best Friend
* Mitzi Meyer Fearless Warrior Queen
* Samantha Spayed mysteries – The Fido Frame up , A Nose for Trouble , Where there’s a will there’s a wag


The Boy who Saved Earth - Jim Slater 
* The Boy who Saved Earth


Black Briar - William Sleator
* Blackbriar

House of Stairs - William Sleator
* The House of Stairs

Run - William Sleator
* Run
* Among the Dolls
* The Boy who reversed Himself
* Singularity
* Fingers
* The Spirit House
* Interstellar Pig
* The Duplicate

Into The Dream - William Sleator

* Into the Dream


Back to Before - Jan Slepian
* Back to Before
* Risk N Roses
* The Broccoli Tapes
* Lester’s Turn
* The Alfred Summer
* Getting on With It

Night of the Bozos - Jan Slepian
* The Night of the Bozos


The Mall - Setting up Shop - Carolyn Sloane 
* Mall series – 1. Setting up Shop , 2. Open for Business 3. Gangs , Ghosts and Gypsies

* My Trip to Alpha 1

My Robot Buddy - Alfred Slote
* My Robot Buddy

C O L A R - Alfred Slote 
* C.O.L.A.R – sequel
* The Biggest Victory
* My Father the Coach
* Tony and Me
* Matt Gargan’s Boy
* Hang Tough , Paul Mather


Encyclopedia Brown - Donald J Sobol
* Encyclopedia Brown series
* Two Minute Mysteries series
* Angie’s first case
* The Amazing power of Ashur Fine
* The Double Quest 


James at 15 - April Smith   
* James at 15

Friends - April Smith
* Friends


Babe The Gallant Pig - Dick King-Smith 
* Babe the Gallant Pig

Pigs Might Fly - Dick King Smith 
* Pigs might Fly

The Fox Busters - Dick King-Smith 
* The Fox Busters


Chocolate Fever - Robert Kimmell Smith   
* Chocolate Fever

Jelly Belly - Robert Kimmel Smith 
* Jelly Belly
* Book of Phoebe
* The War with Grandpa

Sadie Sharpiro in Miami - Robert Kimmel Smith
* Sadie Shapiro in Miami

Ransom - Robert Kimmel Smith 
* Ransom

* Blue Denim Blues
* Sister in the Shadow


A Taste Of Blackberries - Doris Buchanan Smith
* A Taste of Blackberries
* The First Hard Times
* Last was Lloyd
* Moonshadow of Cherry Mountain

Karate Dancer - Doris Buchanan Smith 
* Karate Dancer
* Salted Lemons
* Return to Bitter Creek
* Kick a Stone Home

Tough Chauncey - Doris Buchanan Smith
* Tough Chauncey

Remember the Red Shouldered Hawk - Doris Buchanan Smith
* Remember the Red Shouldered Hawk
* Kelly’s Creek
* Laura Upside Down
* Up and Over
* Dreams and Drummers
* Voyages

    SUSAN SMITH       
* Best Friends Series
* Samantha Slade Series

Changing Places - Susan Smith 
* Changing Places

* Goodbye Paper Doll

Counter Play - Anne Snyder 
* Counter Play  ( with Louis Pelletier ) * also published under the Truth about Alex
* I’m Davy and I’m an Alcoholic
* Nobody’s family

Nobody's Brother - Anne Synder 
* Nobody’s Brother

You Want to be What - Anne Snyder & Louis Pelletier 
* You want to be What ( with Louis Pelletier )

Two Point Zero - Anne Snyder
* Two Point Zero ( with Louis Pelletier )

* Dear Mom and Dad Don’t Worry

Memo to myself when I have a Teenage Kid - Carol Snyder 
* Memo to myself When I have a Teenage Kid

The Great Condominium Rebellion - Carol Snyder 
* The Great Condominium Rebellion

The Leftover Kid - Carol Snyder 
* The Leftover Kid

Leave Me Alone Ma - Carol Snyder
* Leave me Alone Ma


The Egypt Game - Zilpha Keatley Snyder 
* The Egypt Game
* The Headless Cupid
* The Famous Stanley Kidnaping Case
* Blair’s Nightmare
* Janie’s Private Eyes
* Below the Root
* And All Between
* Until the Celebration
* The Velvet Room
* Season of Ponies
* Black and Blue Magic
* Eyes in the Fishbowl

* A Fabulous Creature
* The Changeling
* The Witches of Worm
* Today is Saturday
* The Truth about Stone Hollow
* Come on Patsy
* The Birds of Summer
* And Condors Danced
* Song of the Gargolye
* The Changing Maze
* Libby on Wednesday

* 2 Cheerleader series books
* a Caprice novel

* Miracles on Maple Hill
* Plain Girl
* Around the Corner


The Witch of Blackbird Pond - Elizabeth George Speare 2 
* The Witch of Blackbird Pond
* The Sign of the Beaver


Ghosts who Went to School - Judith Spearing 
* Ghosts who went to school
* The Museum Ghosts ( 60’s )


The Seventh Pebble - Eleanor Spence    
* The Seventh Pebble
* The Leftovers
* Me and Jeshua
* Miranda Going Home
* Deezle Boy
* The travels of Herman


Space Station Seventh Grade - Jerry Spinelli 
* Space Station Seventh Grade
* Maniac Magee
* Jason and Marceline
* Who put that Hair in my toothbrush
* Dump Days
* Fourth Grade Rats
* The Bathwater Gang
* Night of the Whale
* Who Ran My Underwear up the Flagpole
* There’s a Girl in my Hammock

* Eunice Gottlieb and the Unwhitewashed truth about life
*Which Way to the Nearest Wilderness – Eunice

Give and Take - Tricia Springstubb 
* Give and Take
* Eunice Gottlieb ( the egg salad )
* With a name like Lulu who needs more trouble
* Why Can’t life be a piece of Cake
* My Minnie is a Jewel
* Lulu vs Love
* Which way to the Wil

* 3 Windswept Mysteries


Twin Switch - Carol Stanley   
* Twin Switch
* 2 Wildfire Romances
* a Cheerleaders series
* Maybe Baby
* The Dog Walkers Club
* The Latchkey Kids

Second Best Sister - Carol Stanley

* Second Best Sister


The First Of The Penguins - Mary Q Steele
* The First of the Penguins
* Wish come True
* Journey Outside
* The Life and Death of Sarah Elizabeth Harwood
* The Fifth Day

* Last Seen on Hopper’s Lane

* A Wildfire

Love Match - Barbara Steiner 
* Love Match
* Is there a Cure for Sophomore Year ( a Fifteen series book )

Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue - Barbara Steiner

* Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue
* A first Love from Silhouette series book
* A Windswept
* Point horrors – The Mummy , The Phantom , The Coffin

* My Cheating Heart
* about 4 or 5 Cheerleaders series books

* Two Magic Moments series books
* one Sweet Dreams romance

Circles in the Water - Janice Stevens 
* Circles in the Water
* Take back the Moment

* First love – Gathering Storm

          JO STEWART

Blues for Cassandra - Jo Stewart
* Blues for Cassandra

The Promise RIng - Jo Stewart
* The Promise Ring
* 2 or  3 Magic moments series romance
* Andrea
*2  Prime time adventures series

* Kate of Still Waters
* Sarah the Dragon Lady

  Tana and the Useless Monkey - Martha Bennett Stiles - 2 
* Tana and the Useless Monkey
* The Star in the Forest
* Darkness over the Land

    JOVIAL BOB STINE ( A.K.A R.L. STINE – but see also R.L. STINE )
* 101 Silly Monster Jokes

Blips - Jovial Bob Stine 
* Blips! The first video game book of funnies
* How to Be Funny
* The Beast Handbook
* 101 Creepy Creature Joke Books
* 101 Vacation Jokes
* Twistaplot series books
* 101 Wacky kid jokes
* 101 School cafeteria Jokes

101 Silly Monster Jokes stine

* 101 Silly Monster Jokes
* The Cool kid’s guide to summer Camp
* Going out , Going Steady , Going Bananas

Here come the Raisen Busters - Jovial Bob Stine
* Look out here come the Raisinbusters , Great grapes joke book
* My Secret Identity
* The Pigs book of World Records
* Invaders of Hark ( published under R.L. Stine ) and Badlands of Hark ( both game books )
* Miami Mice
* Don’t Stand in the Soup

       R.L. STINE 
* Fear Street Series
* Goosebumps Series
* Indiana Jones series
* several Twist-a-plots books –
* Blind Date ( part of crosswinds – before reprints )

Twisted - R L Stine
* Twisted

The Babysitter - R L Stine 

The Babysitter 2 - R L Stine
* The Babysitter series – 1-5

Beach Party - R L Stine 
* Beach Party
* The Boyfriend
* The Girlfriend

The Snowman - R L Stine
* The Snowman

Beach House - R L Stine
* Beach House

Hit and Run - R L Stine
* Hit and Run

The Hitchhiker - R L Stine 
* The Hitchhiker
* Halloween Night – series
* The Dead Girlfriend
* Call Waiting

I Saw you that Night - R L Stine 
* I Saw you that Night!
* The Witness
* How I Broke up With Ernie

Phone Calls - RL Stine
* Phone Calls
* The Sitter

           MARY STOLZ
* Ivy Larkin
* The Noonday Friends
* The Dog on Barkham Street

In a Mirror - Mary Stolz

* In a Mirror

Quentin Corn - Mary Stolz
* Quentin Corn

By the Highway Home - Mary Stolz 
* By the Highway Home

Leap Before you Look - Mary Stolz
* Leap Before You Look
* The Explorer on Barkham Street
* The Bully of Markham Street


When the Dlls Woke - Marjorie Filley Stover
* When the Dolls Woke

Midnight in the Dollhouse - Marjorie Filley Stover

* Midnight in The Dollhouse

* The Complete computer Popularity Program
* The Wave

The Accident - Todd Strasser 
* The Accident
* Help I’m Trapped series – Help I’m Trapped in my Teachers Body ,

Beyond the Reef - Todd Strasser 
* Beyond the Reef

Angel Dust Blues - Todd Strasser

* Angel Dust Blues

Ransom - Robert Kimmel Smith

* Ransom

* To Stand beneath the Sun

Moondreams - Brad Strickland 
* Moon Dreams
* Nul’s Quest – sequel to Moon Dreams


The Seventh Princess - Nick Sullivan
* The Seventh Princess


An X Rated Romance - Tina Sunshine 
* An X-Rated Romance

Jonathan Fisher and The Centerfold Caper - Tina Sunshine
* Jonathan Fisher and the Centerfold Caper
* Dating Games

* Frontier Wolf
* Three Legions – an omnibus edition containing the Eagle of the Ninth trilogy
* The Sword and the Circle
* The Light Beyond the Forest

The Road to Camlann - Rosemary Sutcliff 
* The Road to Camlann
* Sun Horse , Moon Horse
* Shifting Sands
* Song for a Dark Queen
* Eagle’s Egg
* Flame colored Taffeta
* The Best of Rosemary Sutcliff


Definitely Not Sexy - Jane Sutton
*Definitely Not Sexy
* Confessions of an Orange Octopus
* Not Even Mrs. Mazursky


Leave it to Christy - Pamela Curtis Swallow
* Leave it to Christy
* Wading through Peanut Butter

No Promises - Pamela Curtis Swallow

* No Promises

* The Dream Collector
* Right behind the Rain

* Brother in the Land
* Ghost Ship to Ganymede
* The Thousand Eyes of Night
* Staying up
* A Serpents Tooth
* Room 13
* Daz for Zoe
* Stone Cold


Mirror of Danger - Jane Sykes
* Mirror of Danger

Phoebe's Family - Pamela Sykes
* Phoebe’s Family
* Flight to an Island


80’s Young Adult Books A-Z Author Guide – R authors

       JUDIE RAE
* A Heavenly Romance – Boyfriend Blues
* A Caprice – Third Time Lucky


The Watcher in the Woods - Florence Engell Randall
* The Watcher in the Woods
* All the Sky Together

* 6 Sunfire romances
* The Kobie books series
* A Windswept book
* 2 First Love From Silhouette books
* A Chrystal Falls book
* A Crosswinds

Sixth Grade High - Candice F Ransom
* Sixth Grade High

There's One in Every Family - Candice F Ransom
* There’s one in Every Family
* Millicent the Magnificent
* My Sister the Creep , My Sister the Traitor , My Sister the Meanie
* Who Needs Third Grade , Third Grade Stars , Third Grade Detectives


The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin
* The Westing Game
* Figs and Phantoms
* The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon I mean Noel

* Where the Red Fern Grows
* Summer of the Monkeys

         KIT REED

Captain Grownup - Kit Reed
* Captain Grown Up

The Ballad of T Rantula - Kit Reed

* Ballad of T Rantula

Attack of the Giant Baby and other Stories - Arthur Roth 
* Attack of the Giant Baby and Other Stories
* Fort Privilege


The Girl from Limbo - Robert Redding 
* The Girl from Limbo

          PAT RIELLY
* Columbus Circle


Jilly's Ghost - Dian Curtis Regan
* Jilly’s Ghost

I've Got Your Number - Dian Curtis Regan
* I’ve Got Your Number

My Zombie Valentine - Dian Curtis Regan 
* My Zombie Valentine

The Kissing Contest - Dian Curtis Regan 
* The Kissing Contest
* Liver Cookies
* Home for the Howl-adays

The Vampire who came for Christmas - Dian CUtris Regan
* The Vampire who came for Christmas
* Ghost Twins Series – mid 1990s

           ANN REIT

I Thought you were My Best Friend - Ann Reit
* I Thought you Were My Best Friend

The Bet - Ann Reit
* The Bet

Dream Boy - Ann Reit 

The FIrst Time - Ann Reit - a.k.a dream boy
* Dream Boy

Promise You Won't Tell- Ann Reit 
* Promise You won’t Tell
* 2 Wildfire
* Love at First Sight

* A Magic Moments book
* A Cheerleaders series book
* Sailboat Summer


Summer at High Kingdom - Louise Dickinson Rich
* Summer at High Kingdom


Crazy Quilt -Jocelyn Riley
* Crazy Quilt
* Only My Mouth is Smiling


Who said Sweet Sixteen - Nadine Roberts
* Who said Sweet 16
* With Love from Sam and Me

Terror in Oak Grove High - Nadine Roberts
* Terror in Oak Grove High
* Evil Threads
* These are the Best Years
* Murder and other Misadventures
* The Happiness Seed


Baby-sitting is a Dangerous Job - Willo Davis Roberts
* Babysitting is a Dangerous Job

The Girl with the Silver Eyes - Willo Davis Roberts 
* The Girl with the Silver Eyes
* The Annalise Experiment

 Megan's Island - Willo Davis Roberts
* Megan’s Island
* Scared Stiff

The View from the Cherry Tree - Willo Davis Roberts
* The View from the Cherry Tree
* A Sunfire series book
* Don’t Hurt Laurie
* a Windwept


Veronica The Show-Off - Nancy K Robinson - apple edition 

Veronica Knows Best - Nancy K Robinson
* Veronica The Showoff , Veronica meets her Match , Veronica Knows Best , Countess Veronica
* Tripper and Sam series book

Mom You're Fired - Nancy K Robinson
* Steele Family series – Oh Honestly Angela , Mom You’re Fired , Angela and the Broken Heart , Angela Private Citizen

Wendy and the Bullies - Nancy K Robinson - best 
* Wendy and the Bullies

Just Plain Cat - Nancy K Robinson

* Just Plain Cat 


How to eat Fried Worms- Thomas Rockwell
* How to Eat Fried Worms
* How to Fight a Girl

The Thief - Thomas Rockwell
* The Thief
* How to get Fabulously Rich
* Squawwwk
* Hey Lover Boy

* What about me
* P.S. Write Soon
* Keeping Time
* H My Name is Henley


* Freaky Friday

* Summer Switch

*Confessions of a Wayward Preppie
* Twelve year old vows revenge
* Thirteenth Summer
* You’ll Miss me When I’m Gone
* My Favorite Ghost
* The Fair Weather Friends

My Secret Admirer - Stephen Roos 

My Horrible Secret - Stephen Roos 

The Terrible Truth - Stephen Roos 

The Incredible Cat Caper - Stephen Roos
* Kids of New Eden series –


The Iceberg Hermit - Arthur Roth
* The Iceberg Hermit

The Castaway - Arthur Roth
* Castaway
* Avalanche

Trapped - Arthur Roth_edited-1
* Trapped

Two for Survival - Arthur Roth 
* Two for Survival
* Twistaplot series book

        LOIS RUBY
* This Old Man

Pig Out Inn - Lois Ruby
* Pig Out Inn
* The Moxie Kid
* Two Truths in my Pocket

Arriving at a place you never left - Lois Ruby 
* Arriving at a place you’ve never left
* What do you do in Quicksand

( See M author page )

      MARY C. RYAN

Who Says I Can't - Mary C Ryan
* Who says I can’t

Frankie's Run - Mary C Ryan
* Frankie’s Run

The Voice from the Mendelsohn's Maple - Mary C Ryan
* The Voice from the Mendelsohns Maple
* My Friend O’Connell

80’s Young Adult books A-Z guide – N-P Authors – Richard Peck , Susan Beth Pfeffer , Joan Lowery Nixon , Scott O’Dell , Gary Paulsen , Katherine Paterson , Lila Perl and more!

                   LAURA NATHANSON

The Trouble with Wednesdays - Laura Nathanson 
* The Trouble with Wednesdays

       ( The Alice series began in 1985 and is still going – so far the series includes 26 books check Wikipedia for a full list )

The Agony of Alice - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
* Alice series –  The Agony of Alice , Alice in Rapture sort of , Reluctantly Alice , All but Alice , Alice in April
* York trilogy – Shadows on the Wall , Faces in the Water , Footprints at the Window

Beetles , Lightly Toasted - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
* Beetles Lightly Toasted
* The Witch’s Sister
* The Witch Herself
* The Witch’s eye
* Witch Water
* Shiloh

A String of Chances - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
* A String of Chances

         O.T. NELSON

The Girl who Owned a City - O T Nelson
* The Girl who Owned a City

            JOHN NEUFELD

Lisa Bright and Dark - John Neufeld 
* Lisa Bright and Dark

Sunday Father - John Neufeld 
* Sunday Father
* Edgar Allen
* Gaps in Stone Walls

Twink - John Neufeld
* Twink

For All the Wrong Reasons - John Neufeld
* For all the Wrong Reasons

* A Place Between
* An end to Perfect

I will Call it Georgie's Blues - Suzanne Newton 
* I will call It Georgie’s Blues

Where are You When I need You - Suzanne Newton
* Where are you when I need you

M V Sexton Speaking - Suzanne Newton 
* M.V. Sexton Speaking
* Ruebella and the Old Focus Home

* 3 Windswept romance novels series 

             JOAN LOWERY NIXON

A Family Apart - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Orphan Train Quartet Series
* Hollywood Daughters series
* Whispers from the Dead
* The Name of the Game was Murder

The House on Hackman's Hill - Joan Lowery Nixon
* House on Hackman’s Hill

The Dark and Deadly Pool - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Dark and Deadly Pool

The Spector - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Specter

The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore

The Seance - Joan Lowery Nixon
* The Seance
* A Deadly Game of Magic

The Other Side of Dark - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Other Side of Dark
* Secret Silent Screams

The Stalker - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Stalker
* In the Face of Danger

The Island of Dangerous Dreams - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Island of Dangerous Dreams
* Adventures of the Red Tape Gang

The Ghosts of Now - Joan Lowery Nixon

* The Ghosts of Now 
* The Gift
* A Deadly Promise

And Maggie Makes Three - Joan Lowery Nixon
* And Maggie Makes Three

             ANDRE NORTON
* Iron Butterflies
* Voorloper
* Changeling

Spell of the Witch World - Andre Norton 

Three Against Witch World - Andre Norton
* Witch World series – Witch World , Forerunner , Gryphon in Glory , Horn Crown , Ware Hawk, Gryphon’s Eyrie, Gate of the Cat , Of the Shaping of Ulm’s Heir , Tales of Witch World , Tales of Witch World 2 , Three Against Witch World , Spell of Witch World
* Wheel of Stars
* House of Shadows
* Stand and Deliver
* Maid At Arms
* Ten Mile Treasure
* Star Ka’at and the Winged Warriors
* Caroline
* Moon Called
* Moon Mirror
* Stand and Deliver
* Were Wrath
* Forerunner: The Second Venture
* Ride the Green Dragon
* Magic in Ithkar , 2, 3, 4
* Flight in Yiktor
*Rider on the Mountain
* Serpent’s Tooth
* How Many Miles to Babylon
* Imperial Lady
* Catfantastic

Rogue Reynard - Ancre Norton

* Rogue Reynard

* Homeroom series

* 3 Windswept series novels


             TINA OAKS  
* Possible pseudonym or Author of the Stepsisters series

          ROBERT C. O’BRIEN

The Secret of Nimh - Robert C O'Brien 
* The Secret of Nimh a.k.a Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Z for Zachariah - Robert C O'Brien
* Z is for Zachariah

The Silver Crown - Robert O'Brien 
* The Silver Crown

            SCOTT O’DELL

Sing down the Moon - Scott O'Dell
* Sing Down the moon

Sarah Bishop - Scott O'Dell 
* Sarah Bishop

Island of Blue Dolphins - Scott O'Dell
* Island of the Blue Dolphins
* The Black Pearl
* Child of Fire
* Zia
* Kathleen Please come Home

The Spanish Smile - Scott O'Dell

* The Spanish Smile 
* The Captive

Carlota - Scott O'Dell

* Carlota

Alexandra - Scott O'Dell
* Alexandra

Black Star , Bright Dawn - Scott O'Dell
* Black Star , Bright Dawn

My Name is not Angelica - Scott O'Dell 
* My Name is not Angelica


Fair Game - Jacklyn O'Hanlon
*Fair Game

           ZIBBY O’NEAL

In Summer Light - Zibby O'Neal

* In Summer Light

The Language of Goldfish - Zibby O'Neal - Fawcett edition

The Language of Goldfish - Zibby O'Neal 
*The Language of Goldfish

A Formal Feeling - Zibby O'Neal 
* A Formal Feeling
* A Long Way to Go
* childrens book The Improbable Adventures of O’Hara Soapstone

          JANE O’CONNOR

Yours Till Niagara Falls - Jane O'Connor
* Yours till Niagara Falls Abby
* Here comes The Brownies ( young children’s book series early 90’s )

Just Good Friends - Jane O'Connor
* Just Good Friends

* Molly by any other Name
* Who did it Jenny Lake 
* A Place for Grace

Take a Chance Gramps - Jean Davies Okimoto
* Take a Chance Gramps

It's Just Too Much - Jean Davies Okimoto 

Its just too much - Jean Davies Okimoto
* It’s Just Too Much
* Norman Schnurman Average person

Jason's Women - Jean Davies Okimoto
* Jason’s Women

My Mother is not Married to my Father - Jean Davies Okimoto

* My mother isn’t married to my Father

            JUNE OLDHAM
* Double Take
* Enter Tom

Grow Up Cupid - June Oldham 
* Grow Up Cupid
* Moving In


Up from Nowhere - Walter Olesky
* Up From Nowhere
* If I’m Lost how come I’ve Found You
* Quacky and the Haunted Amusement Park


It isn't easy being a Teenage Billionare - Joan Oppenheimer
* It isn’t easy being a Teenage Millionaire

One Step Apart - Joan Oppenheimer
* One Step Apart

No Laughing Matter - Joan L Oppenheimer 
* No Laughing Matter

The Coming Down Time - Joan Oppenheimer
* The Coming Down Time

A Clown like Me - Joan L Oppenheimer
* A Clown Like Me
* Working on It
* On the outside Looking In
* Several series books – Wishing Star , Wildfire , and a Windswept

             DORIS ORGEL
* Risking Love

The Devil in Vienna - Doris Orgel 
* The Devil in Vienna

Nobodies and Somebodies - Doris Orgel 
* Nobodies and Somebodies

A Certain Magic - Doris Orgel 
* A Certain Magic
* Starring Becky Suslow

My War with Mrs Galloway - Doris Orgel

* My War with Mrs. Galloway

              MARY POPE OSBORNE

Love Always Blue - Mary Pope Osborne 

Love Always Blue - Mary Pope Osborne - hb
* Love Always, Blue

Run Run as Fast As you Can - Mary Pope Osborne
* Run , Run as fast as you Can
* Magic Tree House series – started in 1992 for younger children still going
* Best Wishes Joe Brady

Last One Home - Mary Pope Osborne 
* Last one Home


The Screaming Grave - Steven Otfinoski
* The Screaming Grave


           EDWARD PACKARD 

Deadwood City - Choose Your own Adventure - Edward Packer
* One of the premier authors of Choose Your Own Adventure series

           PEGGY PARISH
* Amelia Bedelia series

             BARBARA PARK
* Operation Dump the Chump

Skinnybones - Barbara Park
* Skinnybones
* Almost Starring Skinnybones

Beanpole - Barbara Park
* Beanpole

Buddies - Barbara Park
* Buddies
* Went on to write the Junie B Jones 1990’s series

               FRANCINE PASCAL                                     

* creator of Sweet Valley High series
* creator of the Caitlin series

My First Love and Other Disasters - Francine Pascal later edition
* Victoria series

The Hand Me Down Kid - Francine Pascal
* The Hand-me Down kid

               WILLIAM PASNAK 
* Degrassi Junior High book – Exit Stage left
* Mimi and the Ginger Princess
* Sink or Swim


Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson
* The Bridge to Terebithia

The Great Gilly Hopkins - Katherine Paterson
* The Great Gilly Hopkins

Jacob Have I loved - Katherine Patterson 
* Jacob Have I loved
* Come Sing Jimmy Jo
* Park’s Quest
* Rebel’s of the Heavenly Kingdom

             GARY PAULSEN
* Hatchet
* Murphy Series – Murphy , Murphy’s Gold , Murphy’s Herd , Murphy’s War
* Tiltawhirl John
* Winterkill
* The C.B. Radio Caper
* Fox Man
* Curse of the Cobra
* The Green Recruit
* The Spitball Gang
* Compkill
* The Sweeper
* Clutterkill
* Dancing Carl

Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights - Gary Paulsen
* Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights
* Tracker
* Dog Song
* Sentries
* The Crossing
* The Island
* Night Rituals
* The Voyage of the Frog
* The Winter Room

             BERNAL C. PAYNE JR.
* Experiment in Terror

Trapped in Time - Bernal C Payne 
* Trapped in Time
* It’s About Time
* The Late Great Dick Hart

* Tom’s Midnight Garden

* The Daring Game

A Handful of Time - Kit Pearson 
* A Handful of Time
* The Sky is Falling
* The Singing Basket
* Looking at the Moon


* Dreamland Lake

Through A Brief Darkness - Richard Peck 
* Through a Brief Darkness

Representing Super Doll - Richard Peck
* Representing Super Doll

Are you in the House Alone - Richard Peck - Dell 

Are You in the House Alone - Richard Peck_edited-1
* Are you in the house Alone

The Ghost Belonged to Me - Richard Peck 
* The Ghost belonged to Me
* Ghosts I have Been

Father Figure - Richard Peck 
* Father Figure

Secrets of the Shopping Mall - Richard Peck
* Secrets of the Shopping Mall
* The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp

Remembering the Good Times - Richard Peck 
* Remembering the Good Times

Blossom Culp and the Sleep Of Death - Richard Peck 
* Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death

Princess Ashley - Richard Peck  
* Princess Ashley
* Those Summer Girls I never Met
* Voices After Midnight
* Unfinished Portrait of Jessica

Close Enough to Touch - Richard Peck
* Close Enough to Touch
* Bel Air Bambi and the Mall rats

Don't Look and it Won't Hurt - Richard Peck

* Don’t Look and it Won’t Hurt

* A Day no pigs would Die

Trig - Robert Newton Peck 

Trig sees Red - Robert Newton Peck
* Trig series – Trig , Trig goes Ape , Trig or Treat , Trig Sees Red

Soup and Me - Robert Newton Peck 

Soup on Wheels -Robert Newton Peck
* Soup series – Soup , Soup and Me , Soup’s Hoops , Soup’s Uncle , Soup on Wheels , Soup on Fire , Soup on Ice , Soup in the Saddle , Soup 1776 , Soup Ahoy , Soup’s Goat , Soup for President , Soup in Love , Soup’s Drum
* Rabbit’s and Redcoats
* Fawn
* Basket Case
* Eagle fur
* Kirk’s Law
* Hallapoosa

                  MICHAEL PELLOWSKI

A Double Trouble Dream Date -
* Double Trouble Series – Double Trouble , A Double Trouble Dream Date , Triple Trouble , Double Trouble Mansion Mystery ,  Triple Trouble in Hollywood ,
* Riverdale High series

                LILA PERL
* That Crazy April

The Secret Diary of Katie Dinkerhoff - Lila Perl - scan
* The Secret Diary of Katie Dinkerhoff
* Fat Glenda series

The Telltale Summer of Tina C - Lila Perl 
* The Telltale Summer of Tina C.

Marleen the Horror Queen - Lila Perl
* Marleen the Horror Queen

Dumb Like Me Olivia Potts - Lila Perl 
* Dumb Like Me , Olivia Potts

Annabell Starr esp - Lila Perl
* Annabelle Starr esp

Pieface and Daphne - Lila Perl
* Pieface and Daphne

Don't Ask Miranda - Lila Perl  
* Don’t Ask Miranda

* Heartaches
* Heartaches High

            CAROL J. PERRY 
* Sandcastle Summer
* 13 and Loving it



Miracle at Clements Pond -
* Miracle at Clements Pond
* The Legend of Daisy Flowerdew
* Hear the Wind Blow
* As far as Mill Springs

          P.J. PETERSEN
* The Freshman Detective Blues

Nobody Else can Walk it For You - PJ Petersen 
* Nobody else can Walk it for You

Good-bye to Good Ol Charlie - PJ Petersen
* Goodbye to Good Ole Charlie
* Corky and the Brothers Cool
* The Boll Weevil Express

How Can You Hijack a Cave - Pj Peterson 
* How Can you Hijack a Cave

Here's to the Sophmores -PJ Petersen 
*Here’s To the Sophomores

Would you Settle for Improbable - PJ Peterson
* Would You settle for Improbable
* Going for the Big one


Cute is a Four Letter Word - Stella Pevsner  
* Cute is a Four Letter Word
* Me ,my goat and my sisters Wedding

Footsteps on the Stairs - Stella Pevsner
* Footsteps on the Stairs

And you Give me a Pain Elaine - Stella Pevsner
* And You give me A Pain Elaine

I'll Always Remember You Maybe - Stella Pevsner
* I’ll always remember you – Maybe
* How could you Do it Diane

Sister of the Quints - Stella Pevsner 

Sister of the Quints - Stella Pevsner hb
* Sister of the Quints

New Girl - Stella Pevsner
* New Girl

A Smart Kid Like You Stella Pevsner 
* A Smart Kid Like You
* Is everyone Moonburned but Me

          K.M. PEYTON
* Flambards series – Flambards , The Edge of the Cloud , Flambards in Summer, Flambards Divided
* Dear Fred
* Going Home
* Froggett’s revenge
* The Sound of Distant Cheering
* Downhill all the Way
* Darkling
* Skylark


Claire at Sixteen -Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Sebastian Sisters Series – Meg at Sixteen , Claire at Sixteen, Sybil at Sixteen , Thea at Sixteen , Evvie at Sixteen
* Make me a Star series
* Dear Dad , Love Laurie

Kid Power - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Kid Power

Kid Power Strikes back - Susan Beth Pfeffer
* Kid Power Strikes Back
* Turning Thirteen

The Year without Michael - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* The Year without Michael
* Rewind to Yesterday
* Future Forward

Starting With Melodie - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Starting with Melodie

Truth of Dare - Susan Beth Pfeffer
* Truth or Dare
* Fantasy Summer
* Paper Dolls

Courage Dana - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Courage Dana

Better than All RIght - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* Better than Alright

What do you Do when Your Mouth won't Open - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* What to do When Your Mouth Won’t Open

About David - Susan Beth Pfeffer
* About David
* Peter and Leigh

Marly the Kid - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Marly the Kid

The Beauty Queen - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* The Beauty Queen

The Friendship Pact - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* The Friendship Pact
* Getting Even

Just Morgan - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Just Morgan

Just Between Us - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* Just Between Us
* Most Precious Blood
* Rainbows and Fireworks

A Matter of Principal - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* A Matter of Principal
* Awful Evelina


The S S Valentine - Terry Wolfe Phelan
* S.S. Valentine
* The Week Mom Unplugged the Tvs

Making Half Whole - Terry Wolfe Phelan 
* Making Half Whole

AM PM Lovetime - Terry Wolfe Phelan 
* AM/PM Lovetime
* Best Friends Hands Down


* ( he will be included in a Dark Themes a-z list that will appear on Cliquey Pizza 2 )


Teen Angel - Sonia Pilcer
* Teen Angel
* Little Darlings – movie tie in

          PAUL PITTS

For a Good Time Don't Call Claudia - Paul Pitts 
* For A Good Time Don’t Call Claudia                                            
* The Shadowman’s Way
* Crossroads 
* Racing the Sun

         JANE PITT
* 9 Heartlines series books

       KIN PLATT

The Boy who COuld Make Himself Disappear - Kin Platt
* The Boy who could Make himself Disappear
* Chloris and the Weirdos

Chloris and the Creeps - Kin Platt 
* Chloris and the Creeps

* My name is Su5san Smith the Five is silent

The Romantic Obsessions and Humilations of Annie Sehlmeier - Louise Plummer
* The Romantic Obsessions and Humiliations of Annie Sehlmeier

* Girl of Limberlost
* Freckles


Night Landings - Alison Prince 
* Night Landings
* The Blue Moon Day and other Stories
* The Sinister Airfield
* Haunting Refrain
* Mill Green series – #1 Mill Green on Fire , Mill Green on Stage , Spy at Mill Green , Rock on Mill Green


The Cheese Stands alone - Marjorie M Prince 
*The Cheese Stands Alone


The Twenty Four Hour Lipstick Mystery - Bonnie Pryor
* The Twenty Four hour Lipstick Mystery


That New Guy - Alice Putnam
* That New Guy
* The Spy Doll