Hey 80’s teen fiction fans!

After starting two blogs dedicated to 80’s teen book series , I felt rather bad for all the books I was neglecting – the ones not in a series. I’ve collected a lot of books over the years  and some of my favorites weren’t included in series – like Tiger Eyes , Tucker’s Countryside. and Buddies. Then after doing an article on The Telltale Summer of Tina C I decided I would like to attempt the near impossible and start a guide to 80’s teen fiction! I’m going to try and organize it by author ( like Paula Danzinger , Judy Blume and Norma Fox Mazer etc.) by publishing company ( Apple paperbacks , Avon , Point fiction etc. ) and by year. In between I’ll still be doing  articles noting the quirky pop culture of the 80’s and how at times it was heralded and or neglected in the said books.  If you’ve got any fave authors let me know!


11 responses to “Hey 80’s teen fiction fans!

  1. You are my hero, you know. Your blogs (esp. 2) are such huge assets.

    There is one that has been on my mind forever, and I don’t know the title of the book. All I know is that the main character’s name was Elizabeth Ellen, and she went by EE–I think she was pretty nerdy and I’m pretty sure there was a makeover of some kind in the book. Her best friend was named Andra. In all the years that I’ve been searching out these books as an adult, I still cannot come across it, and if you happen to recognize it by the character names, *please* ID it for me. It’s been driving me MAD.

    • Hi , I’ll start the hunt.

    • Hi , Finally found your book! It’s called Smart Girl by Sandy Miller – Now that she was a senior in high school Elizabeth Ellen – E.E. to her friends, was getting tired of being seen as only the class brain. Then she met handsome Bruce Johnson, and when he asked her out, she realized that though she was bright in school she had a lot to learn about people. – that blurb I found purely by accident when I was re-reading a Campus Fever book!

  2. Man, I wish I could make you a pie or something. THANK YOU!!

    • Cheesecake would be great! Kidding – but I’m glad I ran across it – that’s
      twice so far I’ve been blessed to find titles of stories with obscure clues!

  3. THIS IS the website I’ve been wanting! I LOVE 1980s teen YA, and I’m a book cover fetishist, too. I collect old books just for their covers, even if I didn’t like the story back when I read it!
    THANK YOU so much for creating this site – and I’m wondering if you can mention the cover illustrators where possible?
    Jody Kihara

    • Thanks , I would love to include the cover artists however a good percentage of the books I’ve listed I got from various selling sites – like Ebay and Amazon – I’ve been collecting images for years! – I’m trying now, to collect ,when I can, descriptions as sometimes covers and titles can be a little vague as to what the story is about. The bookss I do have, I can definitly include. Also have you checked out my CONWAY AWARDS POST which I presented mock awards for best covers. The idea was suggested by Nancy a fellow book cover lover! D and E authors should be coming soon I’ve been distracted by writing two posts my Judy Blume article Blubber Ballad of a Bully on Cliquey 2 and my almost done article on Flowers in the attic. Cutting and clipping and fixing up the pictures takes so long!

  4. Love the awards!
    As I mentioned in another post, I’m happy to send you any scans I have, if you want — you can email me directly about this if you like.

    Looking forward to seeing more covers going up!

  5. Hi,
    Wow, this is a treasure trove! Look forward to seeing future entries.
    It feels like browsing the library spinner racks circa 1989! AWESOME.

    Some Paul Zindel please!

    Also, a correction on the Bonham entry…he only wrote a few sci-fi.
    Most of his YA fiction was realistic and contemporary. Prior to the 70’s he was mostly known as a prolific writer of Westerns.

    I think people checking this out (and you) would have an interest in my blogs about teen books from the 1970’s and 1980’s.
    They Are:

    I’ve also written and drawn a graphic novel inspired by 80’s afterschool specials. It is here:

    Dave K.

    • Thanks! Loved your links! Great mix of Pop nostalgia – sometimes I wish I could put in more stuff – not just 80’s stuff cause I am a huge old movie fan and I like all kinds of nostalgia – pics , pulp covers , ads. Loved the Dana Barron After school special ad you have. She turned so pretty after National Lampoon’s Vacation I don’t know why she didn’t catch on – last I recall seeing her in was an episode of the Equalizer! Also great covers! Fat a love story I almost forgot about that one.
      Paul Zindel yikes! he feels months away. I took a few weeks off before tackling the L authors – the line up looks huge!
      Oh, good work on the graphic novel!

  6. are you still updating this site? i’ve googled and searched high and low for this particular book, and now i’m starting to wonder if i imagined it! maybe you can help … it was early to mid-80s when i read it, and i thought the book was called “summer sisters,” but now the only book i can find with that name is the adult one by judy blume. it was about a young girl whose cousin comes to live with her for the summer while her parents go through a divorce. the girl is very excited to have her cousin come stay, and she’s convinced they’ll be just like sisters. but when the cousin arrives, she is sullen and mean. the girl’s family is very close and happy, the mom bakes bread, they play croquet in the yard. the cousin likes to show off and prove she’s better than everyone else, but she eventually runs away out of jealousy and sadness that her own family has fallen apart. the police find her and she is returned, and hopes that running away will bring her parents back together. anyone?? thanks!

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