Cliquey Pizza 3 – 80’s Young Adult Books – A-Z – A Authors – C.S. Adler , Joan Aiken , Patricia Aks, Lloyd Alexander, Mary Anderson , Judie Angell, Fran Arrick , Sandy Asher and more!


* Cat man’s Daughter
* Shelter on Blue Barns Road
*Goodbye Pink Pig

In our House Scott is my brother - C.s
* In our House Scott is my Brother

Always and Forever Friends - C.S
*Always and Forever Friends
*Some Other Summer
*Mismatched Summer
*Help Pink Pig
*The Lump in the Middle

The Magic of the Glits - C.S
*The Magic of the Glits
*Carly’s Buck
*Shadows on Little Reef Bay
*Roadside Valentine
*If you Need Me
*Fly Free
*The Evidence that Wasn’t There

Binding Ties - C
*Binding Ties
*Down by the River
* Get Lost Little Brother
* The Silver Coach

Split Sisters C.S
*Split Sisters
* Kiss the Clown
* Once in a while Hero
* The Cat that was left behind

Queen of the supernatural – here’s her awesomely organized website link <A HREF= “”>CLICK HERE</A>
* The Wolves of Willoughby Chase – Wolves series book 1
* A Whisper in the Night – Thirteen stories
*Dido And Pa
* A Bundle of Nerves – short stories

The Shadow Guests - Joan Aiken
* The Shadow Guests
* Foul Matter
* If I were You
* Return to Harken House 

Night Fall - Joan Aiken 

* Nightfall
* Blackground
* Return to Harken House                                                                                                                * Haunting Christmas Tales                                                                                                                                          
* If I were You                                                                                                                                       
( She’s got oodles more books this is just a sample! )

With a handful of standalones – Patricia made the rounds on the romance series circuit writing some exceptional stories
* Junior Prom – Wildfire
* Senior Prom – Wildfire
*The Two Worlds of Jill – Wishing Star
* Who Needs a Stepsister – Wishing Star
* Three weeks of Love – First Love from Silhouette
* Change of Hearts – Two by Two series
* The Club & it’s sequel – A Friend for Keeps
* Starting Over – Cheerleaders

Patricia Aks - No More Candy
* No More Candy

Patricia Aks - You don't have to be a perfect girl
* You don’t Have to be a Perfect Girl

A Dreamboy for Katie - Patricia Aks
* A Dreamboy for Katie

Lisa's Choice - Patricia Aks
* Lisa’s choice
* Love Knots
* Impossible Love
* A New Kind of Love

Series author for both teens and woman
* A Song For Mandy – Magic Moments

Katie - Dawn Aldridge
* Katie

    The Chronicles of Prydain
* The Book of Three
* The Black Cauldron

* The Castle of Llyr
* Taran Wanderer
* The High Kind
* The Foundling and other tales from Prydain ( all from the 60’s

    The Westmark Trilogy
* The Kestrel
* The Beggar Queen

    The Vesper Holly Series
* The Illyrian Adventure
* The El Dorado Adventure
* The Drackenberg Adventure
* The Jedera Adventure
* The Philadelphia Adventure
* The Xanadu Adventure ( 2005 )


Call me Friday the 13th lousie bates ames
*Call me Friday the 13th


 The Journey of the Shadow Bairns - Margaret J                                                                                                           *Journey of the Shadow Bairns
* In the Keep of Time
* Searching for Shona
* In the Circle of Time

– An author who wrote a couple of books under the umbrella of  Willowisp press
* You’re really a model now

Nothing to Cheer about - Marcie Anderson
* Nothing to Cheer about


The Bridesmaid wears Track Shoes - Marilyn D                                                                                          
* The Bridesmaid wears Track Shoes

* I’m Nobody who are you
*Step on a Crack

The Rise and Fall of a Teenage Wacko - Mary Anderson
* The Rise and fall of a teenage Wacko
* R.I.S.K. – Escapade series

mary anderson tune in tommorow
* Tune in Tommorow
* Catch me I’m Falling in love
*You can’t get There from Here

Do you call that a Dream Date - Mary Anderson
* Do you call that a Dream Date
* That’s not my Style
* Who says Nobody’s Perfect?


Castle Crespin - Allen Andrews
* Castle Crespin

The Pig Plantetariut - Allen Andrews
* The Pig Plantagenet


Judie angell - dear lola
* Dear Lola

judie angell - don't rent my room
* Don’t Rent My Room

judie angell - leave the cooking to me
* Leave the Cooking to Me

judie angell - ronnie and rosey - 2
* Ronnie and Rosey

judie angell - a word from my sponsor 2
* A Word from our Sponsor , or my friend Alfred
Judie angell - in the summertime it's tuffy

* In Summertime It’s Tuffy

judie angell - secret selves
* Secret Selves
* What’s Best For You
* The Buffulo Nickle Blues Band
* The Weird Disappearance of Jordan Hall

judie angell - tina gogo 
* Tina Gogo

judie angell - one way to ansonia
* One Way to Ansonia
* Your’s truly A novel

Judie angell - first the good news
* First the Good News

*The Original Preppy Joke book
*Zorro Rides again
* Zorro and the Pirate Raiders

d.j. arneson - sometimes in the dead of night
* Sometimes in the Dead of Night
* The Most famous Ghost of all and other stories 

d.j. arneson - the haunted planet                                                          
*The Haunted Planet

* Chernowitz

* God’s Radar

Nice girl from a Good Home - Fran Arrick
* Nice Girl from a Good Home

Steffie Can't come out to Play - Fran Arrick
* Steffie can’t come out to Play

fran arrick tunnel vision 
* Tunnel Vision

* Things are seldom What they Seem

Just Like Jenny - Sandy Asher
* Just Like Jenny
* Mary in the Middle – Ballet One series (3)
* Pat’s Promise – Ballet One Series ( 2)

Summer Smith Begins - Sandy Asher
* Summer Smith Begins

Daughters of the Law - Sandy Asher
* Daughters of the Law

* Everything is Not Enough
* Missing Pieces
* Can David Do It – Ballet One Series (4 )
* Best Friends Get Better – Ballet One ( 1 )

* Running Scared
* Dinner ladies Don’t Count – Short Stories
* Break in the Sun

bernard ashley terry on the fence
* Terry on the Fence

* I won’t Leave you – Lifelines ( under Willowisp )

Watch out Here's Casey - Victoria Althoff 
* Watch out Here’s Casey – Willowisp
* Key to my Heart – Willowisp
* Just Call Me – Willowisp
* Summer Break – Willowisp

* Reckless Heart – Dawn of Love
* Promise Forever – Dawn of love

* Vampires , Spies and Alien beings ( Which way #2 )
* Invasion of the black slime and other tales of horror ( Which way # )
* Spell of the Black Raven ( which way )
* Creatures of the Dark ( Which Way )
* Castle of No Return ( Which Way )
* Lost in a Strange Land ( Which Way )
* The Curse of the Sunken Treasure ( Which Way )
*The Visitor from Outer Space ( Which Way )
* Ten Ton Monster ( Which Way )
* Islands of Terror ( Which way )
* Trapped in the Black Box ( Which Way )

Famous and Rich - R.G                                                                    * Famous and Rich ( Which Way )


The Preppie Problem - Stephanie Austin   
* The Preppy Problem

* Who stole the Wizard of Oz
* Sometimes I think I hear My Name
* Shadrach’s Crossing
* Man From the Sky
* Night Journeys
* S.O.R Losers
* Bright Shadow
* Wolf Rider
* Romeo and Juliet alive and together at last
* The Man Who was Poe
* The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


8 responses to “Cliquey Pizza 3 – 80’s Young Adult Books – A-Z – A Authors – C.S. Adler , Joan Aiken , Patricia Aks, Lloyd Alexander, Mary Anderson , Judie Angell, Fran Arrick , Sandy Asher and more!

  1. Oh, my gosh. You totally deserve the Bat in Bunk Five Award as well as invitations to Pearl sorority and the Zodiac Club for tracking all this down. Mary Anderson’s Rise and Fall of a Teenage Wacko was something I have been trying to find for a long time. Recent purchases I have tracked down are The Great Lakeside High Experiment (Neil Selden) and The Princess Routine by Tonya Wood. Thanks for your posts!

  2. Pingback: Those ’80′s Teen Books « Mindy Hardwick – The Magical Writer

  3. I have just wasted too much time looking through this. Found books I remembered, ones I have been trying to find, and ones I totally forgot about.

    I love you

  4. Ohh I am desperate… am trying to find (and remember I book I read in the ’80’s about a teenage girl that didn’t know she came from a long line of witches (the good sort) and it was about how she had to learn to develop her skills to fight evil. Along the way she interacts with a mysterious young man who teachers other things along the way. I remember one particular scene where she had to take a bath to ‘meditate’ . Can anyone else remember this??

    • It’s The Spellkey by Ann Downer, I believe. I loved that book (technically a series, but that one was amazing).

  5. Just like Jenny by Sandy Asher! I LOOVED that book. I took ballet as a kid although I wasn’t great at it I always liked it so this book resonated with me a bit.

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