CLIQUEY PIZZA 3 80’s Young Adult Books – A-Z Guide – the C Authors – Jamie Callan , Patricia Calvert , Sylvia Cassedy , Beverly Cleary , Barbara Cohen , James Lincoln Collier , Hila Colman , Ellen Conford , Caroline B Cooney and More!


The Young and the Soapy - Jamie Callan 
* The Young and the Soapy

Publisher – New American Library – a.k.a Signet – date : 1984 – Kooky tale about a pair of soap opera loving best friends who decided to intervene on their favorite soap via kidnapping an actress when they don’t like the new plot twists.

Over the Hill at Fourteen - Jamie Callan 
* Over the Hill at Fourteen

Publisher – Signet. Date : 1982


At fourteen, Sylvia Eisenstein’s beautiful long auburn hair and gorgeous eyes have earned her a place as a highly paid model, seen in countless magazine ads as the Miss Nature Coconut Creme Rinse Shampoo and Conditioner girl. She’s a brat and she knows it, but she’s also sitting on top of the world, so she really doesn’t care. Yes, Sylvia’s got it all – looks, fame, even a boy who’s crazy about her. Then beautiful, sexy, twelve-year-old Tammy turns up in front of the photographer’s camera, and suddenly Sylvia is wondering if she’s all washed up. Desperate, she tries to dream up something really spectacular to help her career, only to discover that sometimes spectacular isn’t the way to go. Sometimes it’s better just to be yourself…

Just too Cool - Jamie Callan
* Just Too Cool

* Picking up the Pieces

Publisher – Atheneum. Date : 1993

Determined to help Megan get on with life after a recent motorcycle accident has left her confined to a wheelchair, her family rents the lake cottage where they’ve always vacationed. Equally determined to resist the attractions of the cottage she once had loved, Megan goes reluctantly to the lake, knowing that nothing this summer can ever be the same as it used to be.
Megan’s struggles — both physical and emotional — are poignantly drawn and echoed in her budding relationship with a boy whose grandmother an aging actress has become an alcholic to deal with the changes in her life.
* Snowbird

Publisher – Signet. Date : 1982 – OOP

Following the murder of her parents Willanna faces an uncertain future as she and her younger brother move from Tennessee in 1883 to the Dakota Territory where she trains her first horse.

The Stone Pony - Patricia Calvert
* The Stone Pony

Publisher – Signet. Date: 1983

It just wasn’t fair… — Mom and Ashleigh, Dad and JoBeth, that was the way it was supposed to be. But Ashleigh was dead now and nothing would ever be the same. Pretty, popular with boys, and a championship rider, her sister Ashleigh had been JoBeth’s opposite in every way. JoBeth was scared stiff of both boys and horses, and was happiest when she was helping out her museum director father by trying to solve such puzzles as the meaning of the symbols on the museum’s ancient stone pony statuette. Yet, suddenly being the smare daughter didn’t seem so important anymore.
Maybe that was why JoBeth decided to bike out to the stables. She told herself that she owed it to Ashleigh to make sure her horse was okay. Just one look and that would be it. But JoBeth hadn’t reckoned on Luke, the club’s stable boy – secretive, lonely Luke – who offered to show her how to ride, and by helping JoBeth lose her fear of horses, helped her overcome her fear of living too.

The Hour of the Wolf - Patricia Calvert 
* The Hour of the Wolf

Publisher – Signet. Date : 1985

Following his suicide attempt 17 year old Jake,  a loner and a loser who has never lived up to his father’s expectations, is sent to Alaska, where he subsequently enters the annual thousand-mile-long Iditarod Trail Race from Anchorage to Nome in memory of his Athabascan Indian friend who dies.

 When Morning Comes - Patricia Calvert
* When Morning Comes

Publisher – Avon Flare. Date : 1992

Uneven story about 15 year old runaway Cathleen Kincaid ( Cat ) , who is  placed into an unconventional foster home of middle aged Annie Bowen , a bee keeper. The thought of living in the country has Cat running back to the city , but finding no help from her equally wayward ‘friends’ or her mother who is more involved in her latest boyfriend, she returns to Bowen’s farm. Unfortunately Cat’s transformation into a worthwhile character is too long coming.

Stranger You and I - Patricia Calvert
*Stranger you and I

Publisher – Avon Flare. Date : 1988

Middle child Hughie McBride feels invisible , until he comes to the aid of childhood friend Zee , who confides she is pregnant by rich boy Jordie , boyfriend of Melissa ( the girl Hughie has a crush on. ) Helping Zee through her pregnancy , he also learns he is a more important role in his family than he ever imagined when a series of crisis cause him to take charge.

Yesterday's Daughter - Patricia Calvert
* Yesterday’s Daughter

Publisher – Avon Flare. Date : 1988

16 year old Leenie has been harbouring a lot of anger towards the mother who abandoned her as a young teen to be raised with Leenie’s maternal Grandmother.  Things become more complicated when her mother Mary Alice has come back into her life and now wants a relationship with her daughter. Helping to dissolve some of her anger and stirring up longings that Leenie has been trying to supress ( in order not to make the same mistake as her mother ) is Axel a handsome photographer.


A Room made of Windows -Eleanor Cameron 
* A room Made of Windows

Publisher – Little Brown books for Young Readers. Date : 1972

12 year old Julia Redfern longs to be a writer and records all the quirky , lively goings on around her in a notebook entitled – Book of Strangeness.  Lyrical with a host of believable characters.

Beyond Silence - Eleanor Cameron
* Beyond Silence

Publisher – Laurel Leaf. Date : 1985

Mixes time travel family with drama. Troubled by nightmares after the death of his brother , Andrew accompanies his father to the family castle in Scotland where he is plunged into encounters with relatives from the past.

The Terrible Churnadryne - Eleanor Cameron
* The Terrible Churnadryne

Publisher – Pocket. Date : 1972 ( original published date – 1959 )

When Tom and Jennifer see a mysterious shape on San Lorenzo mountain, they decide it is a monster known as the churnadryne
* That Julia Redfern , Julia’s Magic , Julia and the Hand of God ( futher adventures of Julie Redfern from a Room Made of Windows )
* The Court of the Stone Children

Publisher – Puffin. Date : 1990

Another blend of Fantasy and drama. Lonely Nina is enlisted by a young ghost Domi to help clear her fathers name. She is haunting a museum that features an odd time link with a Napoleanic time period created from all the objects that came from an old French castle.
* To the Green Mountains

Publisher –  Date :
A young girl growing up in a small midwestern town where her mother runs a hotel has recurring dreams of a much longed for home. 

                                          MEG CAMERON 
* Dawn of Love series

* Mystery at fire Island

Why not Join the Giraffes -Hope Campbell
* Why not join the Giraffes 1968 but dell
* The Peak Beneath the Moon

Looking for Hamlet a haunting at Deeping Lake Hope Campbell
* Looking for Hamlet a haunting at deeping lake

    A.E. CANNON 
* Amazing Gracie – 1993
* Cal Cameron by Day Spiderman By night

* It’s never Easy

* Jenny Dean Mystery sci-fi series
* Dragon books series

* Mao
* Children of the Book
* Bury the Dead
* The Black Lamp


Behind the Attic Wall - Sylvia Cassedy
* Behind the Attic Wall

* The Chocolate Touch
* John Midas in Dreamtime – sequel to chocolate touch

    – Like Beverly Cleary she is a vintage author whose books get reprinted
* Banner year
* Ruffles and Drums
* Angel on Skies
* Stamp Twice for Murder
* Mystery in the museum – 1972

Going on Sixteen - Betty Cavanna
* Going on sixteen
* Romance on Trial
* Storm in her heart

* Diana Winthrop series


The Bronze King - Suzy McKee Charnas 
* The Bronze King
* The Silver Glove
* The Golden Thread – Sorcery Hall trilogy

* The Beggar’s Curse


Gom on Windy Mountain - Grace Chetwin
* Gom on Windy Mountain – from Gom series , The Star Stone there are 9 books in the series

The crystal stair grace chetwin hardcover
* The Crystal Stair

Collidiscope - Grace Chetwin
* Collidescope
*The Atheling
* Box and Cox
* Friend in Time

All Hallow's Eve - Grace Chetwin
* On all Hallow’s eve
* The Riddle and the rune


The Wishing Tree - Ruth Chew
* The Wishing Tree
* The Witch’s Buttons
* The Trouble with Magic
* No such thing as A Witch
* Mostly Magic
* Witch’s broom

Second hand magic ruth chew
* Second Hand Magic
* The Witch and the Ring
* Second Hand Magic
* Mini bike Hero
* The Witch’s Garden
* Earthstar Magic

Magic in the Park ruth chew
* Magic in the Park
* Do it Yourself Magic
* Summer Magic
* Wrong way around Magic
* The would be Witch

* A hero ain’t nothing but a Sandwich
* Those Other People
* Rainbow Jordon – she’s too brave to be a child to scared to be a woman


A Small Pleasure - Cb Christiansen
* Small Pleasure


The bionic banana linda and richard churchill
* The Bionic Banana – 80’s jokes book
* Optical Illusion Tricks and Toys
* Other paper toy books

* Msytery Horse & King of the Wind – horse books
* Freedom Crossing

The Boy from UFO - Margaret Goff Clark
* The Boy from UFO
* Barney in Space
* Barney on Mars
* The Latch-key Mystery

* Shogun
* Thrump-o-moto

* Ramona books – Ramona Quimby age 8 , Ramona the pest , Ramona and her Father , Ramona
    and her mother , Ramona and Beezus , Ramona the Brave , Henry and Ramona,
    Henry and Beezus , Henry and the Clubhouse , Henry and Ribsy
* Emily’s runaway Imagination
* Two dog Biscuits
* Ribsy
* Henry Huggins
* Socks
* Ellen Tebbits

Ralph s mouse Beverly Cleary
* Ralph s. Mouse

Runaway Ralph - Beverly Cleary
* Runaway Ralph

The Mouse and the Motorcyle - Beverly Cleary
* The Mouse and the Motorcycle
* Dear Mr. Henshaw

Jean and Johnny Beverly Cleary
* Jean and Johnny

Fifteen - Beverly Cleary
* Fifteen

The Luckiest Girl - Beverly Cleary
* The Luckiest Girl

Sister of the Bride - Beverly Cleary

*Sister of the Bride

    Sally Clifford

    LUCILLE CLIFTON                                                 * The Lucky Stone
* The Times they used to Be

* The Trolley Car Family
* The Get away Car
* Horatio
* Leave Horatio Alone
* Horatio’s Birthday

* Queen for A Day
* Roses

The Orphan Game - Barbara Cohen
* The Orphan Game

Coasting - Barbara Cohen 
* Coasting

Molly's Pilgrim - Barbara cohen  
* Molly’s Pilgrim
* The Christmas Revolution

R My name is rosie - Barbara cohen
* R My name is Rosie
* I am Joseph
* Binding Isaak

    Authors specializing in historical books based around wars.

Winter Hero James Lincoln Collier Christopher Collier
*The Winter Hero
* The Bloody Country
*Jump Ship to Freedom – Arabus Saga

War Comes to Willy Freeman James Lincoln Collier 
* War Comes to Willy Freeman – Arabus saga
* Who is Carrie – Arabus saga

When the stars begin to fall - James Lincoln Collier
* When the Stars Begin to Fall  – without Chris
* Outside Looking in – without Chris
* Making Music for Money – without Chris

Planet out of the Past - James Lincoln Collier

* Planet out of the Past
* Accident

Diary of a Frantic Kid Sister - Hila Colman
* Diary of a Frantic Kid Sister

Rich and Famous like my Mom - Hila Colman
* Rich and famous like My Mom
* What’s the Matter with the Dobson’s

Claudia Where are you - Hila Colman
* Claudia Where are You?

Girl Meets Boy - Hila Colman
* Girl Meets Boy

Weekend Sisters - Hila Colman 
* Weekend Sisters

Not for Love - Hila Colman
* Not For Love
* Hanging On

Don't tell me that You Love me - Hila Colman - Lori Loughlin on cover
* Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

The Double Life of Angela Jones - Hila Colman
* The Double Life of Angela Jones
* Remind me not To Fall in Love

Nobody has to be a kid forever - sequel to diary - hila colman 
* Nobody has to be a Kid forever – Sequel to Diary
* Happily Ever after
* Mixed Marriage Daughter
* Ellie’s Inheritance
* Suddenly

Just the Two of Us - Hila Colman
* Just the Two of Us
* A Fragile Love
* Bride at Eighteen
* Sometimes I don’t Love my Mother
* Confession of a Storyteller
* Tell me No Lies
* Triangle of Love


The Revenge of the incredible Dr rancid Ellen Conford
*The Revenge of the Incredible Dr. Rancid and his youthful assistant Jeffery

Why Me - Ellen Conford 
* Why Me
* Hail Hail Camp Timberwood

If this is Love I'll Take Spaghetti - Ellen Conford
* If this is Love I’ll Take Spaghetti

A Royal Pain - Ellen Conford
* A Royal Pain

* Anything for a Friend

The Luck of Pokey Bloom - Ellen Conford
* The Luck of Pokey Bloom

You Never Can Tell - Ellen Conford 
* You Never Can Tell

Seven Days to a Brand new me - Ellen Conford
* Seven Days to a Brand New Me

Dear Lovey Hart I am Desperate
* Dear Lovey Hart I am Desperate
* And this is Laura
* Dreams of Victory
* The Alfred G. Graebner Memorial High school handbook of rules and Regulations
* We interrupt this semester for an important bulletin

to all my fans with love - ellen conford 
* To all My Fans With love , from Sylvie

Lenny Kandell, Smart Alek - Ellen Conford
* Lenny Kendall Smart Aleck

Me and the Terrible two - Ellen Conford
* Me and the Terrible Two
* Felicia the Critic
* Strictly for Laughs

Genie with the light Blue Hair - Ellen Conford 
* Genie with the light blue hair


Holding me Here - Pam Conrad

*Holding Me Here

* Freshman Dorm series
* Totally Hot series
* Class of 88 and 89 series
* Couples series
* Some Sunset High – series

Sweet Sixteen - Linda a cooney
* Sweet Sixteen
* a Moonstone – Deadly Design


Camp Girl meets Boy - Caroline B Cooney
* Camp Girl Meets Boy
* Camp Reunion
* Dance Books series –
* several Wildfire romance
* some Follow your Heart interactives

The Rah Rah Girl - Caroline B Cooney
* The Rah Rah Girl
* Don’t Blame the Music
* The Party’s Over

I'm not you're other half -Caroline B Cooney
* I’m not your other Half
*The Face on the Milk Carton

* The Night Walkers
* Mystery Madness

Isle of the shapeshifters - Otto Coontz
* Isle of the Shapeshifters
* Hornswoggle Magic

    M.E. COOPER 
* Couples series writer or umbrella author


The Dark is rising - Susan Cooper 
* The Dark is rising series – Oversea under Stone , The Dark is Rising , Greenwitch , The Grey King , Silver on the Tree ,
* Seaward
* Dawn of Fear


The private ward of Lillian Adams - Barbara Corcoran
* The Private War of Lillian Adams

Making It - Barbara Corcoran 
* Makin it

The Potato Kid - Barbara Corcoran
* The Potato Kid

Who am I anyway - Barbara Corcoran 
* Who am I anyway

Allegro Born Allegro dead - Barbara Corcoran
* Allegro Born , Allegro Dead
* Love is not Enough
* Hey that’s My soul you’re stomping On
* A Moonstone series book

A Watery Grave - Barbara Corcoran 
* A Watery Grave

Face the Music - Barbara Corcoran
* Face the Music
* By the Silvery Moon

Strike - Barbara Corcoran 
* Strike
* Ask for Love and they Give you Rice Pudding
* The Winds of Time
* Stay Tuned

Mystery on Ice Barbara Corcoran

*Mystery on Ice

The Person in the potting shed - Barbara corcoran
* The Person in the Potting shed                                                 * August Die she Must
* The Hideaway
* Rising Damp
* The Lifestyle of Robie Tuckerman
* A Dance to Still Music                                                                   


I am the cheese - Robert Cormier
* I am the Cheese
* The Chocolate War
* Beyond the Chocolate War
* The Bumblebee Flies anway
* After the First Death

Fade - Robert Comier 
* Fade

* Camp Haunted Hills #1 #2 #3
* a Dark Forces book

My Teacher Glows in the Dark - Bruce Coville

My teacher flunked the planet - Bruce coville

My teacher is an alien - Bruce Coville
* My Teacher series – My Teacher is an Alien , My Teacher Glows in the Dark
, My Teacher flunked the Planet , My Teacher Fried My Brains

The Monsters Ring - Bruce Coville
* The Monsters Ring – the beginning of the Magic Shop series


The Mystery at Peacock Place - Mf Craig
* The Mystery at Peacock Place


I heard the owl call my name Margaret Craven
* I heard the Owl call my name
* Again calls the Owl


Children of the River - Linda Crew
* Children of the River

* The Demon Headmaster series
* Born of the Sun
* On The Edge
* Swimathon
* Roscoe’s Leap
* A Map of Nowhere
* Wolf
* The Monster from Underground
* Twin and Super Twin
* The Minty-glo Kid
* The Dark Behind the Curtain
* Chartbreak
* Revolt at Ratcliff Rags

the dark behind the curtain - Gillian Cross

* The Dark Behind the Curtain


Running Loose Chris Crutcher
* Running Loose
* Stotan!
* The Crazy Horse Electric Game
* Chinese Handcuffs
* Athletic Shorts
* The Deep End


The Lotus Cup - Jane Louise Curry
* The Lotus Cup
* Me Myself and I

Parsley sage rosemary and time - Jane Curry
* Parsely Sage , Rosemary and Time

The Big Smith Snatch - Jane Louise Curry 
* The Big smith snatch
* Back in Beforetime
* Ghost Lane
* What the Dickens
* The Magical Cupboard

The Mysterious Shrinking house - Jane Louis Curry
* Mindy’s Mysterious Miniature
* The Great Flood Mystery
* Twilight series book – Evil on the Bayou
* Lifeguard
* Trick or Treat
* April Fools
* Scarecrow
* Teacher’s Pet
* lots more Point Horrors


The Trouble with Soap - Margery Cuyler

* The Trouble with Soap


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  1. Do you want us to email you some of the missing covers if we have them?

    • Hi, I would love it! All the Cliquey Pizza sites are as much for me as anyone out there and any help would be greatly appreciated! My goal is to catalog the 80’s in ya fiction and some of the pop culture that helped mold it. For me it’s one of the most relevant turning points in young adult fiction not just in stories and authors but in cover art work ( packaging ) as their was never such a surge and publishers seemed to knock themselves out trying to out do the competition.

  2. “Rainbow Jordan” was one of my favorite books ever! I still remember a line from it! 🙂

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! By browsing just the first two pages of your wonderful list I managed to identify two books that I loved as a girl. One of them I had actually been looking for but couldn’t remember the title. I’ve now located them at Amazon and should have them by Halloween. Thank you again!

  4. ELLEN CONFORD!! I had totally forgotten about her books and gasped out loud when I saw the covers! Your site is AMAZING, thank you so much!!

  5. Chris Crutcher did a book called Scars about a burned girl befriending a fat boy. I loved it.

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