80’s young adult books – A-Z Guide – the D authors – Roald Dahl , Karle Dickerson , Lois Duncan , Paula Danziger , Barthe DeClements ,Susan Dodson and More

         ROALD DAHL

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - roald dahl

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl - uk edition

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Bantam skylark edition
*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
* Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
* Fantastic Mr. Fox
* James and the Giant Peach
* Danny Champion of the World
* The Twits
* George’s Marvelous Medicine
* The BFG
* The Witches
* Matilda
* The Enormous Crocodile
* The Giraffe and Pelly and Me


Acts of Love - Maureen Daly
* Acts of Love
First a Dream - Maureen Daly

* First a Dream
* Seventeenth Summer



Zucchini - Barbara Dana
* Zucchini

Zucchini out west - Barbara dana

* Zucchini out west

Crazy Eights - Barbara Dana
* Crazy Eights

Necessary Parties - Barbara Dana
* Necessary Parties                                                                                                             



The Cat Ate my Gymsuit - Paula Danziger

The Cat that Ate my Gymsuit Paula Danziger - Dell Yearling
* The Cat ate my Gymsuit

There's a bat in bunk five paula danziger
* There’s a Bat in Bunk five

The Pistachio Prescription - Paula Danziger
* The Pistachio Prescription
this place has no atmosphere - paula Danziger -

* This Place has no Atmosphere

Can you sue your parents for malpractice - Paula Danziger
* Can you sue Your Parents for Malpractice

the divorce express - paula danziger
* The Divorce Express

Remember Me To Harold Square - Paula Danziger
* Remember Me to Harold Square
* Thames doesn’t rhyme with James
Everyone Else's Parents said Yes - Paula Danziger

* Everyone Else’s parents said yes

EarthTo Matthew - Paula Danziger

*Earth to Matthew
* Amber Brown series

           MARY S. DAVIDSON

         GIBBS DAVIS
* Swann Song
* Maud Flies Solo

          JENNY DAVIS  
* Goodbye and keep Cold

          LESLIE DAVIS
* 3 Cheerleaders books

Yearbook Melissa Davis

* Yearbook
Yearbook 2 - Melissa Davis

* Yearbook 2


The Door in the Wall - Marguerite De Angeli
* The Door in the Wall

* A Time to Dance

Maggie Adams Dancer -Karen Strickler Dean
* Maggie Adams Dancer series – Between Dances , Maggie Adams Dancer , Stay on your Toes
Maggie Adams
* Cammy Takes A Bow
* Marianna


Seventeen and inbetween Barthe Declements

Nothings Fair in Fifth Grade Barthe DeClements

How do you lose those nineth grade blues

Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You - Barthe DeClements
* Elsie Series – Nothings Fair in Fifth Grade , Sixth Grade can really Kill You , Seventeen and in-between , How do you Lose those Ninth Grade Blues , Fourth Grade Wizards
* Five Finger Discount
* Double Trouble
No Place for Me - Barthe DeClements

* No Place for Me

Breaking Out Barthe Declements
* Breaking Out

I never asked you to understand me - Barthe De Clements

* I never Asked you to Understand Me

* The Easter Cat
* The Wheel on the School


Two Blocks Down - Jina Delton
* Two Blocks Down


Best Friend Blues - Karle Dickerson
* Best Friend Blues – Willowisp

Breaking all the rules - Karle Dickison

* Breaking All the Rules – Willowisp

Step Monsters - Karle Dickerson
* Step Monsters – Willowisp

Now That Andie's Gone - Karle Dickerson
* Now that Andi’s Gone – Willowisp

* The Gift
healer peter dickinson

* Healer
* Tulku
* Eva
* AK


Best Friends Tell the Best Lies - Carol Dines
* Best Friends Tell the Best Lies


Why Me the story of Jenny Patricia Dizenzo

* Why Me? The Story of Jenny


* Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
* Mary Anne

* Eye of the Storm – Crosswinds series

have you seen this girl susan dodson
* Have you Seen This Girl

The Creep Susan Dodson
* The Creep

shadows across the sand - susan dodson
* Shadows across the sand


Tut's Mummy -Judy Donnelly
* Non fiction step into reading series books – Tut’s Mummy Lost and Found , The Titanic , Who shot the President



Can I get there by Candlelight - Jean Slaughter Doty
* Can I get there by Candlelight?
* If Wishes Were Horses
* Dark Horse
* The Crumb
* Yesterday’s Horses
* Valley of the Ponies
* Monday Horses

    PAMELA DRYDEN ( pseudonym )

Mask for My Heart Pamela Dryden
* Mask for my Heart

* Young Wizard series – So you want to be a wizard , Deep Wizardry , High Wizardry etc.


The Toothpaste Genie - Sandy Frances Duncan
* Toothpaste Genie

Listen to me Grace Kelly - Sandy Frances Duncan
* Listen to Me Grace Kelly 

* I know what you did Last Summer
Down a Dark Hall - Lois Duncan

* Down a Dark Hall

Summer of Fear Lois Duncan
* Summer of Fear

Killing Mr Griffith - Lois Duncan
* Killing Mr. Griffith

Daughters of Eve Lois Duncan
* Daughters of Eve

Stranger with my Face - Lois Duncan
* Stranger with my Face

The Third Eye Lois Duncan
* The Third Eye

Locked in time lois duncan
* Locked in Time

The Twisted Window Lois Duncan - Laurel

The Twisted Window - Lois Duncan
* The Twisted Window
* Don’t Look Behind You


Practically Seventeen Rosamond Du Jardin
* Practically Seventeen

The House on the Hill - Eileen Dunlop

* The House on the Hill
* Maze Stone

The Valley of Deer - Eileen Dunlop
* The Valley of Deer
* Robinsheugh
* Clementina

Foxy Eileen Dunlop


Green Willow - Eileen Dunlop

*Green Willow


Rabbit's Rafferty Gerald Dumas

*Rabbits Rafferty


15 responses to “80’s young adult books – A-Z Guide – the D authors – Roald Dahl , Karle Dickerson , Lois Duncan , Paula Danziger , Barthe DeClements ,Susan Dodson and More

  1. Hooray, hooray, the D’s are up!
    Ah, I remember the Paula Danziger and Lois Duncan covers so well. I particularly love the Cat Ate My Gymsuit one (and what a great title for a book!)

    • Hi , thanks to you I could actually fill in the Lois Duncan covers! As it was I didn’t have many of the vintage ones. When I bought them they were the reprinted black cover editions kinda boring. E page should be up soon, cause it’s not that long. One of my fave covers is the Divorce Express – simply because of the hatch-back in the background! Oh and Breaking all the rules is cool too ,the no parking sign showing her to be quite the rebel! ha!

  2. BTW, have you re-read all of these books since your teens?

    • Not all of them , I don’t have the time! However about a year ago when they were offering fill-a-box for ( I can’t remember if it was – ) 5-20 dollars at a used book store I really loved – but has since closed – I got a huge box and sat down and knocked them off in a week! I couldn’t resist! Unfortunately I didn’t read a lot of non-series fiction when I was a young – and when I did it was stuff that kindof reminds you of series fiction – like Marjorie Sharmats I Saw Him First. I think it was because I was crazy about Archie comics ( the whole continuing characters thing ) Some of it is completely fresh to me – which is definitly fun cause they still have that 80’s feel to them – just recently I read – Marlene the Horror Queen Lila Perl , Fridays by Patricia Lee Gauch and The House of Stairs by William Sleator all really good. Fridays awesome concept and the House of Stair whew! Loved it – wish I had read it as a kid – it might have inspired me to branch out more in my reading habits. I haven’t really run into a lot of Oh I remember that because I still have a lot of the books I remember since childhood and have read them on and off from time to time – though their are a few I’d like to get my hands on and don’t have.

  3. Mieasha Shajuan

    See these books makes me want to cry. I loved Barthe Declements in elementary school

    • She was one of the best! And Elsie was also one of my favorite characters – she had heart , tenacity and it was nice to see a ‘co-star’ overshadow the lead!

  4. Talk about a trip down memory lane. Thanks!

    And maybe you can help me out…. I have been forever trying to track down a book from this era/genre about a girl whose parents are divorcing, and her mom goes off on some weird food-kick. She makes her daughter eat gross stuff like tofu shakes… she packs all kinds of gross lunches. And she’s so embarrassed she eats her lunch under the bleachers alone. Then at the very end, Mom invites a new guy over for dinner, and OMG, she serves good ol’ fashioned meat and potatoes.

    Do you know this one?

  5. Pingback: Blast from the Past! – Young Adult books from the 80′s & 90′s « Kicking Dandelions

  6. Oh, the Beverly Cleary books! Good times. Seeing those covers really brings me back.

    I think you’re doing the world a good deed by posting these things! I must have spent an hour trying to think of the title “Crazy Eights” – found your blog from a link on either goodreads or abebooks (I lost track from all my searching) and when I saw the cover, SEARCH OVER. Thanks!

  7. I’ve got one for you .
    It’s a stand alone book. The title is something like In the eye of the storm, the storm or eye of the hurricane or a close configuration of one of those. It’s about 3 girls lost in the Okefenokee swamp during a hurricane. I remember a scene about one of the girls leaning against a poison sumac tree. It was one of my favorite books but just can not remember the author. Totally love this site it makes me remember what a voracious reader I was as kid. Just wished I kept my books!

  8. Hi! I came across your site while looking for a particular YA book from the 80s-90s and I’m hoping you can help. Don’t remember author or title. It was about a girl around 17 or 18 going to live in Carmel-by-the-sea, California. I believe she got a job doing decorating or the like. I remember a love story in there and for some reason remember her decorating her room with white wicker furniture. HELP!! 🙂 I got the “especially for girls” books back then but don’t think this title was part of it. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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