80’s young adult books – A-Z Guide – the F Authors – Peter Filichia , June Foley , Anne Fine , John D Fitzgerald, Paula Fox and more!


The Rescue - Elizabeth Faucher
* Movie tie in books – Charles in Charge , The Rescue , Adventures in Babysitting , Honey I shrunk the kids


 Love crazy - judy feiffer
* Lovecrazy


The Day the Fifth Grade Disapeered - Terri Fields
* The Day the Fifth Grade Disappeared
* several Sweet Dreams books
* Fourth Graders don’t believe in witches

* Cheerleading ( non fiction )

What's in a Name - Peter Filichia 
* What’s in a Name

Girls can't do it - Peter Filichia
* Girls Can’t do it
* Cute is not a Compliment

Not Just another Pretty Face - Peter Filichia
* Not Just another Pretty Face
* Falling in Love Again  ( a Two By Two series book )

The Most Embarrassing Mother in the World - Peter Filichia
* The Most Embarrassing Mother in the World
* Don’t Mean to be Mean
* A Boy’s Eye View of Girls
* Everything but Tuesday and Sunday

A Matter of Finding the Right Girl - Peter Filichia

* A Matter of Finding the right girl

* The Stone Menagerie
* Round behind the Ice House
* The Granny Project

Madame Doubtfire - Anne Fine
* Madame Doubtfire
* Google-Eyes

Flour Babies Anne Fine
* Flour Babies
* The Book of the Banshee


Tales from Silver Lands - Charles J Finger
* Tales from Silver Lands


The Great Brain - John D Fitzgerald
* The Great Brain series

The Return of the Great Brain - John D Fitzgerald

* The Return of the Great Brain

 The Great Brain Does it Again - John D Fitzgerald

* The Great Brain does it Again

The Great Brain Reforms - John D Fitzgerald

*The Great Brain Reforms

The Great Brain at the Academy - John D Fitzgerald

* The Great Brain at the Academy

Me and My Little Brain - John D Fitzgerald

* Me and My Little Brain
* More Adventures of the Great Brain
* The Great Brain is Back




Harriet the Spy - Louise Fitzhugh

Harriet The Spy - Louise Fitzhugh -  laurel leaf edition
* Harriet the Spy
The Long Secret - Louise Fitzhugh

* The Long Secret

Sport - Louise Fitzhugh
* Sport
* Nobody’s family is Going to Change


* a Moonstone book series


Love by any other Name - June Foley
* Love by Any other Name

It's no Crush I'm in Love - June Foley
* It’s no Crush I’m in Love

Susanna Seigelbaum gives up Guys - June Foley
* Susanna Siegelbaum gives up Guys
* Picture Me. I’m Falling in Love


The Great Ringtail Garbage Caper - Timothy Foote
* The Great Ringtail Garbage Caper


Cry Havoc - James D Forman

* Cry Havoc
* Call Back Yesterday
* The Pumpkin Shell
* Ring the Judas Bell
* Becca’s Story


Race against Time JJ Fortune

* Race against Time series 10 books


With Friends Like These - Liza Fosburgh
* With Friends Like these  ( Could be more of a horror – in the vein of V.C. Andrews )
* Cruise Control
* Bella Arabella
* The Wrong Way Home
* Afternoon Magic
* Mrs. Abercorn and the Bunce Boys
* Summer Lion

* Maurice’s Room

How Many Miles to Babylon - Paula fox
* How Many Miles to Babylon
* One Eyed Cat

The Slave Dancer - Paula Fox
* The Slave Dancer
* The Moonlight Man

The Village by the Sea - Paula Fox 
* The Village by the Sea

The Stone Faced Boy - Paula Fox
* The Stone Faced Boy
* Lily and the Lost Boy
* Monkey Island   

* Lifeguards only beyond this point
* Us against them
* The Throwing Season
Split Image - Michael French

* Split Image
* Circle of Revenge
Pursuit Michael French

* Pursuit


promise not to tell - jane futcher
* Promise not to tell

    J.G. FYSON

Friend Fire and the Dark Wings - J.G. Fyson
* Friend Fire and Dark Wings
* The Three Brothers of Ur
* The Journey of the Eldest Son


9 responses to “80’s young adult books – A-Z Guide – the F Authors – Peter Filichia , June Foley , Anne Fine , John D Fitzgerald, Paula Fox and more!

  1. I love this website. The covers are just how I remembered & it’s helping me remember some of the books I used to read. Cannot wait for the rest of the alphabet!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to get the G page up soon – I’m working on something for Cliquey Pizza 2 and the G’s actually have a lot of authors which made me fall a little behind. I was hoping to get up at least one letter a week!

  2. I will be anxiously awaiting the rest of the alphabet…I have been trying for YEARS to recall the name of a series that I loved reading as a child, and you’re my last hope! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

    • Thanks, are you sure the series you’re looking for isn’t on Cliquey Pizza 2? ….Sorry I slowed down on the alphabet I had an up and down week and it sort of got pushed aside – I’ll try and put on at least three to make up for it if I can – the I page is so minor it will have to be jammed on with another letter.

  3. This website it great! I am looking for one book in particular. It’s about an overweight girl that wears a jean skirt and yellow sweatshirt (along with a ponytail) everyday. There is a popular mean girl who picks on her, but mean girl’s boyfriend is sort of nice. She starts to eat better and exercise and loses the weight. Does this sound familiar? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE and have come up with nothing. Thanks!

    • I’ll look – nothing comes to mind right off but I think from now on I’m going to gather, not just titles and covers but descriptions which will make it so much easier for people to find what they’re looking for ,especially if I can then categorize them under headings like Weight Loss , Summer Camp etc.!

  4. peach, you are suchan inpisration – I l o v e the covers. They are so incredible artful. It’s like you get both the amazing story + the beautiful wrapping. Have you read all these books?! Which ones are your favourites?

    / Born 79 in Sweden

    • Thanks! I have definitely not read all of these books – not even close! I was a huge series fanatic back in the 80’s so most of my reading time was spent either reading – SVH , the Fabulous Five , SVT, the Babysitters Club , Sleepover Friends , Sweet Dreams – or Archie digests! I did however nab the occational non-series books and have sparked up a re-interest in them. My favorite authors were ( are ) Caroline B Cooney who has a great writing style. Choppy and introspective. Norma Fox Mazer – I love her short story books but Mrs. Fish , the Ape and me, the Dump Queen ( it’s been reissued as Crazy Fish ) and Silver are my faves , Holding me Here by Pam Conrad , The house of Stairs by William Sleator , Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy , Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume , Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders , Tucker’s Countryside by George Seldon , the Ramona books or Ralph S Mouse books by Beverly Cleary , The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright
      , The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson , Slim down Camp by Stephen Manes , Secrets of the Shopping Mall by Richard Peck , The Long Secret Louise Fitzhugh , The Things I did for Love by Ellen Conford , The Other side of Dark by Lois Duncan , The Cat that Ate my Gymsuit by Paula Danzinger , Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl , The Girl in the Box & Words by Heart by Ouida Sebestyen – ( this is just a sampling ) if it looks like my tastes are major-lite it’s because that’s the kind I liked to read. If they weren’t suspenseful or didn’t have a touch of humor I generally didn’t read them. Meaning most drama’s were out – However now that I’m older I’m starting to read all the one’s I’ve missed for instance I just read – Phillip Hall likes me I reckon Maybe by Bette Green which was really good – sweet and moving – but something I wouldn’t have read back then. ( That’s why my fave list is short of some of the more classy writers i.e Norma Klien )

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