80’s young adult books A-Z guide – The G Authors

              DONALD R GALLO
* has a selection of books publishing short stories of popular authors – Visions , Connections ,
* and Books for You ( teens )

         WILSON GAGE

The Ghost of Five Owl Farm - Wilson Gage

* The Ghost of Five Owl Farm

             NANCY GARDEN

Four Crossin - Nancy Garden

* Four Crossing

Annie on my Mind - Nancy Garden
* Annie on my Mind
* Weird and Horrible series – Witches , Devils and Demons ,
* Loners
* Maria’s Mountain
* Prisoner of Vampires
* My Sister the Vampire

Four Crossin - Nancy Garden

*Four Crossing


                    JAMES B GARFIELD

* Follow my Leader

                       SHEILA GARRIGUE

Between Friends - Sheila Garrigue
* Between Friends

The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito - Sheila Garrigue
* The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito

All the children were sent away - Sheila Garrigue
* All the Children were Sent Away

                       PATRICIA LEE GAUCH

Fridays Patricia Lee Gauch
* Fridays

Morelli's Game - Patricia Lee Gauch
* Morelli’s Game

Kate Alone - Patricia Lee Gauch
* Kate Alone
* Night Talks
* Dragons on the Road
* Year the Summer Died

               JAN GELMAN
* Follow Your Heart series – Boys Boys Boys , Summer in the Sun , Take A Chance on Love

Marci's Secret Book of Flirting - Jan Gelman
* Marci’s secret book of Flirting
Marci's Secret book of Dating - Jan Gelman

* Marci’s Secret Book of Dating 

* Name a Star for Me
* Even Pretty Girls cry at Night ( Crosswinds series )
* Handsome as Anything

I'd rather think of robby-  merrill joan gerber
* I’d Rather Think about Robby
* I’m Kissing as Fast As I can
* Marry Me Tomorrow
* Also known as Sadzia , Belly dancer

Please Don't Kiss Me Now - Merrill Joan Gerber
* Please don’t Kiss me Now

                      CORINNE GERSON

The Closed Circle Corinne Gerson 
* The Closed Circle

How I put my Mom Through College - Corinne Gerson
* How I put my mother through College
* Passing Through

Tread Softly - Corinne Gerson
* Tread Softly
* Oh Brother

Son for a Day - Corinne Gerson

*Son for a Day
* My Grandfather the spy


Polk Street Series - Patricia Reilly Giff
* Polk Street Series – 26 books

Fourth Grade Celebrity - Patricia Reilly Giff 

* Fourth Grade Celebrity

             MARISA GIOFFRE

Starstruck Marisa Gioffre
* Starstruck

                   JAMIE GILSON
* Harvey the Beer Can Kid

Do Bananas Chew Gum- - Jamie Gilson
* Do Bananas chew Gum?

4 b goes wild - jamie gilson
* 4B goes Wild

Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub - Jamie Gilson
* Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub
* Hobie Hanson You’re Weird
* Double Dog Dare
* Greatest Hero of the Mall

Hello my name is scrambled Eggs - Jamie Gilson
* Hello My Name is Scrambled Eggs
* Dial Leroi Rupert , DJ

Can't Catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man - Jamie Gilson
* Can’t Catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man

                    BARBARA GIRION

Indian Summer
* Indian Summer
* A Handful of Stars
The Chicken Bone Wish - Barbara Girion

* The Chicken Bone Wish

Misty and me - Barbara girion
* Misty and Me
* Like Everybody Else
* A Very Brief Season

* In the Middle of a Rainbow
* Going Places series

               ROBERT S GOLD
– editor of short story collections
* The Roar of the Sneakers
* Points of Departure

              JULIUS GOODMAN

Choose your own adventure - Julius Goodman

CYOA - The Horror of High Ridge - Julius Goodman
* Choose your own adventures – Space Patrol , Treasure Diver , The Magic Path , The Horror of Ridge High

                  BEATRICE GORMLEY

Best Friend Insurance - Beatrice Gormley

Best Friend Insurance 2 - Beatrice Gormley
* Best Friend Insurance
*Mail Order Wings
* Fifth Grade Magic
* The Ghastly Glasses
* Richard and the Vratch
* Paul’s Volcano
* More Fifth Grade Magic
* Wanted UFO
* Sky Guys to White Cats
* Ellie’s Birthstone ring

            EILEEN GOUDGE
* Seniors series
* co creator of Swept Away series

Who Killed Peggy Sue - Eileen Goudge
* Who Killed Peggy Sue? Series

              CYNTHIA D GRANT

kumquat may I'll always love you - cynthia grant
* Kumquat may I’ll always love you

Big Time - Cynthia Grant
* Big Time

              JAN GREENBERG
*Bye Bye Miss American Pie
The iceberg and it's Shadow - Jan Greenberg

* The Iceberg and it’s Shadow

A season of In-Between - Jan Greenberg
* A Season Inbetween

The Pig Out Blues - Jan Greenberg 
* The Pig out Blues

           BETTE GREENE
* Summer of my German Solider

GREENE BETTE , Phillip hall likes me I reckon maybe
* Phillip Hall, likes me I reckon

Them that Glitter and them that Don't - Bette Greene
* Them that Glitter and them that Don’t
* Get on out here Phillip Hall

Morning is a long time coming - Bette Greene
* Morning is a long time coming


Just Plain Al - Constance C Greene
* Al series – A Girl called Al , Just Plain Al , Your old pal Al , Al(exandra ) the Great , Al’s Blind Date
* Beat the Turtle Drum

Isabelle the Itch - Constance C Greene

Isabelle shows her stuff - Constance C Greene

* Isabelle series – Isabelle the itch , Isabelle and Orphan Frannie , Isabelle shows her stuff ,

Star SHine Constance C Greene - dell

Star Shine Constance C Greene
* Star Shine
* Nora Maybe a Ghost Story
* The love letters of J. Timothy Owen
* Monday I love you
* Getting Nowhere
* Just Inbetween

The unmaking of Rabbit  - Constance C Greene
* Unmaking of Rabbit
* Other Plans
* Getting Nowhere
* Good Luck Bogie Hat
* The Ears of Louie

Passing Through - Constance C Greene

*Passing Through

           SHEP GREENE

The Boy who Drank too Much - Shep Greene
* The Boy who Drank too Much

          YVONNE GREEN
* Several Sweet Dreams Books
* The Kelly Blake series

* Valentine Rosy

The Secret Museum Sheila Greenwald
* The Secret Museum
* Will the Real Gertrude Hollings please Stand up?
* The Secret in Miranda’s Closet

Mat Pit and the Tunnel Tenants - Shiela Greenwald
* Mat Pit and the Tunnel Tenants
* All the way to Wit’s End

It all began with jane eyre - sheila greenwald
* It all Began with Jane Eyre
* Alvin Webster’s Surefire Plan to Success and how it Failed
* The Atrocious Two
* Blissful Joy and the Stats – a multiple choice romance

              DIANA GREGORY
* Several Sweet Dreams
* Ghost writer for several Caitlin series books
* a Turning Points book
* The Fog Burns off at 11 O’clock


the handsome man by elissa haden guest
* The Handsome Man

Over the Moon- Elissa Haden Guest
* Over the Moon


Chewing Gum and other Crimes - Sylvia Gunnery 
* Chewing Gum and other Crimes

I'm locker 145 who are you sylvia gunnery
* I’m Locker 145 who are you
We're friends aren't we Sylvia Gunnery

* We’re friends aren’t we

taking sides - Sylvia Gunnery 
*Taking Sides

            ROSA GUY

The Friends Rosa Guy

The FRIENDS - Rosa Guy - 2
* The Friends

the disapearance Rosa Guy
* The disappearance
A Measure of Time Rosa Guy

* A Measure of time
* Ruby
* Edith Jackson


10 responses to “80’s young adult books A-Z guide – The G Authors

  1. Thank you for doing these lists! The Iceberg and it’s Shadow….omg, I loved that book! I still have my copy, though it’s in horrible condition now and the cover is different than the one you have here. I think I may need to re-read this one.

    • Thanks! I kinda love doing them just so I can discover all the great books I missed, even if it is overwhelming. I want to start adding descriptions ( groan! ) the idea was to sort the subjects throughout my so-far stagnate a-z guide – so that under the heading of Summer Camp – you could find a directory of 80’s teen books even 80’s series books to help everyone find the books they’re looking for. Romance would definitely have to be sub-categorized! I’ve never read the Iceberg and It’s shadow but I love it’s tag line – Mindy was the first friend I ever had who scared me. Whoa! Love it! I hope I run into it on one of my book shopping sprees..

  2. I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for doing this. I just love your website. I am having so much fun discovering and re-discovering books from my childhood. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    • Thanks! – hopefully the H page will be up by this Sunday – it’s feels bigger than some of the others so it might be a little longer. I’m going to attempt descriptions, yikes! ( very time consuming! ) but that was the goal.

  3. can’t wait for the H section next. Also, i was wondering if you could help me remember the title of a book. Its about a 12 or 13 year old girl who spends the summer with her family at the beach. Her cousin is dating a much older navy or marine. I can’t for the life of me think of the title of this book. Its something Jellyfish summer or season of the jelly fish.

  4. You are a genius! Thank you so much!

  5. I am looking for a book that has a girl who becomes a ghost after she and her friends crash their car over a cliff from the 1980’s. Anyone remember reading a book like that?

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