Cliquey Pizza 3 80’s Young Adult Books – A-Z Guide – The H Authors – Patricia Hermes , Isabelle Holland , Johanna Hurwitz , Carole and Bruce Hart , Florence Parry Heide , Mary Downing Hahn and much more!


The Secret Life of Dilly McBean - Dorothy Haas
* The Secret Life of Dilly McBean

The Bears Upstairs - Dorothy Haas 

The Bear Upstaris - Dorothy Haas - 2
* The Bears upstairs
* The Peanut Butter and Jelly series books

* Burton’s Zoom Zoom Va-room Machine
* To Catch a Crook

* new Oz adventures

Too Much Trouble - Dorothy Haas
* Too much Trouble ( or Tink in a Tangle )

            JESSIE HAAS

The Sixth sense and other stories - Jessie Haas
* The sixth sense and other stories
* Skipping School
* Keeping Barney


Daphne's Book - Mary Downing Hahn

Daphne Book - Mary Downing Hahn early cover
* Daphne’s Book

The Doll in the Garden - Mary Downing Hahn
* The Doll in the Garden
* Following the Mystery Man that Killed Me In a Dark Alley

December Stillness - Mary Downing Hahn
* December Stillness

Tallahassee Higgins - Mary Downing Hahn
* Tallahassee Higgins 

Stepping on the Cracks - Mary Downing Hahn

* Stepping on the Cracks

Wait till helen Comes - Mary Downing Hahn

* Wait Till Helen Comes

The Sara Summer Mary Downing Hahn
* The Sara Summer

Following the Mystery Man  - Mary Downing Hahn

* Following the Mystery Man

The Time of the Witch - Mary Downing Hahn

* The Time of the Witch

The Spanish Kidnapping Disaster - Mary Downing Hahn

* The Spanish Kidnapping Disaster

The Jellyfish Season - Mary Downing Hahn - Avon

The Jellyfish Season - Mary Downing Hahn_edited-1
* The Jellyfish Season

            SHEILA HAIGH

The Little Gymnest - Sheila Haigh
* The Little Gymnast
* Rival Gymnasts
* Somersaults
* Watch for Smoke
* Watch for the Ghost
* Watch for Danger

             LYNN HALL
( animal books  )
* The Mystery of the Caramel Cat

New day for dragon - Lynn Hall
* New Day for Dragon

The Horse Trader - Lynn Hall
* The Horse Trader
* Windtrader
* The Boy in the Off-White Hat
* Dragon’s Delight
* Ghost of Great River Inn
* The More I see of Men
* Uphill All the Way
* In Trouble Again Zelda Hammersmith
* Half the Battle
* Tazo and Me

Dagmar Schultz and the green eyed monster - Lynn Hall
* Dagmar schultz books – Dagmar Schultz and the green eyed monster , Dagmar Schultz and the powers of darkness , The Secret Life of Dagmar Schultz , and Dagmar Schultz and Angel Edna
* The Shy Ones
* Stray
*Ride a Wild Dream
* The Secret of Stonehouse
* Shadows

A Killing Freeze - Lynn Hall
* A Killing freeze 

The Solitary Lynn Hall

* The Solitary

* If Winter Comes
* Just One Friend
* Here Comes Zelda Claus
* Danger Dog        
* The Something Special Horse
* Ghost of the Great River Inn

             EMILY HALLIN

Risks Emily Hallin_edited-1

* Risks    

* Changes

* Several Crosswinds – Keepsake romances

* Sweet Whispers Brother Rush

M c Higgins the Great - Virginia Hamilton
* M.C. Higgens the Great

The White Romance Virginia Hamilton 
* A White Romance

 The People Could Fly Virginia Hamilton
* The People Could Fly
* Willie Bea and the Time the Martians Landed

The Mystery of Drear house better

* Drear House Series


               JUNE ANDREA HANSON
* Summer of the Stallion

Winter of the owl - June Andrea Hanson
* Winter of the Owl

                 EMILY HANLON
* It’s Too late for Sorry
* Circle Home
* Love is no excuse
* Petersburg

The Swing Emily Hanlon
* The Swing

                   MICHAEL HARDCASTLE
* The Team that wouldn’t give in

Winning Rider - Michael Hardcastle
* Winning rider
* The Shooters
* The Rival Games
* Caught Out
* Hidden Enemy
* Free Kick
* Half a Team
* United
* In the Net
* Away from Home

                   ANNE HARLER

Sarah's Great Idea - Anne Harler
* Treetop tales – Sarah’s Great Idea ,
* Rachel has a secret

New Girl in Town - Anne Harler
* The New Girl in Town

The Witch Switch - Anne Harler
* The Witch switch

               JANICE HARRELL

Andie and the Boys - Janice Harrell

Brace Yourself PJ - Janice Harrell - small
* Andie and the Boys , Dooley Mackenzie is totally weird , Brace Yourself PJ

Wild Times at Westmount High - Janice Harrel
* Wild Times at Westmount high
* Crosswinds & Keepsake & First Love from Silhouette books


                    DOROTHY JOAN HARRIS

Don't Call Me Sugar Baby - Dorothy Joan Harris

* Don’t Call Me Sugar Baby

Even if It kills Me - Dorothy Joan Harris

* Even if it Kills Me

                    GERALDINE HARRIS 

Children of the Wind - Geraldine Harris
* Seven Citadels series – Prince of the godborn , Children of the wind , The Dead Kingdom , The Seventh Gate ,

                        LAVINIA HARRIS

The Computer Detective series

The Great Rip Off - Lavinia Harris
* The Great Rip Off

Soaps in the Afternoon - Lavinia Harris - detective series
* Soaps in the Afternoon

cover up Lavinia Harris
* Cover up

A Touch of Madness - Lavinia Harris

* A Touch Of Madness

* One Windswept series book


                 MARK JONATHAN HARRIS 

Confessions of a Prime Time Kid - Mark Jonathan Harris
* Confessions of a Prime Time Kid
* Solay
* Come the Morning

With a Wave of the Wand - Mark Jonathan Harris
* With a Wave of the Wand
* Long way Home


                  RAY HARRIS

Now You see Them Now You Don't - Ray Harris

* Now You See Them Now You Don’t


                       AVERY HART

9th Grade Outcast - Avery Hart

* 9Th Grade Outcast

              CAROL AND BRUCE HART

Sooner or Later - Bruce and Carole Hart
* Sooner or Later

Waiting Games - Bruce and Carole Hart
* Waiting Games

Cross Your Heart Carole and Bruce Hart
* Cross your Heart

Now or Never - Bruce and Carole Hart
* Now or Never

Breaking up is hard to do -Bruce and Carole Hart
* Breaking Up is Hard to Do

                      JON HASSLER

Four Miles to Pinecone - Jon Hassler
* Four Miles to Pinecone

Jemmy - John Hassler
* Jemmy

                         SUSAN HAVEN

Maybe I'll move to the lost and found - Susan Haven
* Maybe I’ll move to the Lost and Found

Is it them or is it me - Susan Haven
* Is it them or is it me

                            SHEILA HAYES

No Autographs Please - Sheila Hayes

* No Autographs Please

You've been away All Summer - Sheila Hayes

* You’ve Been away All Summer

The Gift Horse - Sheila Hayes

* The Gift Horse

* Me and my Mona Lisa Smile
* Speaking of Snap Dragons

                     BARBARA HAYNES

A Girl Named Sam - Barbara Haynes

* A Girl Named Sam
* 2 First Love From Silhouettes

                      BETSY HAYNES

The Boyfriend Trap - Betsy Haynes

* The Boyfriend Trap

The Great Mom Swap - Betsy Haynes
* The Great Mom Swap
* Slave Girl
* Cowslip

The Great Dad Disaster - Betsy Haynes
* The Great Dad Disaster
* The Taffy series Books
* The Fabulous Five Series
* Faking it ( a Fifteen series book )

* Boy Talk Series ( mid 90’s )


                       JAMES HAYNES
* Voices in the dark ( a Twilight series book )

                  FLORENCE PARRY HEIDE

Time Flies - Florence Parry Heide
* Time Flies

Banana Blitz - Florence Parry Heide
* Banana Blitz

Spotlight club series - Florence Parry Heide
* Spotlight club mysteries – Mystery of the mummy mask , mystery of the melting snowman , mystery of the bookmobile , Mystery at the Keyhole Carnival , Mystery of the Forgotten island, Mystery of the midnight Message ,

Mystery at Southpark Cinema - Florence Parry Heide
* Mystery at Southport Cinema

                         NAT HENTOFF
* Does this school have capital punishment
* The Day they came to arrest the book

This School Is Driving Me Crazy - Nat Hentoff
* This school is driving me Crazy

                       PATRICIA HERMES
* Kevin Corbertt Eats Flies

Nobody's Fault - Patricia Hermes
* Nobody’s Fault

what if they knew patricia hermes
* What if they Knew
* A Place for Jeremy

Friends are Like That - Patricia Hermes - HC

 Friends are like That Patricia Hermes
* Friends are like that
* Heads I win
* I hate Being Gifted
* You Shouldn’t have to Say Goodbye

                   ALISON CRAGIN HERZIG

A Word to the Wise - Alison Cragin Herzig
* A Word to the Wise
* The Ten Speed Babysitter
* Shadows on the Pond
* Mystery on October Road

A season of secrets - alison cragin herzig 
* A Season of Secrets

                     AMY HEST

Maybe Next Year - AMy Hest

* Maybe Next Year

                   E.W. HILDICK

DeadLine for McGurk - EW Hildick
* The McGurk Mysteries series – The Case of the Secret Scribbler, The Case of the Wandering Weathervanes , The Case of the Treetop Treasure , The Case of the Nervous Newsboy , The Case of the Phantom Frog , The Case of the Invisible Dog ( #5 ) , The Case of the Felon’s Fiddle , The Case of the Condemned Cat ( #2 ) , The Case of the Vanishing Ventriloquist, The Case of the Muttering Mummy , The Case of the Weeping Witch , Deadline for McGurk #1 , McGurk gets Good and Mad , The Case of the Snowbound Spy , Case of the Kidnaped Kitten , Case of the Bashful Bankrobber, Case of the Purloined Parrot, The Case of the Slingshot Sniper,
* Manhattan is Missing

A Cat Called Amnesia - EW Hildick
* A Cat Called Amnesia

The Ghost Squad series - EW Hildick

The Ghost Squad and the Menace of the malevs - EW Hildick
* The Ghost Squad series – Breaks through , Halloween Conspiracy , The Ghost Squad Files Concord, the Ghost Squad and the Mystery of Malevs , The Ghost Squad and the Ghoul of Grunberg, The Ghost Squad and the Prowling Hermits ,

The top flight fully automated junior high girl detective - Ew Hildick
* The Top flight fully Automated junior Highschool girl detective

the active enzyme lemon freshened junior high school witch - love the tom wolfe title
* The Active enzyme lemon freshened junior high school witch

* Nose Knows

                     DOUGLAS HILL

Planet of the Warlord - Douglas Hill

Deathwing Over Veyna - Douglas Hill

Galactic Warlord - Douglas Hill
* The Last Legionary series – #1 Galactic Warlord, #2 Deathwing over Veynna ,#4 Planet of the Warlord  #5 Young Legionary , The Last Legionary Quartet ,
* The Colsec Trilogy – , #2Caves of Klydorthe , Exiles of Colsec , Colsec Rebellion

                       MEREDITH HILL
* One Windswept – the Silent Witness
* 3 of the Chrystal falls books

                          B.B. HILLER
* movie tie ins – The Karate Kid , Honey I blew Up the Kid
* Rent a Third Grader
* On the Other Side of the Mirror



Boys are Yucko - Anna Grossnickle Hines

*Boys are Yucko

Cassie Bowen Takes Witch Lessons -Anna Grossnickle Hines

* Cassie Bowen  Takes Witch Lessons

                       NIGEL HINTON
* Buddy
* Collision course
* Buddy’s Song
* Witch’s Revenge

                    S.E. HINTON

The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton
* The Outsiders
* Rumble Fish
* Tex
* That Was Then This Is Now
* Taming the Star Runner

                   RUSSELL HOBAN
* Frances Books – Bread and Jam for Frances etc. ( children’s books )

                         DIANE HOH
* 2 Wildfire Books – Brian’s Girl , Loving that O’Connor Boy

Slow Dance - Diane Hoh
* Slow Dance
* 6 Cheerleader series books

* Point Horrors


                     ISABELLE HOLLAND
* The Man without a Face

Summer of my First Love - Isabelle Holland
* Summer of my First Love

Perdita Isabelle Holland
* Perdita

The House in the Woods - Isabelle Holland
* The House in the Woods
* Love and the Genetic Factor
* The Unfrightened Dark

Of Love and Death and Other Journeys - Isabelle Holland
* Of Love and Death and Other Journeys

Jenny Kissed Me - Isabelle Holland
* Jenny Kiss’d Me

Hitchhike Isabelle Holland
* Hitchhike

Heads you win Tails I lose - Isabelle Holland

Heads You win , Tails I lose - Isabelle Holland
* Heads you Win Tails I lose

Dinah and the Green Fat Kingdom - Isabelle Holland
* Dinah and the Green Fat Kingdom
* Alan and the Animal Kingdom
* Now is not too Late
* Amanda’s Choice


                    BARBARA HOLMES

Charlotte Cheetham - Master of Disaster - Barbara Holmes

*Charlotte Cheetham Master of Disaster

                  MARJORIE HOLMES

Saturday Night tiny - Marjorie Holmes

* Saturday Night
* Sunday Morning
* Senior Trip

Cherry Blossom Princess - Marjorie Holmes
* Cherry Blossom Princess

                     NATALIE HONEYCUTT

Ask Me Something Easy - Natalie Honeycutt

* Ask Me Something Easy

Invisble Lissa

* Invisible Lissa
* Juliet Fisher and the Foolproof Plan
* The All New Jonathan Twist
* The Best Laid Plans of Jonathan Twist

Josie's Beau - Natalie Honeycutt
* Josie’s Beau

                 LEE BENNET HOPKINS

 Mama - Lee Bennet Hopkins_edited-1
* Mama
* Mama and her boys

                   JOANNE HOPPE

* Pretty Penny Farm

Dream Spinner Joanne Hoppe
* Dream Spinner
* April Spell

                   NANCY J. HOPPER

the seven and  sins of Stacey Kendall  nancy j hopper
* The Seven and ½ sins of Stacey Kendall

I was a fifth Grade Zebra - Nancy J Hopper
* I was a fifth Grade Zebra
*The Interrupted education of Huey B
* Secrets
* Whoppers
* Truth or Dare Trap
* Carrie’s Games

Ape Ears and Beaky - Nancy J Hopper
* Ape Ears and Beaky

Rivals - Nancy J Hopper
* Rivals
* The Queen of Put Down
* Wake me when the Band starts Playing
* Hang on Harvey

             FANNY HOWE
* Yeah But

Race of the Radical - Fanny Howe 
* Race of the Radical

             IMOGEN HOWE
* Twilight book #13 –

               JAMES HOWE

Bunnicula - James Howe
* Bunnicula

The Celery Stalks at Midnight - James Howe
* The Celery Stalks at Midnight
Howliday Inn - James Howe

* The Howliday Inn
* Nighty Nightmare
* Return to Howliday Inn
* Bunnicula Strikes Again

               NORMA HOWE
In with the out crowd - Norma Howe

* In with the Out Crowd

                   MONICA HUGHES

Sandwriter - Monica Hughes 
* Sandwriter series – Sandwriter , The Promise

The Tomorrow City - Monica Hughes
* The Tommorow City
* Beyond the Dark River

The Keeper of the Isis Light - Monica Hughes
* Isis series – Keeper of the Isis Light , The Guardian of Isis, The Isis Pedlar,

Ring Rise Ring set - Monica Hughes
* Ring-rise Ring-set
* The Beckoning Lights
* The Treasure of Long Sault
* My Name is Paula Popowitch
* Space Trap
* Series – Arc One – Devil on my back , Dreamcatcher
* Blaine’s Way
* Log Jam
* Spirit River
* The Refuge
* Invitation to the Game
* The Crystal Drop

Hunter in the Dark - Monica Hughes
* Hunter in the Dark ( collection )

                IRENE HUNT

Up a Road Slowly Irene Hunt_edited-1
* Up a Road Slowly

The Lottery Rose - Irene Hunt
* The Lottery Rose
* William

No Promises in the Wind - Irene Hunt
* No Promises in the Wind

Across Five Aprils - Irene Hunt
* Across Five Aprils
* Claws of a Young Century
* Trail of Apple Blossoms


                    JOYCE HUNT

The Four of Us and Victoria CHubb - Joyce Hunt

* The four of Us and Victoria Chubb

Eat Your Heart out Victoria Chubb - Joyce Hunt
* Eat Your Heart out Victoria Chubb


That Scatterbrain Booky - Bernice Thurman Hunter

That Scatterbrain Booky - 2 cover - Bernice Thurman Hunter
* That Scatterbrain Booky

With Love from Booky - Bernice Thurman Hunter
* With Love From Booky
*As Ever Booky
* Lamplighter
* Margaret on her Way
* A Place for Margaret
* Margaret in the Middle
* The Railroader

                    EVAN HUNTER

Me and mr Stenner - Evan Hunter

* Me and Mr. Stenner

              JOHANNA HURWITZ

Tough LUck Karen - Johanna Hurwitz
*Tough luck Karen

Dede Takes Charge - Johanna Hurwitz - 2
* DeDe Takes Charge

* The Law Of Gravity – What goes up Must Come Down

The Hot and cold Summer - Johanna Hurwitz
* The Hot and Cold Summer
* The Down and Up Fall

Hurricane Elaine - Johanna Hurwitz
* Hurricane Elaine

Teacher's Pet - Johanna hurwitz
* Teacher’s Pet

Class Clown - Johanna Hurwitz
* Class Clown

Busybody Nora - Johanna Hurwitz
* Busybody Nora

Class President - Johanna Horwitz 
* Class President

Hurray for Ali Baba Berstein - Joanna hurwitz - better
* Hurray For Ali Baba Bernstein
* The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein
The hot and cold winter - Johanna Hurwitz

* The Cold and Hot Winter
* School Spirit

Nora and Mrs Mind Your Own Business - Johanna Hurwitz
* Nora and Mrs. Mind-your-own-Business
* Much Ado About Aldo

Aldo Applesauce - Johanna Hurwitz

Aldo Applesauce - Johanna Hurwitz_edited-1

* Aldo Applesauce

Aldo Ice Cream - Johanna Hurwitz

* Aldo Ice Cream

Aldo Peanut Butter - Johanna Hurwitz
* Aldo Peanut Butter


6 responses to “Cliquey Pizza 3 80’s Young Adult Books – A-Z Guide – The H Authors – Patricia Hermes , Isabelle Holland , Johanna Hurwitz , Carole and Bruce Hart , Florence Parry Heide , Mary Downing Hahn and much more!

  1. I just found your site a few days ago, & I am simply in awe of your 80s knowledge. YOU ROCK! Also, I owe you soooo much for helping me remember You’ve Been Away All Summer. I’ve been trying to remember it for years, and seeing the cover on this site finally helped me remember the title. On a final note, how hilarious is that cover for Fast Times at West Mount High?!?! Why did the author write “West Mount” as two words? Who was getting mounted at that high school? Scandalous! 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s been a lot of hard work – and I’m eternally grateful to websites like abe. which allows you to search the books via subject , publisher and best of all dates! They made my work a lot easier. When I first started I was nabbing names from the ads in the backs of books! I’m glad you’ve found something you were looking for – I haven’t really bumped into a lot of oh I remember that – I actually kept a lot of my childhood books – now, I’m more going – I missed that! – I’d love to check it out. I never noticed the West Mount High cover – That is some lettering goof! I imagine their was a little snickering in the art department over that one. I always thought that the cover with the sneakiest implication under the guise of the squeaky cleanest image was Sweet Valley High’s # 5 – All Night Long! Even the artwork is in wink-wink mode – Jess in a string bikini held by a guy in a sleazy mustache – ahhh… wasn’t the 80’s wonderful?

  2. Wow, a lot of H’s! Funny, I must have read several Isabelle Holland books when I was a teen/pre-teen, yet I never really ‘registered’ her name. I love the ‘Of Love, Death, and other Journeys’ cover.

    • The only one I recall reading is The house in the Woods which was really good. The H authors felt huge it took forever! The I-K authors were easier – but then some of the authors were more popular thereby there stuff easier to find – like Norma Klein and Gordon Korman – although I wish I could’ve found a better copy of Who’s Bugs Potter I remember the apple edition being blue and Bugs ducking around a corner – the drawn guy was a total fox – the first ‘guy’ book I ever read! Was looking in the backs of books and found more authors to flesh out the previous authors and found a particularly goofy cover – Daisy Summerfield’s Style by M.B. Goffstein – just type it into Google images it’s wild!

  3. THANK YOU! I have been seeking those Douglas Hill books for 20 years… but I had forgotten the author’s name and the names of any of the books. Without you, I may never have found them!

  4. Loved the gymnast books by sheila haigh. Also remember enjoying the Charlotte Cheetham books by Barbara Ware Holmes

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