80’s Young Adult books – A- Z guide – the I- K Authors – Hadley Irwin , Norma Johnston , Norma Klein , Sheila Solomon Klass , R R Knudson , Gordon Korman and More!

        ROSE IMPEY
* Who’s a Clever Girl
* The Girls Gang
* A Letter To Father Christmas
* Desperate for a Dog

Instant Sisters - Rose Impey
* Instant Sisters
* Trouble with the Tucker Twins


So Long at the Fair - Hadley Irwin
* So Long at the Fair

Moon and Me - Hadley Irwin
* Moon and Me

Abby My love - Hadley Irwin
* Abby , My Love

What About Grandma - Hadley Irwin
* What About Grandma?
* Can’t Hear you Listening
* I Be Somebody
* Bring to a Boil and Separate

The Originial Freddie Ackerman - Hadley Irwin

* The Original Freddie Ackerman

The Lilith Summer Hadley Irwin

* The Lilith Summer



Rebel Planet - Steve Jackson & Ian Livingston
* Fighting Fantasy series –


Born into the Light - Paul Samuel Jacobs
* Born into Light

Sleeper's Wake - Paul Sameul Jacobs
* Sleepers Wake

             J ROBERT JANES

Danger on the River -J Robert Janes
* Danger on the River

Murder in the Market - j Robert Janes
* Murder in the Market
Theft of Gold - J Robert Janes

* Theft of Gold

* Two Wishing Star books

* Jenny – Caprice book

              PETE JOHNSON
* Catch you on the Flip Side
* One Step Beyond

* Whisper of the Cat
* Keeping Days Series –
* Carlisle All series –

Gabriel's Girl - Norma Johnston

* Gabriel’s Girl
* The Dragon’s Eye
* The Potters Wheel

The Watcher in the Mist - Norma Johnston
* Watcher in the Mist

Shadow of a Unicorn - Norma Johnston 
* Shadow of a Unicorn
* The Swallows Song
* The Crucible Year

The Play - Susan Johnson

* The Play

* The Four Grannies
* Charmed Life

Witch Week - Diana Wynne Jones 
* Witch Week
* The Magicians of Caprona
* The Lives of Christopher Chant
* The Spellcoats

Cart and Cwidder - Diana Wynne Jones
* Cart and Cwidder

Drowned Ammet - Diana Wynne Jones
* Drowned Ammet
* Crown of Dalemark
* Howls Moving Castle
* Dogsbody
* Power of Three
* A Tale of Time City
* Wild Robert
* The Time of the Ghost

The Ogre Downstairs - Diana Wynne Jones
* The Ogre Downstairs
* Castle in the air

          RON JONES

The Acorn People - Ron Jones
* The Acorn People

             HOPE DAHLE JORDAN

Haunted Summer - Hope Dahle Jordan

* Haunted Summer

* Danger at Loud Lake
* Stranger in their Midst
* Three Desperate Days
* Talk about the Tarchers

The Fortune Cake - Hope Dahle Jordan
* The Fortune Cake

          ADINA JOY

Unrequited - Adina Joy 
* Unrequited

* Dream Girls Series

* The Boy from Dimension Five

Scavenger Hunt - Roger Juhren 
* Scavenger Hunt


            JOAN KAHN
    Editor of anthologies

Some things Fierce and Fatal - Joan Kahn
* Somethings Fierce and Fatal

           ROBERT KAPLOW

Alessandra in Love - Robert Kaplow

Alessandra in Love - Robert Kaplow 2
* Alessandra In Love

Alessandra in Between - Robert Kaplow
* Alessandra InBetween

Alex Icicle a Romance in Ten Torrid Chapter - Robert Kaplow
* Alex Icicle a romance in ten torrid chapters

             JEAN E KARL

The Turning Place - Jean E Karl
* The Turning Place
* Strange Tomorrow

Be We are Not of This Earth - Jean E Karl
* But we are not of earth

Beloved Benjamin is Waiting - Jean E Karl 
* Beloved Benjamin is Waiting

          LOU KASSEM

Middle School Blues - Lou Kassem 
* Middle School Blues

A Haunting in Williamsburg - Lou Kassem

* A Haunting in Williamsburg

Secret Wishes - Lou Kassem 
* Secret Wishes

A Summer for Secrets - Lou Kassem
* A Summer for Secrets

Treasures of Witchhat Mountain - Lou Kassem
* The Treasures of Witchhat Mountain


Your Friend Annie - Carole Katchen
* Your friend Annie

            MARILYN KAYE
* Camp Sunnyside Friends series –
* Three of a Kind Series –
* Sisters series – not the Jennifer Cole one –
* Max series
* Video High series

              BEVERLY KELLER

Camp Trouble - Beverly Keller

* Camp Trouble

Desdemona Twelve going on Desperate - Beverly Keller

* Desdemona Twelve Going on Desperate
* Desdemona Moves On
* Fowl Play Desdemona
* Only Fiona
* The Sea Watch
* The Night The Baby-sitter Didn’t come
* No Beasts! No Children!

              M.L. KENNEDY

Almost like a Sister - M L Kennedy

* Almost Like a Sister

* Two Turning Points series books
* One Wildfire book
* One Two by Two series book


Hey Didi Darling - S A Kennedy

Hey Didi Darling - S A Kennedy - Skylark edition
* Hey Didi Darling


One Step at a Time - Deborah Kent
* One Step at a Time

Why Me - Deborah Kent
* Why Me
* First Love from Silhouette
* Wildfire books
* Talk to me my Love
* Turning Points

Belonging - Deborah Kent_edited-1

* Belonging

( pseudonym for Junior High Series )

          M.E. KERR
* Night Kites

Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack - M E Kerr
* Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack

Him she Loves - M E Kerr 
* Him she Loves
* Me Me Me Me not a Novel
* Love is a Missing Person

* Is that You Mrs. Blue?

* What I really Think of You

I'll Love you When You're more Like ME - m E kERR 
* I’ll love you when You’re more like Me

If I love you am I trapped forever M E Kerr
* If I love you am I trapped forever

            ALEXANDER KEY

The Forgotten Door - Alexander Key
* The Forgotten Door
* The Sword of Aradel

The Case of the Vanishing boy - Alexander Key
* The Case of the Vanishing Boy
* Return To Witch Mountain
* Escape to Witch Mountain

              PAT KIBBE

The Hocus Pocus Dilemma - Pat Kibbe

* The Hocus-Pocus Dilemma

My Mother The Mayor Maybe - Pat Kibbe

* My Mother the Mayor Maybe


Karen Marie Killea
* Karen
* With Love From Karen


All of the Above - Christi Killien_edited-1
* All of the Above

Fickle Fever - Christi Killien 
* Fickle Fever
* Rusty Fertlanger Ladies Man
* Artie’s brief the whole Truth and Nothing But

Putting on an Act - Christi Killien
* Putting on an Act

The Daffodils - Christi Killien

* The Daffodils


Big Red - Jim Kjelgaard 

Big Red - Jim Kjelgaard 2

Big Red - Jim Kjelgaard 3
* Big Red

Stormy - Jim Kjelgaard
* Stormy

Snow Dog - Jim Kjelgaard
* Snow Dog

Irish Red - Jim Kjelfgaard
* Irish Red

Outlaw Red - Jim Kjelgaard
* Outlaw Red

Boomerang Hunter - Jim Kjelgaard
* Boomerang Hunter

A Nose for Trouble - Jim Kjelgaard
* A Nose for Trouble

Desert Dog Jim Kjelgaard
* Desert Dog
* Lion Hound


Kool Ada - Sheila Solomon Klass
* Kool Ada

Credit Card Carole - Sheila Solomon Klass 

Credit Card Carole - Sheila Solomon Klass - hard cover
* Credit Card Carole
* To See my Mother Dance
* Nobody Knows me in Miami
* Next Stop Nowhere
* Alive and Starting over

Page Four - Sheila Solomon Klass

* Page Four


 Beyond the Cellar Door - Jan O'Donnell Klaveness                                                                                                       

* Beyond the Cellar Door

Keeper of the Light - Jan O'Donnell Klaveness
* Keeper of the Light
* The Griffin Legacy

Ghost Island - Jan O'Donnell Klaveness
* Ghost Island

               NORMA KLEIN

Just Friends - Norma Klein
* Just Friends

Breaking Up - Norma Klein
* Breaking Up

A Honey of a Chimp - Norma Klein

* A Honey of a Chimp
* Sunshine

Taking Sides - Norma Klein
* Taking Sides

No More Saturday Nights - Norma Klein
* No More Saturday Nights

Beginners Love - Norma Klein

Beginners Love - Norma Klein - Fawcett edition
* Beginner’s Love

It's Ok if you don't Love Me - Norma Klein
* It’s O.k. If you don’t Love Me

Mom the wolf man and me - Norma Klein
* Mom , the Wolf man and Me
* Love is one of the Choices
* Family Secrets
* My Life as a Body

Give Me One Good Reason - Norma Klein 
* Give me one Good Reason

Angel Face - Norma Klein 
* Angel Face

Give and Take - Norma Klein

Give and Take - Norma Klein 2
* Give and Take
* That’s My Baby

Robbie and the Leap Year Blues - Norma Klein

* Robbie and the Leap Year Blues

Tomboy - Norma Klein

* Tomboy

It's Not What You'd expect - Norma Klein
* It’s not What You’d Expect

Bizou - Norma Klein
* Bizou
* Confessions of an Only Child
* Older men

Queen of the What if's - Norma Klein

Queen of the What Ifs - Norma Klein - Fawcett edition

* Queen of the What If’s

What it's All About - Norma Klein

* What It’s All About

             ROBIN KLEIN
* Enemies
* Boss of the Pool

Came Back to Show you I could Fly - Robin Klein

* Came Back to Show you I could Fly

* Hating Alison Ashley
* Laurie loved Me Best
* The Lonelyhearts Club
* Penny Pollards Diary
* Half way across the Galaxy and Turn Left

             RONALD ‘RON’ KOERTGE

Mariposa Blues - Ron Koertge
* Mariposa Blues

The Boy in the Moon - Ron Koertge 
* The Boy in the Moon

The Arizona Kid - Ron Koertge
* The Arizona Kid

Where the Kissing Never Stops - Ron Koertge

Where the Kissing Never Stops - Ron Koertge - 2
* Where the Kissing Never Stops
* Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

           E.L. KONIGSBURG

From the Mixed up Files of Mrs_edited-1
* From the mixed up Files of Basil e. Frankweiler
* George
* T-Backs T-shirts Coat and Suit
* Jennifer Hecate Macbeth William McKinley and Me , Elizabeth
* The Dragon in the Ghetto Caper
* About the B’Nai Bagels

Journey to An 800 Number - E L Konigsburg

* Journey to an 800 Number


Who is Bugs Potter - Gordon Korman
* Who is Bugs Potter

I want to Go Home - Gordon Korman

I want To Go Home - Gordon Korman_edited-1
* I Want to Go Home!
* Our Man Weston
* Bugs Live from Nickaninny
* No Coins Please
* Don’t Care High
* Son of Interflux
* A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag

Fifth Grade Radio - Gordon Korman
* Radio Fifth Grade
* Losing Joe’s Place

The Twinkie Squad - Gordon Korman
* The Twinkie Squad

Beware the Fish - Gordon Korman

Go Jump in the Pool - Gordon Korman

This Can't Be Happening at Mcdonalds Hall - Gordon Korman

The Zuchhini Warriors - Gordon Korman
* Bruno Boots – MacDonald Hall series – This Can’t be Happening at Macdonald Hall , Go Jump in the Pool , Beware the Fish , The War with Mr. Wizzle , The Zucchini Warriors , Macdonald Hall goes Hollywood , Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall

         R. R. KNUDSON 

Zanballer R R Knudson
* Zanballer            
* Frankenstein’s 10k

Jesus Song - R R Knudson
* Jesus Song  ( might not be young adult book )

You are the Rain - R R Knudson
* You are the Rain

Zanboomer - R R Knudson 

* Zan Boomer

Zan Banger - R R Knudson
* Zanbanger

Zan Hagen's Marathon - R R Knudson
* Zan Hagen’s Marathon

Fox Running R R Knudson
* Fox Running
* Zan Boomer

Just another Love Story - R R Knudson

* Just Another Love Story


Take it Easy - Steven Kroll

* Take it Easy

Breaking Camp - Steven Kroll
*Breaking Camp

        PAUL KROPP

Wilted Paul Kropp
* Wilted

You've Seen Enough Paul Kropp
* You’ve Seen Enough

* Onion John
* And Now Miguel


Omni - Skyborn - Marcia Kruchten
* Omni series book  – Skyborn

The Ghost in the Mirror - Marcia Kruchten 
*Ghost in the Mirror


* The Bell Tolls at Mousehaven Manor

Shadow over Mousehaven - Mary Deball Kwitz
* Shadow over Mousehaven Manor


2 responses to “80’s Young Adult books – A- Z guide – the I- K Authors – Hadley Irwin , Norma Johnston , Norma Klein , Sheila Solomon Klass , R R Knudson , Gordon Korman and More!

  1. SO many more I remember here! I remember that Beloved Benjamin is waiting book – and seem to remember it was a rather creepy story? A very fitting cover! I also loved all the Normal Klein books, including their covers; the one for Taking Sides is particularly gorgeous. And I had The Queen of the What Ifs – oh, if only I’d kept my books! And as you know, You Are the Rain is one of my fave book covers of all time. Amazing artwork!

  2. I read a young adult back in the 1980s about a teenage character named Deirdre; her brother died in an accident earlier, which further complicated her relationship with her mother. In the book I remember the writer saying that her mother accused her of taking “Supreme Delight” in making her miserable. There was also panic over some overdue library book that she ultimately returned…to a small fee instead of the terror that had grown in her mind and, of course, there was romance of some sort. I have not been able to track down what the title of the book/author were and it’s driving me crazy. Any ideas??? Hopefully someone out there will read this old post and find this new query. Thank you!

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