80’S Young Adult books –A-Z guide – M Authors – Norma Fox Mazer , Jane McFann , Gloria D Miklowitz , Betty Miles , Sandy Miller , Dean Marney , Harry Mazer and much more!

           CLAIRE MCKAY
* The Toronto Story

Exit Barney McGee - Claire McKay 
* Exit Barney McGee

One Proud Summer - Marsha Hewitt and Claire Mackay
* One Proud Summer – With Marsha Hewitt
* Mini-bike Hero


Sarah Plain and Tall - Sarah Maclachlan
* Sarah , Plain and Tall
* Skylark

The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt - Patricia Maclachlan
* The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt

Seven Kisses all in a row - Patricia MacLachlan
* Seven Kisses all  in a row
* Cassie Binegar
* More Perfect than the moon

Unclaimed Treasures - Patricia Maclachlan

* Unclaimed Treasures
* Arthur for the very first Time


Mac - John Maclean
* Mac

When the Mountain Sings - John Maclean
* When the Mountain Sings 


Maid of Honor Charlotte Macleod

* Maid of Honor

* A Wishing Star – But this Girl is Different

It Can't Happen to Me - Arnold Madison
* It Can’t Happen to me


Growing up in a Hurry - Winifred Madison

* Growing up in a hurry
* Several – Wildfire romances
* The Mysterious Caitlin Melver
Bird on the Wing - Winifred Madison

* Bird on The Wing
* Marinka , Katinka and Me Susie
* A Portrait of Myself

The Talk of the Town - Winifred Madison
* The Talk of the Town

Max's Wonderful Delicatessen - Winifred Madison
* Max’s Wonderful Delicatessen

The Genessee Queen - Winifred Madison

* The Genessee Queen

* Call me Danica
* a few First Love from Silhouette


The Haunting - Margaret Mahy 
* The Haunting
* The Seven Chinese Brothers

The Changeover Margaret Mahy
* The Changover
* The Chewing Gum Rescue and other Stories

The Tricksters Margaret Mahy
* The Tricksters

Memory Margaret Mahy
* Memory
* The Door in the Air and other Stories

The Catalog of the Universe - Margaret Mahy 1
* Catalog of the universe


Hold Fast - Kevin Major
* Hold Fast
* Far from Shore
* Thirty Six Exposures
* Sixteen short stories by outstanding writers for young adults – good collection – Joan Aiken ,
     Judie Angell etc.

Dear Bruce Springsteen - Kevin Major
* Dear Bruce Springsteen

Blood Red Ochre - Kevin Major
* Blood Red Ochre

* Bad News Ballet series ( Also called Scramble Legs )
* Hart and Soul series


            J MARLIN

Appeal to the Heart J Marlin
* Appeal to the Heart

Getting out the Ghost - J Marlin
* Getting out the ghost


The whole Nine Yards - Dallin Malmgren
* The Whole Nine Yards
* The Ninth Issue

                PEGGY MANN

The Drop In - Peggy Mann

* The Drop In

              RAY MALONEY

The Impact Zone -
* Impact Zone

           STEPHEN MANES

Video War - Stephen Manes_edited-1

* Video War

Slim Down Camp - Stephen Manes

* Slim Down Camp

   1981. Bantam edition 1983. Cover art – Thomas Newsom. Sam Zimmer is chunky. He’s never thought of himself as fat, until his parents enroll him in a summer weight-loss camp. With tiny meals that wouldn’t fill a mosquito ( the big wonderful treat is unlimited celery sticks ) , Camp Thin-na-Yet is worse than prison. In fact, the only good thing at camp is Belinda Moss, who hates the place as much as Sam. Soon they both agree there is only one way to deal with their grumbling stomachs – escape!

* That Game from Outer Space
* I’ll Live       
* It’s New it’s Improved It’s Terrible!
* Chocolate covered Ants
* The Obnoxious Jerks
* Be a Perfect Person in Three Days
* The Boy who Turned into a TV Set
* Hooples series – Hooples on the Highway , Hooples haunted House , The Hooples Horrible Holiday ,


           JOHN MARSDEN

So Much to Tell You - John Marsden
* So Much to Tell You
* The Great Gatenby

Staying alive in Year Five - John Marsden 
* Staying Alive in Year Five
* Out Of Time
* Letters from the Inside
* Take My Word for it


 Dirty Socks Don't win Gmaes - Dean Marney 1
* Dirty Socks don’t Win Games

The Trouble with Jake's Double - Dean Marney
* The Trouble with Jakes Double

You Me and Gracie make Three - Dean Marney 
* You Me and Gracie Makes Three

The Computer that Ate my Brother - Dean Marney
* The Computer that Ate My Brother                                                                                                        * Just Friends


The City Under Ground - Suzanne Martel
* The City Underground
* Robot Alert

             ANN M MARTIN
* The Babysitters Club series
* Babysitters Little Sister series
* Just you and Me

Bummer Summer - Ann M Martin
* Bummer Summer

   1983. What a bummer! Summer is supposed to be the best time of year. But this summer looks like a total loss to Kammy Whitlock. First, her Dad gets married again. Then, his new wife Kate moves in, and Kammy has to put up with her two children. They won’t leave Kammy alone! Three-year-old Muffin flushes Kammy’s best paints down the toilet, almost strangles the cat, and the baby cries for hours at a time. Camp has always sounded hateful. But when Dad and Kate suggest that Kammy go away to Camp Arrowhead, Kammy figures it can’t be worse than staying at home. How wrong can a person be? Arrowhead is a disaster. Now the only question is: what can Kammy do to save the summer from being a total bummer?


Missing Since Monday - Ann M Martin 
* Missing Since Monday

Slam Book Ann M Martin
* Slam Book

       1989. In junior high, everyone knew Anna. But getting noticed at Calvin High was going to be more difficult, and the last thing Anna wanted was to be a nobody. So she and her friends start a slam book. Anna’s cousin promised that it would be their key to popularity. All Anna had to do was buy a notebook and make pages for people at school – cute guys, nerds, friends. Then the book got passed around and kids wrote what they really thought about those people. The slam book did make Anna and her friends the center of attention. Everyone wanted to read what was written in the slam book. But then the comments started to get cruel adn viscious. It was supposed to be a game. How was Anna to know that someone was going to get hurt – really hurt.
* Yours Truly Shirley

Stage Fright - Ann M Martin
* Stage Fright
* Me and Katie ( the Pest )

Just a Summer Romance - Ann M Martin
* Just a Summer Romance

   1987. When Melanie Braderman first sees Justin Hart, she knows he’s the boy for her. Mel and Justin spend their summer together, walking on the beach, sharing ice cream, just talking by the sea. It’s a perfect summer romance, but Justin says it can’t last. He’s mysterious about his job in New York City, and about “maybe moving to L.A.” next year.  Mel knows he’s keeping secrets from her, but she can’t understand why. When the summer’s over, and Mel’s back home, nothings the same without Justin. Maybe their romance should never have ended. Maybe it’s time she found out the truth…..

* Balcombe Hall Trilogy – Jenny and the Syndicate , Jenny and the New Headmistress , and Jenny and the New Girls


Do You Love me Harvey Burns - Jean Marzollo

Do you Love me Harvey Burns Jean Marzollo 2
* Do You love me Harvey Burns

       1983. 1984 editions. “Whirling around the dance floor with Harvey was the happiest moment of my life, and I never wanted it to end.” “I still think of that night as a scene out of a movie….I was flabbergasted. I felt as if I had been kissed by the most amazing sixteen year old boy in Bar Ferry, if not in all New York, if not in all America, if not in all the world.” Everything started out so wonderfully between Harvey and Lisa – until the anonymous notes began to arrive. The threatening notes scare Lisa terribly. Lisa doesn’t see why Harvey’s being Jewish would upset anyone enough to make them send the notes. But someone is upset. Lisa is beginning to be afraid of everyone. And the notes are only the beginning.

Half Way Down Paddy Lane - Jean Marzollo 
* Halfway Down Paddy Lane


The Boy on the Cover - Phoebe Matthews
* Boy on the Cover

     ( notice that the girl is holding a copy of Harry Mazer’s I Love you Stupid – seen below! )
* Switchstance

           EDITH MAXWELL

Just Dial a Number - Edith Maxwell

* Just Dial a Number

   1972. Archway Pocket.  “Someone tried to kill me,” Cathy gasped into the phone. It was only a prank call dialed at random – a joke played by four teenagers fooling around. But what happened afterwards plunged them into a nightmare. By the next morning two people were dead because of that phone call. Keeping their guilt secret, Cathy , Todd , Paul and DeeDee had to live with the terror of being found out.

* Snowbound
* Solid Gold Kid  – with Norma Fox Mazer

The dollar man - Harry Mazer

* The Dollar Man
* Hey Kid, Does she love me?

The War on Villa Street - Harry Mazer
* The War on Villa Street

   1979. Willis Pierce is a loner. He minds his own business, never asks anybody anything. When he needs to let off steam, he runs. Sometimes several miles a day – always alone. He doesn’t want to be part of any team. But lately when Willis runs, it’s like he’s running away from things. Things like his alcoholic father trying to beat him up. Or Rabbit Slavin and his gang on Villa street – since Willis challenged them, they’ve been out for blood. And on top of it all, Willis has gotten himself a job coaching a retarded kid in sports. Which isn’t bad, except now the kid thinks he’s Willis’s best friend. Willis doesn’t know how it’s all going to end. But he finally realizes he’s been running from something all his life. And there’s only one way he can stop.

I Love You Stupid - Harry Mazer

* I love you, Stupid!

     1983. Cover photo by Matthew Tepper.  It’s hard to be the world’s greatest lover when you think you’re the world’s only virgin. But that doesn’t stop the hero of our story. Just when Marcus is sure he’ll die a frustrated sex maniac, Wendy Barrett moves back into town. While combining their collection of experiences ( none ) and sharing their most recent disasters ( many ) , Marcus and Wendy discover that if they weren’t such good friends they just might be falling in love.

Island Keeper - Harry Mazer
* The Island keeper
* The Last Mission
* When the Phone Rang
* The Cave under the City
* The Girl of his Dreams
* City Lights

Heart Beat - Norma Fox Mazer and Harry Mazer
* Heatbeat – With Norma Fox Mazer
* Someone’s mother is missing
* Bright Days, Stupid Nights


Saturday the Twelfth of October - Norma Fox Mazer
* Saturday the Twelfth of October

A my Name is Ami - Norma Fox Mazer
* A , my name is Ami

     1986. Mia and I have been best friends for four years. Everything about us is either just the opposite, or else matches. We do everything together. Sometimes we wear the same clothes. We tell each other our dreams. We call each other up and check out what we’re watching on TV. And every year, we like the same boy. I hope things never change……

B my Name is Bunny - Norma Fox Mazer
* B, my Name is Bunny

      1987. Emily and I have talked about dating and boys and all that stuff, and we’ve decided we’re never going to act desperate, like some girls do. Ohh, ohhh, I don’t have a boyfriend. What will I do? Who will I go to the movies with? I don’t have a date! We think this is really stupid. What’s wrong with going to the movies with your girl friend? Do you have to have a date for the party? If Emily and I go to a party together, we just have a lot of fun, laughing and joking and eating. Mom says the way Emily and I bicker, we are like an old married couple. One thing I know, we’ll never get divorced! We are friends for life…..
* C, my name is Cal
* I , Trissy

Someone to Love Norma Fox Mazer - edition I don't have

Someone to love - Norma Fox Mazer - My copy
* Someone to Love

   1983?1984? 1989 edition. Meeting Mitch had cured Nina’s college blues. He’s just what she needs to learn about the real college experience – serious relationships. Mitch, too, has wanted someone; it hasn’t been easy dropping out of school and starting out on his own. Nina’s thrilled to move in with Mitch, and she’s amazed by her new popularity with her former roommates and, most especially, her English professor. But soon their apartment seems smaller while their fights grow longer, and Nina realizes they’re both changing. It was easy to fall in love…why couldn’t they stay that way?

Three Sisters - Norma Fox Mazer
* Three Sisters

     1986. All the talents in Karen’s family were taken up by her older sisters : Liz is the beautiful one ; Tobi is a talented artist. And Karen – she’s just the little Freed girl. The only one who takes Karen seriously is Scott , Liz’s almost fiance. He helps her find a job. He lets her take care of him when he’s sick. He understands how she thinks, who she is. And when he kisses her, Karen is sure she’s found someone who thinks she’s special. Funny how wrong a little sister can be.

Up in Seth's Room - Norma Fox Mazer
* Up in Seth’s Room

Mrs Fish , Ape and me the Dump Queen - Norma Fox Mazer
* Mrs. Fish , Ape and me , the Dump Queen

        1982. 1984 Flare edition. People thought because we ran a dump, and lived near the dump, that we lived in it. We couldn’t even see the dump from our house, but that didn’t matter to the kids who taunted me. I never let them see I ( Joyce Adams ) was bothered, which is something I learned from my uncle, Old Dad, who I’ve lived with since I was little. I learned even more from Mrs. Fish – “Crazy Fish” the kids called her – the fat and jolly school custodian who was able to laugh back at the kids who teased her. Old Dad warned me about trusting friendly strangers who might expect favors in return. But at a time of crisis, we both found out what a true and trusting friendship can mean.

   * Still available in reprint under the title Crazy Fish!
* When we First Met

Taking Terri Mueller - Norma Fox Mazer
* Taking Terri Mueller
* Downtown
* Supergirl ( movie tie in )

After the Rain - Norma Fox Mazer
* After the Rain

      1987.  At fifteen, Rachel is a worrier. She worries about whether her family understands her, whether her friends like her, and whether she’ll get her first kiss before she turns sixteen. And she worries whether she can handle having a real boyfriend if he does come along. But it takes a dying old man – her grandfather – who has never been easy for anyone to handle, to show Rachel she has special abilities. With love and compassion, she reaches the heart of an old tyrant who has always been unreachable. And in so doing, comes to a better understanding of her family, her friends, and herself.

A Figure of Speech - Norma Fox Mazer

* A Figure of Speech

Silver Norma Fox Mazer 

* Silver

    1989.  Rich girls have everything. My mother is determined that I ( Sarabeth Silver ) will have a wonderful life – better than her own. I guess she can’t imagine what it’s like for me, a kid from a trailer park, to transfer to the junior high where all the rich kids go – the kind of kids who come from homes where my mother works as a cleaning woman…But somehow, miraculously, I’ve become part of a little clique of pretty and popular girls – Grant , Jennifer , Asa and Patty – who have everything money can buy. And sometimes they have secrets in their lives more painful than anything I’ve every known. [ * spoiler * Sarabeth nicknamed Silver learns that her envy of her rich friends is misplaced when she discovers that ice-cool Patty is being molested by her uncle ]
* Last Mission

Babyface - Norma Fox Mazer
* Baby Face

    1991. At fifteen Toni Chessmore was happy with her life. She had parents who adored her and each other. Her best friend lived next door and was everything a best friend should be. Toni’s life was just about perfect….or so she thought. But that was before her best friend left for California, before they almost ended their perfect friendship over a boy, and before Toni heard a long buried secret about her family that made her world come crashing down around her. Yet it was those bitter truths that let her see that nothing in life was perfect….including the people she loved most.

Out of Control - Norma Fox Mazer
* Out of Control

    1994. It starts as an ordinary day. Just the same as any other. Until Valerie Michon gets up and leaves the auditorium. And three boys decide to follow her. She heads for the stairs and the boys run after her. They are fast, they are quiet. They don’t talk about it. They just do it. It’s a game. Fun. On the third floor they catch up with her. It happens fast, so fast. It’s like a dream. She yells, and twists and turns trying to get free, but they have her…. A bell rings, and suddenly it’s over. But it will never be over. And nothing will ever be the same. [ Hard hitting story – about a seemingly sensitive boy Rollo who gets caught up with his obnoxious jock friends in harassing Valerie, a brusque girl  who is unimpressed with their golden boys status at school. But when they trap and molest her on school grounds Valerie discovers that the real battle will be in finding the guts to not allow the school to sweep the incident under the carpet. And for the boys ( just Rollo )  to discover how awful their actions were. ]

Summer Girls love Boys and other Stories - Norma Fox Mazer
* Summer Girls , Love Boys – short story collection

      ? 1989 edition. 10 stories. 1. Mother/ Daughter song ( a literal song ) 2. Avie loves Ric forever – an annual camping trip urges Richie to confess her love for her best friend Stevie but maybe she won’t have to. 3. Do you really think it’s fair – Sara attempts to cope with her sisters death. 4. De Angel and De Bow Wow – Local pug-ugly Bibi manages to snag the most beautiful boy in town Jimmy , but is he the prize she thinks? 5. Summer Girls love Boys – Mary, at fifteen wants to fall in love but is troubled when her boyfriends father kisses her. 6.Carmela , Adelina and Florry – non-union factory workers bond. 7.Amelia Earhart where are you when I need you – Phoebe is sent to her crazy aunt Clare’s for the summer. 8. How I ran away and made my mother tow the line – Marlene Marie Thompson attempts to teach her mama a lesson but a shared moment of peace helps them threw each others faults. 9. Why was Elena Crying? – Carol was always envious of her perfect sister until she discovered Elena crying one night wishing she could be less so. 10. Down here on Greene street – 72 yr old Lillian is being pushed by her children to leave Greene st.

Dear Bill Remember Me and Other Stories - Norma Fox Mazer
* Dear Bill , Remember me and other stories – short story collection

      ?1989. 8 stories – 1. Up on Fong Mountain – Carol keeps a journal recording her first love of Brian a.k.a B.D. 2. Peter in the Park – Zoe meets a traveler named Peter. 3. Something Expensive – Marylee learns her mother is having an affair. 4. Mimi the fish – Mimi suspects her clinging mother might have purposely made her deliver a chunk of Limburger cheese ( to the wrong address ) in the hopes of screwing up her first date. 5. Dear Bill Remember Me – a series of practice letters to Bill from Kathy who longs to confess her love. 6. Chocolate Pudding – Chrissy who lives with her dad and uncle in a trailer and finds love with Teddy who loves chocolate pudding, too. 7. Guess whose friendly Hands – Louise is eighteen , dying and reminiscing. 8. Zelah: a tale of long ago – Zelah is sent to America to marry a cousin.



A Pack of Lies - Geraldine McCaughrean

* A Pack of Lies

    1988. Truth or consequences. She chooses consequences. The new employee in Alisa’s mother’s antiques shop is strangely attractive. And a little strange. But Alisa finds herself listening to the stories he begins to tell – weird and wonderful stories, woven around the antiques in the shop and the people who come in. She doesn’t believe a word he says, of course. Tall tales. Wild imaginings. A pack of lies , really. The Alisa realizes that all his stories are coming true. What if one day he begins to tell a story about Alisa? Could she trust him with her life?


* One last Wish series
* I want to live ( which developed into the Dawn Rochelle quintet ) , Six months to Live , So much to live for , No time to Cry , and To Live again
* Sometimes Love isn’t enough
* Too Young to Die
* Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever
* Somewhere between Life and death
* Time to Let Go
* Now I lay me Down to Sleep

When Dreams Shatter - Lurlene McDaniel

* When Dreams Shatter

More than Just a Smart Girl - Lurlene McDaniel

* More Than Just a Smart Girl

* Arcade Explorers Series
* Be An Interplanetary Spy series
* Not Quite Human Series

           JANE MCFANN

One Short Step - Jane McFann
* One Step Short
* One More Chance

Maybe By then I'll understand - Jane McFann 
* Maybe By Then I’ll Understand

    1987.  Maybe the reason I fell so hard is because I’d never had a boyfriend. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. Until Tony. Tony was a really cool guy and for some reason he liked me – really like me. It was wonderful finding little notes taped to my locker ; meeting him after school; being noticed by the kids ;not just the teachers. I was Tony’s girl not just the girl who always had her homework done. And Tony needed me – really needed me. It was also the problem. He needed me a lot more than I could handle. Maybe some day I’ll be able to figure out what Tony was all about Maybe By then I’ll Understand.
* No Time For Rabbits
* Several Horrors

             ANN MCGOVERN
* Nicholas Bentley Stoningpot III
* If you – series – lived with the Sioux Indians, grew up with George Washington , grew up with Abe Lincoln , sailed on the Mayflower
* The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving
*The Defenders
* Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest


Stoneflight - Georgess McHargue
* Stoneflight

The Turquoise Toad Mystery - Georgina McHargue
* The Turquoise Toad Mystery

See You Later Crocodile - Georgess McHargue
* See you later Crocodile

The Talking Table Mystery - Georgess McHargue 
*The Talking Table Mystery
* The Wonderful Wings of Harold Harrabescu


Karen and Vicki - Elisabet McHugh
* Karen’s sister series – Karen and Vicki , Karen’s Sister
* A Sweet Dreams series
* Raising a Mother isn’t easy


Judge Benjamin Superdog - Judith Whitelock McInerney

Judge Benjamin the super dog secret - Judith Whitelock McInerney

     The O’Riley’s are a big happy family. There’s Mr. and Mrs. O’Riley and their four children Kathleen , Seth, Maura and Annie. There’s also Judge Benjamin their 200 pound dog. One day, Mr. O’Riley announces they’re all going on vacation in their new camper. All of them but Judge Benjamin , that is. But Annie has other ideas!

Judge Benjamin the Superdog Rescue - Judith Whitelock McInerney
* Judge Benjamin : Superdog series – ( a saint bernard ) – Judge Benjamin a super dog rescue , Judge Benjamin the superdog secret
, Judge Benjamin : Super dog ,


The Trouble Maker - Robert McKay
* The Troublemaker

Dave's Song
* Dave’s Song

The Girl who Wanted to run the Boston Marathon  - Robert McKay
* The girl who wanted to run the Boston Marathon
* Canary Red


Camp Murphy - Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna
* Colleen Murphy books series
* Cousins series

             JOHN MCNAMARA

Revenge of the Nerd - John McNamara
* Revenge of the Nerd

                  FLORENCE MCNEIL

Miss P and Me - Florence McNeil

* Miss P and Me

    1982. Nothing Janie does seems to get her mother’s attention – not even being one of the best writers in eighth grade at St. Jerome’s. When Miss. P , the school’s new drama and dancing coach , organizes a musical revue and Janie wins a part , she puts aside her writing to shine on stage. She knows her acting and dancing role will make her mother, a professional dancer , proud. But when Janie’s klutziness forces  Miss P to give her dancing part to a younger girl, leaving Janie with a speaking role , only one word comes to mind……REVENGE!



Snow Treasure -Marie McSwigan
* Snow Treasure

* several Wildfires


The Pushcart War - Jean Merrill
* The Pushcart War

The Toothpaste Millionaire - Jean Merrill
* The Toothpaste Millionaire

* several in the Dawn of Love Series


After the Bomb - Gloria D Miklowitz
* After the Bomb

Did you hear what Happened to Andrea - Gloria D Miklowitz 
* Did you hear what happened to Andrea

The Day the Senior Class got Married - Gloria d Miklowiz
* The Day the Senior class got Married

Runaway - Gloria D Miklowitz 
* Runaway
* Close to the Edge

Secrets not Meant to be Kept - Gloria D Miklowitz
* Secrets Not Meant to Be Kept

The Love Bombers - Gloria D Miklowitz
* The Love Bombers

Unwed Mother - Gloria D Miklowitz
* Unwed Mother

Love Story Take Three - Gloria D Miklowitz 
* Love Story Take Three

A Time to Hurt a Time to Heal - Gloria D Miklowitz
* A Time to hurt A Time To Heal
* Goodbye Tomorrow
* 2 Caprice romances – Carrie Loves Superman , Before Love

Anything to Win - Gloria D Miklowitz 
* Anything to Win

The War between the Classes - Gloria D Miklowitz

* The War between The Classes

    1985. What are Amy and Adam going to do about their love life? Neither Amy’s traditionalist Japanese parents nor Adam’s snobby , upper class mother will accept their relationship. To make things worse Amy and Adam are involved in the “color game” at school, an experiment that’s designed to make students aware of class and racial prejudices. Now the experiment threatens to alienate Amy from her friends and tear her apart from Adam. She knows it’s time to rebel against the color game. But will the rest of the class follow her lead?
* Suddenly Super rich
* Close to the Edge

             BETTY MILES

The Secret Life of the Underwear Champ - Betty Miles

The Secret Life of the Underwear Champ - Betty Miles 2nd cover
* The Secret life of the Underwear Champ

The Trouble with Thirteen - Betty Miles - photostrip cover

The Trouble with Thirteen - Betty Miles
* The Trouble with Thirteen

The Real Me - Betty Miles
* The Real Me

I would If I could - Betty Miles
* I Would if I could
* All it Takes is Practice

Just the Beginning - Betty Miles 
* Just the Beginning

Sink or Swim - Betty Miles
* Sink or Swim

Maudie and me and the Dirty Book - Betty Miles
* Maudie and me and the Dirty Book

Looking on Betty Miles 
* Looking On


The Truth Trap - Frances A Miller
* The Truth Trap
* Aren’t you the one Who – sequel to the Truth Trap
* Losers and Winners – sequel
* Cutting Loose

         JUDI MILLER
* My Crazy Cousin Courtney series

Ghost in my SOup - Judi Miller 
* Ghost in my soup


You be the Jury series - Marvin Miller
* You be the Jury series
* T*a*c*k series

* Robyn’s book a true story


Smart Girl - Sandy Miller
* Smart Girl

       1982. Bookworm! That’s what the kids called her , and until recently, Elizabeth Ellen, E.E. to her friends, hadn’t really minded. But now she was a senior in high school and she was getting tired of only being seen as the class brain , while all the other girls were having fun dating. Oh, she’d tried dating once, but when she’d found out that Tom had only asked her out to help with his homework, she was so mad , she’d sworn off boys for good. Then she met handsome Bruce Johnson, the new guy in her physics class. She was glad Bruce was in her class, yet when he asked her out, E.E. was afraid he’d end up being just another Tom. Not wanting to be hurt again, she turned him down without even giving him a chance to prove he was different. And it wasn’t until she realized that though she was bright in school, she had a lot to learn about people, that E.E. discovered a boy could just like her for herself.
* a couple Magic Moments/ Lightening series books

Freddie the Thirteenth - Sandy Miller
* Freddie the Thirteenth
* Two loves for Jenny

Allegra - Sandy Miller 
* Allegra


Emergency 10-33 on Channel 11 - Hilary Milton
* Emergency 10-33 on channel 11!
* The Plot Your Own Horror Stories interactive series

Blind Flight Hilary Milton
* Blind Flight

     1982. “Help! Somebody Help me! Debbie is desperate. She’s 3000 feet above sea level in a small plane. The pilot is unconscious. The windshield is broken. It’s freezing cold. To survive, Debbie must try to land the plane by herself. But she’s never flown alone and she’s blind! Pilots on the ground and in the air come to Debbie’s aid, explaining where the instruments are and how to use them. But no amount of outside help can erase her terror! As she flies and flies her panic increases. And finally she knows she has no choice. One thing is certain : she must land the plane – or die!

Mayday Mayday - Hilary Milton
* Mayday Mayday

     1979. “Down, everybody! Heads between knees!” Allison quickly obeys, as the plane plunges downward and crashes into the mountainside. Then everything goes black….When she finally comes to , Allison discovers she and her friend Mark are the only ones who can go for help. The others are too seriously injured. Bruised and frightened, the two move slowly down the dark , unfamiliar mountain. Will they find a road or a house to phone from – or just more wilderness ,filled with savage night sounds? Whatever danger lies ahead , Mark and Allison must keep going. Six lives depend on them!


Khaki Wings - Milton Dank
* Khaki wings
* The Galaxy Gang series ( with Gloria Dank )

The Dangerous Game - Milton Dank 
* The Dangerous Game
* Game’s End

    JANE C. MINER ( also writes under the pseudonym Veronica Ladd – First love From Silhouette )
* six Sunfire romances

Why did you Leave Me - Jane Claypool Miner - Became a Wishing Star
* Several Wildfire romances

Jeanne up and Down - Jane Claypool Miner
* Jeannie Up and Down

      1987. Jeanne’s mother is promoted to a new job in distant San Francisco. Jeanne’s best friend moves away, and her usually wonderful step mother is turning into a real nag. And Jeanne has fallen in love with David who never even notices her. No wonder food comes first with Jeanne. More than anything Jeanne wants to play Juliet to David’s Romeo in the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone agrees she has the most talent – but does she have the willpower to lose enough weight in time for the auditions? After all the Juliet , Jeanne has in mind is at least 50 pounds thinner…..
* Young parents


Risking It - Jeannette Mines
* Risking it

     1988. Jeannie Tanger would never forget her first love , Sam…or the tragedy that ended it all. Yet three years had gone by and senior year wasn’t a time to be living in the past. Trent Justin was new in school, and the sight of him seemed to take Jeannie’s breath away. All the girls thought he was pretty special – dark hair , blue eyes – a real hunk. But there was something about Trent that reminded Jeannie of Sam, and she wanted to know more about him. Letting herself care for someone again was one of the hardest things for Jeannie to do – and with Trent it could be one of her biggest mistakes. He was already dating her best friend. And there were rumors about his past….

Misguided - Jeannette Mines
* Misjudged
Copyright 1986. A love story with two sides isn’t a love story. It’s a tragedy.
Laura tried to be friendly to everyone, but she couldn’t be
friendly to Tony. He followed her around so much it gave her the creeps. He was just too crazy about her. It scared her to be alone with him Could he see she wanted to be left in peace? Tony would’ve given anything to make Laura love him. She was so beautiful , so good. She treated him better than anyone ever had. He did everything he could to please her, but in the end all she did was ignore him. Could anyone blame him for what he did next?

Reckless - Jeanette Mines Ryan

* Reckless


Downwind - Louise Moeri
* Downwind       

      1984. Meltdown. The newscasters insist it’s only a possibility, but it sparks panic and chaos in the valley 30 miles downwind, where 12 year old Ephraim lives with his family. If there really is a meltdown, the entire valley will be blanketed with radiation, and the people are stampeding to get out , now. But escape seems impossible. There is no evacuation plan, and the highways are jammed with fleeing people, and the panicky mobs are becoming violent. When Ephraim’s little sister is injured, with no help nearby, things look hopeless. Can this fragile family reach the hills in time?
* A Horse for X.Y.Z

Save Queen of Sheba - Louise Moeri
* Save Queen of Sheba

The Girl who Lived on the Ferris Wheel - Louise Moeri
* The Girl who lived on the Ferris Wheel
* First the Egg
* The Forty Third War

* The White Stallion
* Kildee House
* Gray Wolf
* Midnight


Will the real Renie Lake please stand up - Barbara Morgenroth
* Will the real Renie Lake please Stand up?
* Last Junior Year

In Real Life I'm Just Kate - Barbara Margenroth
* In Real Life I’m just Kate
* Nikki and Wynne
* Nothing Serious
* Dream Horse
* Impossible Charlie
* Tramps like Us


The Crazies and Sam - Judy K Morris
* The Crazies and Sam

The Kid who ran for Principal - Judy K Morris
* The Kid who ran for Principal

* A Wildfire series romance

* The Day of the Blizzard

* Lost in the Barrens                                                                                                                     * The Dog who wouldn’t be


Paper bag Princess - Robert Munsch
* The Paper Bag Princess


Ace hits the Big Time - Barbara Beasley Murphy and Judie Wolkoff
* Ace hits the Big Time ( with Judie Wolkoff )

Ace hits Rock Bottom - Barbara Beasley Murphy and Judie Wolkoff
* Ace Hits rock Bottom ( with Judie Wolkoff )
* No place to Run

One Another - Barbara Beasley Murphy
* One Another
* Ace Flies like an Eagle

* The Legend of Tarik

Motown and Didi - Walter Dean Myers
* Motown and Didi a Love Story
* The Nicolas Factor
* Hoops

Fast Sam Cool Clyde and stuff - Walter Dean Myers

* Fast Sam , Cool Clyde and Stuff


3 responses to “80’S Young Adult books –A-Z guide – M Authors – Norma Fox Mazer , Jane McFann , Gloria D Miklowitz , Betty Miles , Sandy Miller , Dean Marney , Harry Mazer and much more!

  1. Oh, I remember Stoneflight – that was a great book!

    And WOW, that cover for Bird on the Wing – surely that must be 1970s rather than 80s? (Either that or the illustrator was stuck in the 70s!)

    thanks for posting all these – more trips down memory lane!

    • I thought you might dig it *groan* couldn’t miss the 60’s /70’s pun – I think it’s late seventies. I squeaked it in mainly because I couldn’t resist the cover , it’s so colorful – and besides it’s kinda like Judy Blume who was totally popular in the 80’s but published her most famous stuff in the 70’s. I never read Stoneflight but while working on scanning the Mazer covers – I read Harry Mazer’s The War on Villa Street – which really knocked me for a loop. Starts off bashing down every P.C. concept that has been built up over the years and thereby making a hero so repellent you kinda feel he has it coming to him when he gets knocked around , until of course little by little his crusty edges are disolved and you discover that’s just a defensive mechanism. But thankfully he doesn’t get syrupy and neither does the story. Pretty edgey stuff – kinda blows Blume out of the water.

  2. I’ve been looking for a book about a teen girl in high school that is not so pretty and not popular and the next day she meets an guy sitting in a tree that makes her pretty and popular so he can have her soul. It might be late 70’s or 80’s.

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