80’s Young Adult books A-Z guide – N-P Authors – Richard Peck , Susan Beth Pfeffer , Joan Lowery Nixon , Scott O’Dell , Gary Paulsen , Katherine Paterson , Lila Perl and more!

                   LAURA NATHANSON

The Trouble with Wednesdays - Laura Nathanson 
* The Trouble with Wednesdays

       ( The Alice series began in 1985 and is still going – so far the series includes 26 books check Wikipedia for a full list )

The Agony of Alice - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
* Alice series –  The Agony of Alice , Alice in Rapture sort of , Reluctantly Alice , All but Alice , Alice in April
* York trilogy – Shadows on the Wall , Faces in the Water , Footprints at the Window

Beetles , Lightly Toasted - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
* Beetles Lightly Toasted
* The Witch’s Sister
* The Witch Herself
* The Witch’s eye
* Witch Water
* Shiloh

A String of Chances - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
* A String of Chances

         O.T. NELSON

The Girl who Owned a City - O T Nelson
* The Girl who Owned a City

            JOHN NEUFELD

Lisa Bright and Dark - John Neufeld 
* Lisa Bright and Dark

Sunday Father - John Neufeld 
* Sunday Father
* Edgar Allen
* Gaps in Stone Walls

Twink - John Neufeld
* Twink

For All the Wrong Reasons - John Neufeld
* For all the Wrong Reasons

* A Place Between
* An end to Perfect

I will Call it Georgie's Blues - Suzanne Newton 
* I will call It Georgie’s Blues

Where are You When I need You - Suzanne Newton
* Where are you when I need you

M V Sexton Speaking - Suzanne Newton 
* M.V. Sexton Speaking
* Ruebella and the Old Focus Home

* 3 Windswept romance novels series 

             JOAN LOWERY NIXON

A Family Apart - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Orphan Train Quartet Series
* Hollywood Daughters series
* Whispers from the Dead
* The Name of the Game was Murder

The House on Hackman's Hill - Joan Lowery Nixon
* House on Hackman’s Hill

The Dark and Deadly Pool - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Dark and Deadly Pool

The Spector - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Specter

The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore

The Seance - Joan Lowery Nixon
* The Seance
* A Deadly Game of Magic

The Other Side of Dark - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Other Side of Dark
* Secret Silent Screams

The Stalker - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Stalker
* In the Face of Danger

The Island of Dangerous Dreams - Joan Lowery Nixon 
* The Island of Dangerous Dreams
* Adventures of the Red Tape Gang

The Ghosts of Now - Joan Lowery Nixon

* The Ghosts of Now 
* The Gift
* A Deadly Promise

And Maggie Makes Three - Joan Lowery Nixon
* And Maggie Makes Three

             ANDRE NORTON
* Iron Butterflies
* Voorloper
* Changeling

Spell of the Witch World - Andre Norton 

Three Against Witch World - Andre Norton
* Witch World series – Witch World , Forerunner , Gryphon in Glory , Horn Crown , Ware Hawk, Gryphon’s Eyrie, Gate of the Cat , Of the Shaping of Ulm’s Heir , Tales of Witch World , Tales of Witch World 2 , Three Against Witch World , Spell of Witch World
* Wheel of Stars
* House of Shadows
* Stand and Deliver
* Maid At Arms
* Ten Mile Treasure
* Star Ka’at and the Winged Warriors
* Caroline
* Moon Called
* Moon Mirror
* Stand and Deliver
* Were Wrath
* Forerunner: The Second Venture
* Ride the Green Dragon
* Magic in Ithkar , 2, 3, 4
* Flight in Yiktor
*Rider on the Mountain
* Serpent’s Tooth
* How Many Miles to Babylon
* Imperial Lady
* Catfantastic

Rogue Reynard - Ancre Norton

* Rogue Reynard

* Homeroom series

* 3 Windswept series novels


             TINA OAKS  
* Possible pseudonym or Author of the Stepsisters series

          ROBERT C. O’BRIEN

The Secret of Nimh - Robert C O'Brien 
* The Secret of Nimh a.k.a Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Z for Zachariah - Robert C O'Brien
* Z is for Zachariah

The Silver Crown - Robert O'Brien 
* The Silver Crown

            SCOTT O’DELL

Sing down the Moon - Scott O'Dell
* Sing Down the moon

Sarah Bishop - Scott O'Dell 
* Sarah Bishop

Island of Blue Dolphins - Scott O'Dell
* Island of the Blue Dolphins
* The Black Pearl
* Child of Fire
* Zia
* Kathleen Please come Home

The Spanish Smile - Scott O'Dell

* The Spanish Smile 
* The Captive

Carlota - Scott O'Dell

* Carlota

Alexandra - Scott O'Dell
* Alexandra

Black Star , Bright Dawn - Scott O'Dell
* Black Star , Bright Dawn

My Name is not Angelica - Scott O'Dell 
* My Name is not Angelica


Fair Game - Jacklyn O'Hanlon
*Fair Game

           ZIBBY O’NEAL

In Summer Light - Zibby O'Neal

* In Summer Light

The Language of Goldfish - Zibby O'Neal - Fawcett edition

The Language of Goldfish - Zibby O'Neal 
*The Language of Goldfish

A Formal Feeling - Zibby O'Neal 
* A Formal Feeling
* A Long Way to Go
* childrens book The Improbable Adventures of O’Hara Soapstone

          JANE O’CONNOR

Yours Till Niagara Falls - Jane O'Connor
* Yours till Niagara Falls Abby
* Here comes The Brownies ( young children’s book series early 90’s )

Just Good Friends - Jane O'Connor
* Just Good Friends

* Molly by any other Name
* Who did it Jenny Lake 
* A Place for Grace

Take a Chance Gramps - Jean Davies Okimoto
* Take a Chance Gramps

It's Just Too Much - Jean Davies Okimoto 

Its just too much - Jean Davies Okimoto
* It’s Just Too Much
* Norman Schnurman Average person

Jason's Women - Jean Davies Okimoto
* Jason’s Women

My Mother is not Married to my Father - Jean Davies Okimoto

* My mother isn’t married to my Father

            JUNE OLDHAM
* Double Take
* Enter Tom

Grow Up Cupid - June Oldham 
* Grow Up Cupid
* Moving In


Up from Nowhere - Walter Olesky
* Up From Nowhere
* If I’m Lost how come I’ve Found You
* Quacky and the Haunted Amusement Park


It isn't easy being a Teenage Billionare - Joan Oppenheimer
* It isn’t easy being a Teenage Millionaire

One Step Apart - Joan Oppenheimer
* One Step Apart

No Laughing Matter - Joan L Oppenheimer 
* No Laughing Matter

The Coming Down Time - Joan Oppenheimer
* The Coming Down Time

A Clown like Me - Joan L Oppenheimer
* A Clown Like Me
* Working on It
* On the outside Looking In
* Several series books – Wishing Star , Wildfire , and a Windswept

             DORIS ORGEL
* Risking Love

The Devil in Vienna - Doris Orgel 
* The Devil in Vienna

Nobodies and Somebodies - Doris Orgel 
* Nobodies and Somebodies

A Certain Magic - Doris Orgel 
* A Certain Magic
* Starring Becky Suslow

My War with Mrs Galloway - Doris Orgel

* My War with Mrs. Galloway

              MARY POPE OSBORNE

Love Always Blue - Mary Pope Osborne 

Love Always Blue - Mary Pope Osborne - hb
* Love Always, Blue

Run Run as Fast As you Can - Mary Pope Osborne
* Run , Run as fast as you Can
* Magic Tree House series – started in 1992 for younger children still going
* Best Wishes Joe Brady

Last One Home - Mary Pope Osborne 
* Last one Home


The Screaming Grave - Steven Otfinoski
* The Screaming Grave


           EDWARD PACKARD 

Deadwood City - Choose Your own Adventure - Edward Packer
* One of the premier authors of Choose Your Own Adventure series

           PEGGY PARISH
* Amelia Bedelia series

             BARBARA PARK
* Operation Dump the Chump

Skinnybones - Barbara Park
* Skinnybones
* Almost Starring Skinnybones

Beanpole - Barbara Park
* Beanpole

Buddies - Barbara Park
* Buddies
* Went on to write the Junie B Jones 1990’s series

               FRANCINE PASCAL                                     

* creator of Sweet Valley High series
* creator of the Caitlin series

My First Love and Other Disasters - Francine Pascal later edition
* Victoria series

The Hand Me Down Kid - Francine Pascal
* The Hand-me Down kid

               WILLIAM PASNAK 
* Degrassi Junior High book – Exit Stage left
* Mimi and the Ginger Princess
* Sink or Swim


Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson
* The Bridge to Terebithia

The Great Gilly Hopkins - Katherine Paterson
* The Great Gilly Hopkins

Jacob Have I loved - Katherine Patterson 
* Jacob Have I loved
* Come Sing Jimmy Jo
* Park’s Quest
* Rebel’s of the Heavenly Kingdom

             GARY PAULSEN
* Hatchet
* Murphy Series – Murphy , Murphy’s Gold , Murphy’s Herd , Murphy’s War
* Tiltawhirl John
* Winterkill
* The C.B. Radio Caper
* Fox Man
* Curse of the Cobra
* The Green Recruit
* The Spitball Gang
* Compkill
* The Sweeper
* Clutterkill
* Dancing Carl

Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights - Gary Paulsen
* Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights
* Tracker
* Dog Song
* Sentries
* The Crossing
* The Island
* Night Rituals
* The Voyage of the Frog
* The Winter Room

             BERNAL C. PAYNE JR.
* Experiment in Terror

Trapped in Time - Bernal C Payne 
* Trapped in Time
* It’s About Time
* The Late Great Dick Hart

* Tom’s Midnight Garden

* The Daring Game

A Handful of Time - Kit Pearson 
* A Handful of Time
* The Sky is Falling
* The Singing Basket
* Looking at the Moon


* Dreamland Lake

Through A Brief Darkness - Richard Peck 
* Through a Brief Darkness

Representing Super Doll - Richard Peck
* Representing Super Doll

Are you in the House Alone - Richard Peck - Dell 

Are You in the House Alone - Richard Peck_edited-1
* Are you in the house Alone

The Ghost Belonged to Me - Richard Peck 
* The Ghost belonged to Me
* Ghosts I have Been

Father Figure - Richard Peck 
* Father Figure

Secrets of the Shopping Mall - Richard Peck
* Secrets of the Shopping Mall
* The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp

Remembering the Good Times - Richard Peck 
* Remembering the Good Times

Blossom Culp and the Sleep Of Death - Richard Peck 
* Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death

Princess Ashley - Richard Peck  
* Princess Ashley
* Those Summer Girls I never Met
* Voices After Midnight
* Unfinished Portrait of Jessica

Close Enough to Touch - Richard Peck
* Close Enough to Touch
* Bel Air Bambi and the Mall rats

Don't Look and it Won't Hurt - Richard Peck

* Don’t Look and it Won’t Hurt

* A Day no pigs would Die

Trig - Robert Newton Peck 

Trig sees Red - Robert Newton Peck
* Trig series – Trig , Trig goes Ape , Trig or Treat , Trig Sees Red

Soup and Me - Robert Newton Peck 

Soup on Wheels -Robert Newton Peck
* Soup series – Soup , Soup and Me , Soup’s Hoops , Soup’s Uncle , Soup on Wheels , Soup on Fire , Soup on Ice , Soup in the Saddle , Soup 1776 , Soup Ahoy , Soup’s Goat , Soup for President , Soup in Love , Soup’s Drum
* Rabbit’s and Redcoats
* Fawn
* Basket Case
* Eagle fur
* Kirk’s Law
* Hallapoosa

                  MICHAEL PELLOWSKI

A Double Trouble Dream Date -
* Double Trouble Series – Double Trouble , A Double Trouble Dream Date , Triple Trouble , Double Trouble Mansion Mystery ,  Triple Trouble in Hollywood ,
* Riverdale High series

                LILA PERL
* That Crazy April

The Secret Diary of Katie Dinkerhoff - Lila Perl - scan
* The Secret Diary of Katie Dinkerhoff
* Fat Glenda series

The Telltale Summer of Tina C - Lila Perl 
* The Telltale Summer of Tina C.

Marleen the Horror Queen - Lila Perl
* Marleen the Horror Queen

Dumb Like Me Olivia Potts - Lila Perl 
* Dumb Like Me , Olivia Potts

Annabell Starr esp - Lila Perl
* Annabelle Starr esp

Pieface and Daphne - Lila Perl
* Pieface and Daphne

Don't Ask Miranda - Lila Perl  
* Don’t Ask Miranda

* Heartaches
* Heartaches High

            CAROL J. PERRY 
* Sandcastle Summer
* 13 and Loving it



Miracle at Clements Pond -
* Miracle at Clements Pond
* The Legend of Daisy Flowerdew
* Hear the Wind Blow
* As far as Mill Springs

          P.J. PETERSEN
* The Freshman Detective Blues

Nobody Else can Walk it For You - PJ Petersen 
* Nobody else can Walk it for You

Good-bye to Good Ol Charlie - PJ Petersen
* Goodbye to Good Ole Charlie
* Corky and the Brothers Cool
* The Boll Weevil Express

How Can You Hijack a Cave - Pj Peterson 
* How Can you Hijack a Cave

Here's to the Sophmores -PJ Petersen 
*Here’s To the Sophomores

Would you Settle for Improbable - PJ Peterson
* Would You settle for Improbable
* Going for the Big one


Cute is a Four Letter Word - Stella Pevsner  
* Cute is a Four Letter Word
* Me ,my goat and my sisters Wedding

Footsteps on the Stairs - Stella Pevsner
* Footsteps on the Stairs

And you Give me a Pain Elaine - Stella Pevsner
* And You give me A Pain Elaine

I'll Always Remember You Maybe - Stella Pevsner
* I’ll always remember you – Maybe
* How could you Do it Diane

Sister of the Quints - Stella Pevsner 

Sister of the Quints - Stella Pevsner hb
* Sister of the Quints

New Girl - Stella Pevsner
* New Girl

A Smart Kid Like You Stella Pevsner 
* A Smart Kid Like You
* Is everyone Moonburned but Me

          K.M. PEYTON
* Flambards series – Flambards , The Edge of the Cloud , Flambards in Summer, Flambards Divided
* Dear Fred
* Going Home
* Froggett’s revenge
* The Sound of Distant Cheering
* Downhill all the Way
* Darkling
* Skylark


Claire at Sixteen -Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Sebastian Sisters Series – Meg at Sixteen , Claire at Sixteen, Sybil at Sixteen , Thea at Sixteen , Evvie at Sixteen
* Make me a Star series
* Dear Dad , Love Laurie

Kid Power - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Kid Power

Kid Power Strikes back - Susan Beth Pfeffer
* Kid Power Strikes Back
* Turning Thirteen

The Year without Michael - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* The Year without Michael
* Rewind to Yesterday
* Future Forward

Starting With Melodie - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Starting with Melodie

Truth of Dare - Susan Beth Pfeffer
* Truth or Dare
* Fantasy Summer
* Paper Dolls

Courage Dana - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Courage Dana

Better than All RIght - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* Better than Alright

What do you Do when Your Mouth won't Open - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* What to do When Your Mouth Won’t Open

About David - Susan Beth Pfeffer
* About David
* Peter and Leigh

Marly the Kid - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Marly the Kid

The Beauty Queen - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* The Beauty Queen

The Friendship Pact - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* The Friendship Pact
* Getting Even

Just Morgan - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
* Just Morgan

Just Between Us - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* Just Between Us
* Most Precious Blood
* Rainbows and Fireworks

A Matter of Principal - Susan Beth Pfeffer

* A Matter of Principal
* Awful Evelina


The S S Valentine - Terry Wolfe Phelan
* S.S. Valentine
* The Week Mom Unplugged the Tvs

Making Half Whole - Terry Wolfe Phelan 
* Making Half Whole

AM PM Lovetime - Terry Wolfe Phelan 
* AM/PM Lovetime
* Best Friends Hands Down


* ( he will be included in a Dark Themes a-z list that will appear on Cliquey Pizza 2 )


Teen Angel - Sonia Pilcer
* Teen Angel
* Little Darlings – movie tie in

          PAUL PITTS

For a Good Time Don't Call Claudia - Paul Pitts 
* For A Good Time Don’t Call Claudia                                            
* The Shadowman’s Way
* Crossroads 
* Racing the Sun

         JANE PITT
* 9 Heartlines series books

       KIN PLATT

The Boy who COuld Make Himself Disappear - Kin Platt
* The Boy who could Make himself Disappear
* Chloris and the Weirdos

Chloris and the Creeps - Kin Platt 
* Chloris and the Creeps

* My name is Su5san Smith the Five is silent

The Romantic Obsessions and Humilations of Annie Sehlmeier - Louise Plummer
* The Romantic Obsessions and Humiliations of Annie Sehlmeier

* Girl of Limberlost
* Freckles


Night Landings - Alison Prince 
* Night Landings
* The Blue Moon Day and other Stories
* The Sinister Airfield
* Haunting Refrain
* Mill Green series – #1 Mill Green on Fire , Mill Green on Stage , Spy at Mill Green , Rock on Mill Green


The Cheese Stands alone - Marjorie M Prince 
*The Cheese Stands Alone


The Twenty Four Hour Lipstick Mystery - Bonnie Pryor
* The Twenty Four hour Lipstick Mystery


That New Guy - Alice Putnam
* That New Guy
* The Spy Doll


8 responses to “80’s Young Adult books A-Z guide – N-P Authors – Richard Peck , Susan Beth Pfeffer , Joan Lowery Nixon , Scott O’Dell , Gary Paulsen , Katherine Paterson , Lila Perl and more!

  1. Oh my goodness, SO many that I recognize in the M’s! The Jacob Have I Loved cover made a huge impression on me; funny thing is, I can’t remember what the book was about!
    I’m also realizing how severely understocked our library was; so many that I for sure never came across.

    • I know what you mean about library’s being understocked – half of the books I’ve run into, I don’t recall ever having the opportunity to read! Well , not from the local library that is! – Jacob Have I loved was a pretty good book but it felt overwhelmingly sad – Louise is a plain girl , her sister Caroline is the golden girl. Everyone seems to fall under Caroline’s spell and everyone that Louise attaches herself to wether by friendship or crush seems to betray her by picking someone else, and one of them picks Caroline. Wickipedia gives a more accurate description. I haven’t read it since I was thirteen.

  2. Your blog is simply amazing! Do you have any good resources/ideas for searching for a book when I can only remember the faintest of things about it?

  3. I literally have tears streaming down my face. There so many books on here that i had forgotten about. This takes me back to middle school, when i didn’t have a friend in the world. I would spend hours at the library reading, and taking home piles of books. Thanks so much for this, i really appreciate all of your hard work and effort.

    • I hope those are tears of joy! and Thanks! It’s hard work but fun… Sometimes I feel books can be good friends! Which is probably why I miss Sleepover Friends so much, it’s like saying goodbye , not just to a series but to Stephanie , Lauren , Patti and Kate!
      R authors should be coming soon Christmas has put me a little off schedule.

  4. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot here… oh my goodness, I remember a lot of these books but don’t think I ever even saw so many others at all! As a teenager I used to spend so much time in the library, looking through those Golden Age Young Adult Fiction Books (haha) that were still stocked along all of those musty shelves… it’s so different nowadays, the writing, the attitude, everything. I don’t think I’d enjoy reading YA books half as much if I was a teenager now, if I had to depend on what’s been printed in more recent years. 😦 So thanks for taking me back, really, I’m already looking a lot of these titles up on Amazon, hopefully to find/buy them with the original mass market paperback artwork and everything! 🙂

    • I agree – some of the stuff being printed for teens is sorta o-kay but it’s not quite as upbeat as the vintage stuff – I mean how many dead-teenage boy friends can a girl take!

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