80’s Young Adult Books A-Z Author Guide – R authors

       JUDIE RAE
* A Heavenly Romance – Boyfriend Blues
* A Caprice – Third Time Lucky


The Watcher in the Woods - Florence Engell Randall
* The Watcher in the Woods
* All the Sky Together

* 6 Sunfire romances
* The Kobie books series
* A Windswept book
* 2 First Love From Silhouette books
* A Chrystal Falls book
* A Crosswinds

Sixth Grade High - Candice F Ransom
* Sixth Grade High

There's One in Every Family - Candice F Ransom
* There’s one in Every Family
* Millicent the Magnificent
* My Sister the Creep , My Sister the Traitor , My Sister the Meanie
* Who Needs Third Grade , Third Grade Stars , Third Grade Detectives


The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin
* The Westing Game
* Figs and Phantoms
* The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon I mean Noel

* Where the Red Fern Grows
* Summer of the Monkeys

         KIT REED

Captain Grownup - Kit Reed
* Captain Grown Up

The Ballad of T Rantula - Kit Reed

* Ballad of T Rantula

Attack of the Giant Baby and other Stories - Arthur Roth 
* Attack of the Giant Baby and Other Stories
* Fort Privilege


The Girl from Limbo - Robert Redding 
* The Girl from Limbo

          PAT RIELLY
* Columbus Circle


Jilly's Ghost - Dian Curtis Regan
* Jilly’s Ghost

I've Got Your Number - Dian Curtis Regan
* I’ve Got Your Number

My Zombie Valentine - Dian Curtis Regan 
* My Zombie Valentine

The Kissing Contest - Dian Curtis Regan 
* The Kissing Contest
* Liver Cookies
* Home for the Howl-adays

The Vampire who came for Christmas - Dian CUtris Regan
* The Vampire who came for Christmas
* Ghost Twins Series – mid 1990s

           ANN REIT

I Thought you were My Best Friend - Ann Reit
* I Thought you Were My Best Friend

The Bet - Ann Reit
* The Bet

Dream Boy - Ann Reit 

The FIrst Time - Ann Reit - a.k.a dream boy
* Dream Boy

Promise You Won't Tell- Ann Reit 
* Promise You won’t Tell
* 2 Wildfire
* Love at First Sight

* A Magic Moments book
* A Cheerleaders series book
* Sailboat Summer


Summer at High Kingdom - Louise Dickinson Rich
* Summer at High Kingdom


Crazy Quilt -Jocelyn Riley
* Crazy Quilt
* Only My Mouth is Smiling


Who said Sweet Sixteen - Nadine Roberts
* Who said Sweet 16
* With Love from Sam and Me

Terror in Oak Grove High - Nadine Roberts
* Terror in Oak Grove High
* Evil Threads
* These are the Best Years
* Murder and other Misadventures
* The Happiness Seed


Baby-sitting is a Dangerous Job - Willo Davis Roberts
* Babysitting is a Dangerous Job

The Girl with the Silver Eyes - Willo Davis Roberts 
* The Girl with the Silver Eyes
* The Annalise Experiment

 Megan's Island - Willo Davis Roberts
* Megan’s Island
* Scared Stiff

The View from the Cherry Tree - Willo Davis Roberts
* The View from the Cherry Tree
* A Sunfire series book
* Don’t Hurt Laurie
* a Windwept


Veronica The Show-Off - Nancy K Robinson - apple edition 

Veronica Knows Best - Nancy K Robinson
* Veronica The Showoff , Veronica meets her Match , Veronica Knows Best , Countess Veronica
* Tripper and Sam series book

Mom You're Fired - Nancy K Robinson
* Steele Family series – Oh Honestly Angela , Mom You’re Fired , Angela and the Broken Heart , Angela Private Citizen

Wendy and the Bullies - Nancy K Robinson - best 
* Wendy and the Bullies

Just Plain Cat - Nancy K Robinson

* Just Plain Cat 


How to eat Fried Worms- Thomas Rockwell
* How to Eat Fried Worms
* How to Fight a Girl

The Thief - Thomas Rockwell
* The Thief
* How to get Fabulously Rich
* Squawwwk
* Hey Lover Boy

* What about me
* P.S. Write Soon
* Keeping Time
* H My Name is Henley


* Freaky Friday

* Summer Switch

*Confessions of a Wayward Preppie
* Twelve year old vows revenge
* Thirteenth Summer
* You’ll Miss me When I’m Gone
* My Favorite Ghost
* The Fair Weather Friends

My Secret Admirer - Stephen Roos 

My Horrible Secret - Stephen Roos 

The Terrible Truth - Stephen Roos 

The Incredible Cat Caper - Stephen Roos
* Kids of New Eden series –


The Iceberg Hermit - Arthur Roth
* The Iceberg Hermit

The Castaway - Arthur Roth
* Castaway
* Avalanche

Trapped - Arthur Roth_edited-1
* Trapped

Two for Survival - Arthur Roth 
* Two for Survival
* Twistaplot series book

        LOIS RUBY
* This Old Man

Pig Out Inn - Lois Ruby
* Pig Out Inn
* The Moxie Kid
* Two Truths in my Pocket

Arriving at a place you never left - Lois Ruby 
* Arriving at a place you’ve never left
* What do you do in Quicksand

( See M author page )

      MARY C. RYAN

Who Says I Can't - Mary C Ryan
* Who says I can’t

Frankie's Run - Mary C Ryan
* Frankie’s Run

The Voice from the Mendelsohn's Maple - Mary C Ryan
* The Voice from the Mendelsohns Maple
* My Friend O’Connell


4 responses to “80’s Young Adult Books A-Z Author Guide – R authors

  1. Wow, you’re really getting through the alphabet!
    And this is the first time where I don’t recognize a SINGLE book in the set. Although I remember the film version of Watcher in the Woods – that was my first ever scary movie, and it totally freaked me out! Wish I could see it again.

    • This is an eclectic lot, a mix of authors most know for singular books , junk novel and series books like Candice F Ranson. My favorite of the bunch is Willow Davis Roberts – her View from the Cherry Tree and Babysitting is a Dangerous Job were favorites. I haven’t read Watcher in the Woods either – saw the movie , totally creepy! But I felt so bad watching Bette Davis play witch roles after being so beautiful in the thirties.

  2. Some of my favorites here- the Westing Game, Girl with Silver Eyes, and Candice Ransom’s Thirteen series. Great memories! A few of the Stephen Roos titles are familiar too, especially the Terrible Truth. Are you familiar with the book at all, and if so does it have a Sadie Hawkins-type dance in it? The cover looks so familiar and the publication date (1984) is right for the book I’m trying to find.

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