Feel free to ask questions here – however I’d rather leave this as a readers recommendation list – Eventually I’ll be adding some. But for now I want to know what you loved reading in the 80’s and would like to share with other readers! Lists welcome – like best camp books , dystopia fiction etc.  Just jump in and add something!


11 responses to “RECOMMENDATIONS

  1. Ooh, what fun! 🙂 I remember reading a couple of really good sci-fi type books in the late eighties/early nineties. They were all very ‘clean’ and age-appropriate for the 11-14 age-group they were probably intended for.

    1. ‘Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH’ by Robert C. O’Brien
    2. ‘Kiteman of Karanga’ by Alfred Reynolds
    3. ‘Keeper of the Isis Light’ by Monica Hughes
    4. ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry

    I’m sure there were more, I’m just not recalling them at the moment! 😛

    • Great list! I’m glad You got the party started – here’s my list for:
      Great Anthropomorphic Animal Books
      1. Tucker’s countryside – George Selden
      2. The Rescuers – Margery Sharp
      3. Rats of Nimh – Robert C. O’Brien
      4. Ralph S. Mouse – Beverly Cleary
      5. Pigs Might Fly – Dick King Smith
      6. Quentin Corn – Mary Stolz
      7. Rabbit’s Rafferty – Gerald Dumas
      8. Charlotte’s Web – E. B. White
      9. Watership Down – Richard Adams
      10. Bunnicula – James Howe
      11. Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Graham

  2. Hi. I love this website, it brings me back and has helped me rediscover some past jewels. There are a couple of books that I’m trying to track down, I was hoping that if you happen to come across or know of them, then you could let me know.
    The first book (middle 80’s to 90’s time frame) involves a trio of friends. One of the friends is very beautiful, popular, smart, etc., (Jenny or Jennifer maybe) and out of jealousy, the other girls decide to end their friendship with her. The book is told from multiple viewpoints, including classmates (such as one “preppy” couple) . I think that at the end, a year long diary project is due and the popular girl misplaces hers, resulting in her first failing grade. The cover featured a picture of the three girls.
    The second book is actually a series, I think, about a working class Irish girl (junior high to high school) who lives in a Irish NYC neighborhood (Inwood, Washington Heights, or possibly Upper West Side) in the 1940’s or 50’s. The books focus on the girl’s romance with a neighborhood “bad boy “type (Jimmy or Frank,maybe?) and there’s hints that they eventually marry. In one of the books there’s a part where the girl is delivering a note to a teacher, and she comes across an emotionally disturbed fellow student in a stairway. Just when the student is about to assault her, the boyfriend comes to her rescue.
    Any kind of leads that you can give me regarding those books, would be so greatly appreciated. Once again, I truely love this website and plan to keep stalking it. Much Thanks.

    • I’ll look around. Not sure about the trio of friends book but I’ll look around. The other book could be part of the
      Wild Rose Inn series- I haven’t read it , or Sunfire – I haven’t read all and the one book I thought it
      might be Kathleen doesn’t match your description. I’ll keep looking. Make sure to check out Cliquey Pizza 2
      if you haven’t already it’s got a huge list of series books.

  3. Thanks so much, I’m definately going to keep up with this website -no matter how many times I visit your page, I seem to always find a gem that I missed the last time around.

  4. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I located the first book -it was Among Friends by Caroline Cooney. Still no leads on the other series though, but will hopefully come across a clue eventually. Can’t wait to see the final author link on your page!

  5. Glad you found it! I’ll keep looking for the other one.

  6. I am looking for a book. It begins with a girl burning something and then it moves into her love with Nick this bad boy; later her daughter reads a diary or something and begins to learn more about the love her mother shared with Nick. Both the mother and the daughter live for a period of time with a Great Aunt who disapproves of Nick.

    • I’ll look around sounds interesting but not familiar. Could be Memos to myself when I have a teenage kid by Carol Synder. But I haven’t read this.

  7. I love this website. Discovered it last year, read every page and amassed a huge list of books from my childhood to revisit. Good times and thank you so much for your work tracking these down, so many I had completely forgotten.
    There is one book I can’t find and after unsuccessfully googling everything I remember I decided to post here – it’s about a girl who goes on some beach vacation with her mother and sister for the summer. meets a boy with a dog, they’re both runners and he works in the cheese department at the local supermarket – I vividly remember her ordering Jarlsberg. The cover was yellow-ish. And at the end there is an end-of-summer bonfire and she mentions another girl wanting to jealously commit Hara-Kiri after seeing her in a bikini. I had to look that up and remember being shocked that was in a book for kids. Unfortunately I barely remember anything else.
    Really hope you can shed some light on this one!

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