This page is to inform you that I will be adding descriptions for the book titles.  If you’d like to help it would be greatly appreciated :Only, please, make your descriptions clear – if you have a back blurb write it out , include characters names or traits. The internet is full of sites with titles and reviewers who merely say whether or not they like the book – which doesn’t help nostalgists find the books they’re looking for. I will only intervene on blurbs if they fail to properly display the plot – for example :

It starts as an ordinary school day. Just the same as any other. Until Valerie Michon gets up and leaves the auditorium. And three boys decide to follow her. She heads for the stairs and the boys run after her. They are fast, they are quiet. They don’t talk about it. They just do it. It’s a game. Fun. On the third floor they catch up with her. It happens fast, so fast. It’s like a dream. She yells and twists and turns trying to get free…but they have her….A bell rings and suddenly it’s over. But it will never be over. And nothing will ever be the same. 

Well – the cover might jog your memory or the Title – Out of Control by Norma Fox Mazer. But this back blurb? I doubt it. There is only one name and in this books the names are unusual enough to remember Rollo , Kara , a guy whose nickname is Candy and the blurb wrongly gives us the impression of a rape. This is where I’ll step in with [ these hard brackets ] and attempt a sharper description something along the lines of [ hard hitting story about Rollo, a seemingly sensitive jock who gets caught up with his obnoxious, fellow jock friends in a game of intimidation against a brusque girl by the name of Valerie who thwarts their attempts until it esculates into a sexual assult. What follows is Valerie’s attempt to recover even as the school neglects to make the boys responsible by trying to cover up the incident. Believeable, well written but characters are often hard to like. ]

As the descriptions have to be sought out and found – ( I only have so many of these books myself. ) – the decriptions will pop up sporadically. I will post here – when I put on a batch of new ones to keep you up to date. Thanks for looking!


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